Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Gorgon's Gaze

The Companion's Quartet, Book Two: The Gorgon's Gaze (Companions Quartet)
*WARNING! CONTAINS MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS!* It's been a few months since Connie stopped Kullervo and the sirens from recking a Axoil liner tanker, and Scark's death.
Connie walks back to her house after going for a ride on Skylark, Col's Pegasus companion. And becoming a companion to the only golden dragon in the world. When she get to her aunt's house, she sees two old people sitting on the front step. The man is her great uncle Hugh and the woman is her great aunt Godiva. Evelyn arrives and Godiva announces that Connie's parents have instructed them to take her to the town of Chartmouth a few miles away, and to take her out of the society and away from anyone in it. Evelyn thinks it's crazy.
Later Godiva takes Connie to the Lionheart Lodge where she'll be staying. It has no plants, trees, or even water, in it and Connie thinks it's sadly dreary. Godiva tells Connie that she will teach her at home, so she will get over being 'sick' from being in the society. Connie is confused and tells her she isn't sick and that the society isn't bad. Godiva tells her to unpack and leaves. A few days later, the doorbell rings and it's two of her friends from the society, Horace and Antonia. They tell Godiva and Hugh that they live in London and that they don't have anything to do with the society. (Even though they do.) Horace invites Hugh to a boat show and says that Connie and Antonia can come too. The next day they go on a train to where it's supposed to be held. Horace exclaims that the ticket says only navy veterans are allowed to go. He suggests that Connie and Antonia stay at the library. Hugh goes on ahead and Horace takes Connie to the 'library'. When they get to the building it's actually the headquarters to the society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures. She signs up at the front desk and is given a key to the Universal's library where no one is aloud to go. She goes to the stairs and begins up the railing but it turns out that it's ALIVE! It turns out to be a snake and she thinks it's going to eat her. She realizes she needs to put the key inside it's opened mouth. She tentatively places it in the mouth and the snake slithers up the stairs, and she follows. She reads about previous Universals and what they discovered.
She goes back to Lionheart Lodge.
Connie asks Anneena to tell Col that she wants to meet him at the abbey tomorrow. The next day she asks Hugh if he will take her to the memorials at the abbey. He and Godiva agree, because Godiva remembers Hugh used to go there all the time.
They go to the abbey and she sees a memorial with the Universal's sign on it. Hugh says that it was his favorite. Connie says she likes it too, and Hugh suggests he will get her a post card of it. He leaves and Col walks up. She tells him that the memorial has her sign, and that it's a tomb of Suzanna Caldicott Lionheart, a Universal.
A few days later Anneena and Jane are allowed to take Connie for a bike ride. Once they get away from the house Anneena says that Col hasn't come to school the last few days. Connie gets worried and they decide to go look for him.
The rest of the story is SOO good. The ending was really cool. You must read this book also. :)