Monday, January 17, 2011

Secret of the Sirens

The Companions Quartet, Book One: Secret of the Sirens

*WARNING! CONTAINS MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS!* Connie Lionheart has gone to stay with her Aunt Evelyn. Her parents sent her to Hescombe to go to school because everywhere else animals follow her. And her mismatched  eyes don't help the fact that people think she's weird. (One eye green, one brown.) 
Her aunt seems to be hiding something from her, but she doesn't know what. Her aunt gets a pair of earmuffs that blocks out the sound completely, and she wont tell Connie what it's about. Evelyn also is a part of some secret society, and changes the subject every time Connie tries to ask questions about it.
A week before school her aunt introduces her to a boy named Colin (more known as Col.) Her aunt says she might as well have one friend when she starts school. Col has mismatched eyes as well and Connie wonders why. Later, Connie finds out that Col and his grandmother Lavinia are in the society also. Evelyn starts getting angry about the oil company that's being built, because they will be dumping waste into the sea and that workers have gone missing. Connie asks about the problem but is ignored. She's a little upset that no one is telling her what's going on, but she soon forgets once she meets a new friend in school ( a girl named Anneena,) who wants to stop the oil company, Axoil. Anneena, her friends Jane, and Connie decide to interview Axoil. The teacher says they can do a group  project and Col gets stuck with them. He is against them interviewing Axoil and wants them to stop poking into other peoples business. Anneena and Col argue about what to do, but come to a compromise to just ask certain questions, nothing about the missing workers.
They go to Axoil, but Anneena's older sister (a reporter) asks a employee about the missing workers. Which wasn't a good idea.
Later, Evelyn tells Connie that she will be tested to see if she can go into the society, she doesn't say why. Connie takes the odd test from a man called the Accesser. She has to point her index finger directly in front of her and to turn in a circle. If one of the four things-a mouse, a lizard, a bird, and a crystal- reacts to her she can be in the society. Connie points at all of them and they all react. The Accesser-Mr. Coddrington- looks a little startled, and he tells Connie that she failed and leaves in a hurry. Connie gets very upset and doesn't want anything to do with the society.
Later, Evelyn tells Connie she's going to go out with the society to do some things. Connie follows her. She gets aboard a boat called the Watersprite. She sees Col getting on later, after she hides under a tarp. They go to a place called The Stacks. Connie is shocked when she sees Sirens. She gets a connection to them through companionship and she goes with them to their home in the stacks. They tell her she is not their companion, but a companion to all. What they call, a Universal Companion. They tell her that Axoil is going to dump oil into their water, and that they are going to stop them with the help of Kullervo. Connie asks them who Kullervo is, and they tell her that he is going to help them with their problem. Connie pleas with them to wait so she can think of something to do that wont involve people getting hurt. They tell her that they'll wait till the first snow storm arrives, because that's when Kullervo does also.
Later, when the Sirens are asleep, a man in the society named Dr Brock comes on a dragon. He takes her back to her house. On the way he asks her what happened. She told him that the Sirens called her a Universal. Dr Brock gets excited and asks her what else she was told by the Sirens. Connie then tells him that  the sirens would wait till a thing called Kullervo to come, and that she had that much time to think of a solution. Dr Brock gets worried and tells her not to say anything about being a Universal or Kullervo to anyone. She agrees puzzled and they depart.
The rest of the story was so cool. So I'm not going to spoil it. :) READ THIS BOOK! :)