Sunday, January 9, 2011

Avatar: The Last Airbender review

*WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS* Katara and Sokka are sister and brother from the south pole. Katara (is fourteen) and Sokka (fifteen). One hundred years ago, the four nations were at peace. Then the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, who can master all four elements can stop them. But when he was most needed, he vanished. The war has been raging for one hundred years, and the Airbenders has been wiped out when the Fire Nation attacked them. Now, Katara and Sokka find a boy in a iceberg, along with his bison. They discover he's an Airbender (after he sneezes and blasts fifteen feet into the air. :p ) named Aang. (Who is twelve.)
Katara is the motherly character, who wants to learn how to use her Waterbending. She is very protective and will kick butt if someone is trying to hurt her friends. Sokka is the guy who likes lame jokes which turn out to be pretty funny. He's in love with his boomerang and likes everything to be normal. Aang is the silly kid who wants to have fun but will protect his friends no matter the cost. He evolves from season to season and I like watching how all the main characters grow. Many other main characters appear from season to season and they are really cool. This show is for seven and up and is kid friendly.
The story takes thousands of twists and turns, and your holding your breath during each battle. I think this is one of the best TV series EVER. :) This is a must watch.


  1. One of the BEST SHOWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "The Scar's not on the wrong side!!!"
    "Secret tunnel!"

  2. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)