Friday, December 17, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

*WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!* Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Wow, it was awesome. The story is great, the acting incredible. But....there weren't many Narnians in this one and not many battles. :( Though, Lucy was awesome with her sword, and bow and arrow. :) Her acting was great in this one. :) She was very good at the emotional scenes, such as crying. Edmund's acting was good too. He also cried right and made emotional bonds correctly. Such as with Prince Caspian. That was one of my favorite parts. And Eustace, he was hilarious. Always yelling and fainting and turning into dragons. :) I liked that he and Reepicheep had a funny relationship. :) The fight scene with the serpent was cool too! Though I don't get it when it opens up, showing it's guts (Yuck.) It was cool when they rammed it against the rock. :)
The temptations part was quite interesting. Lucy had trouble with wanting to become beautiful and Edmund wanted gold to be rich and be the King of Narnia. Prince Caspian got angry, thinking Edmund wanted the throne of Narnia. They almost dueled but Lucy stopped them by yelling at them. They all gave up on the temptations and fought them off. They arrived at the gate to Aslan's land. There, Reepicheep decided to leave Narnia. Eustace got really sad, along with Edmund, Caspian, and Lucy, who gave Reepicheep a hug. (The first and only.) Then he left, over the big wave.
Aslan told Lucy and Edmund their time in Narnia was over. Lucy realized he meant this was their last time in Narnia, forever. Edmund, Eustace, and Lucy gave a tearful goodbye to Prince Caspian and Aslan. Before they left Eustace asked if he was coming back. Aslan replied- "We may yet have need of you in Narnia."

Then they went into the portal in the big wave, their last glance of Narnia, was Aslan and Caspian, standing on the beach. :) This movie was super sad in the end. I had to stop myself from crying. :)

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