Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick was a British boy who was kidnapped and taken to Ireland. He was sold to a farmer and had to work as a slave. He escaped after seven years and was reunited with his family. But he had a calling from God and he went back to Ireland to spread Christianity to the Irish. The Irish people didn't like him at first but after time they began to believe what he said.
There is also a myth that he sent all the snakes away from Ireland with a bell. He got rid of all the serpents and sea monsters that inhabited Ireland. He got rid of all of them but one. A large red snake. He told it to leave but it wouldn't. He got a large chest and painted a snake on it. He went to the snake and set the box down. He told him that it was a great place to hibernate. The snake ran away from Patrick but Patrick followed with great earnest. He swam after the snake into the ocean. An eagle saw the snake and picked it up with her talons. The snake called for help. St. Patrick followed and saved the snake but put him in the box. The snake tried it out but said he was too big. Patrick told him if he squeezed himself in a bit more that it would be a perfect fit. Patrick took the box and got on a boat so he could take the snake away. He dropped the box into a lake. He heard the snake calling for him to get him out. Patrick said he would tomorrow. A few months later he went back and called to the snake, saying it was tomorrow. A huge sea serpent rose from the lake and towered over him. "It's tomorrow, is it?" It said. St. Patrick said that it was. The serpent told him that the water in the lake made it grow big and people called it the Lock Ness monster. It grinned hugely at St. Patrick after it spoke. St. Patrick then left.
:) Hope you liked it!

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