Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Violet Wings

This is a book I read recently. It's very good.

*WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!*  Zaria Tourmaline is excited about turning twelve. That's when she'll get her magic wand, crystal watch, (which they get from the fairy council) and find out what her Radia (how much magic she has) number is. After that she can leave Galina, the part of Feyland kids stay till they're twelve. Since she's the youngest in her class, everyone has to wait for her to turn twelve before all of them can get there wands and watches. Before she does, her friend, Leona, convinces her to go to earth, through the portal Leona's mother created in Galina. They sneak through, and Zaria is in awe. She becomes "earth struck" (which means she is drawn to earth) and continues going to earth when she gets the chance. They get caught upon sneaking back into Galina. They almost don't get there wands and watches. But they plead to get them and they do, along with a punishment. (Getting metal clamped on their wings) When Leona sees her number of Radia she's ecstatic. Her color is half violet, and she is at level 200.  When Zaria checks hers, she is also violet but instead of half violet she is full violet. But her level is only 100.
Once news gets out about two fairies with color purple Radia they become famous. Leona likes it but Zaria doesn't and she continues sneaking off to earth and using her mother's spellbook. Leona and Zaria get there mentors, who help them with their magic. Zaria get's someone she particularly doesn't like when she meets her. Lily Morganite. Zaria was right not to like her. Lily does all sorts of bad things. She tries to take Zaria's mother's spellbook, (which Zaria gets back) find out what spells she's been using, and expose her going to earth all the time.
Zaria really gets mad once Leona is captured by Lily. But when Zaria asks for help to find Leona she is also captured when someone puts a troll made cloak (which fairies cannot use magic on) on her to weaken her so much that she can barely move. Lily makes a fake trial against Zaria and has Leona as a witness. But Leona accuses Zaria about casting a spell on her. Zaria is confused but realizes Leona is being controlled by Lily. Some how Zaria (Zaria does not know how.) makes the cloak explode into dust, and takes all the spells Lily cast on the Radia guard and the council away. Then she uses a spell to reverse Lily's control on Leona. Lily flees once this happens. After a long battle with Lily's gnome guards, Leona and Zaria are sentenced to be banished by the council (since they believe Zaria casted spells on them) for controlling them. Leona uses the Statue spell on them and Zaria and Leona collects their wands. They convince the council about the truth, that Lily is hoarding Radia and wanted to take Zaria's. Zaria and Leona decide to go chase after Lily........and.........that's the end. (Till the next book!)