Friday, April 22, 2011

A Star Wars Valentines Day part 2


A Star Wars Valentines Day
Siri Tachi~
Part 2
I pick up my things and leave the room. Hoping to get away before Obi-Wan catches up. "Hey." I hear Obi-Wan behind me. I groan inwardly. He gets into step with me, his shoulder brushing mine. My stomach curls and I purse my lips. I can tell a blush is coming on. "So, would you like to sit together at lunch?" It's an innocent question but I blows my nerve. "I'm sorry but I've really got somewhere to be. See you." I say quickly and I charge through the crowd. I hear him calling me, confused but I go and lose myself in the groups of people. I hide behind a wall and lean against it. I sigh and my shoulders sag. Then Carasui materializes in front of me. I stare at her. "You may think you have his heart, but you don't!" She snarls. What the heck? I push my hair behind my ears. "Say what you like. Obi-Wan and I are NOT an item." I walk away, my face burning. She lets out a dry laugh. "Oh believe me, he's fallen for you. Everyone does." I stop. "Well, that's my problem, and only mine." Then I stalk away, my face is red but not from embarrassment, but fury.
I throw my things onto my bed and flop onto it myself. I rest my head on my arms and stare at the ceiling. Whenever I think of Obi-Wan my stomach curls. I bite my mouth. I really shouldn't be acting like this... But...come on! It's Obi-Wan. He may not know it, but he's more famous around here then he thinks. He's got a cool master, Qui-Gon, and plenty of girls like him. I have no chance. And what was with the fake get together! Is he trying to fool me? I close my eyes. Well, for now, I'll just see.
I'm in the Room of a Thousand Fountains. And I'm meditating when I'm rudely interrupted. "Hey, Siri." My eyes open. I momentarily hope it's Obi-Wan but instead, I see Bruck Chun. "Have you seen oafy-wan?" He asks. I shake my head. "No, I've never heard of a Jedi named Oafy-Wan. Who's he?" "It's Obi-Wan, Siri." He growls. "And if you do, tell him I want a rematch." "I doubt he would do something as petty as that!" I retort. The NERVE! "Oh yeah? Did you hear of our battle today? I beat him!" I shake my head, letting my hair bounce back and forth. "That's not how I heard it. Obi-Wan said he threw you in the water." Bruck's face turns red. "You'll pay for that girly girl!" He dives forward. Girly girl? And pay for what? The truth? I stand and move to the side. He misses me and falls headlong into the water. He comes up spluttering. I walk away and then immediately fall into a hole. I hit the ground. "OUCH!" I scream. I push my hair behind my ear and stand up. Then I hear something. "Siri? What are you doing in a hole?" I look up and see Obi-Wan. "I fell in! Now help me out!" He reaches down to my surprise and I hold my hand up to meet his. Our hands lock and I begin to climb as Obi-Wan pulls. Then, suddenly, there's a jerk and Obi-Wan and I fall back into the hole. I hit the ground. Obi-Wan's arm slams into my face and I feel a flash of pain. "Ouch my neck." Obi-Wan groans. "Ouch my face!" I say underneath his arm. "Oops, sorry." He removes his arm and I sit up, my body aching all over. "What happened? Did you slip?" "No, I got pushed." "By who?" "I don't know." "By ME!" I groan and Obi-Wan face palms. Bruck Chun stands over us. "Hope you have a fun date! See ya!" My face burns and I shake my fist at him. "It's not a date!" I shout, my arms at my sides. He just laughs and walks away. This is great. Just great.
Wait for part 3!