Friday, April 22, 2011

A Star Wars Valentines Day part 4


A Star Wars Valentines Day
Siri Tachi~
Part 4
Just to get you caught up!,... I'm sandwiched between Bant and Obi-Wan. I'm feeling extremely squeamish and miserable. Oh, and also, -claustrophobic. They're talking like good friends and I'm just wallowing in my misery. I finish my food and give them a small bow. "Thanks for allowing me to sit with you." I murmur. Then I walk away. My mind wanders and I find myself in the hallways. Then Calasui appears in front of me. She randomly grabs my wrist. "You'll never have his heart." She snarls. "Ow!" I shout. "What the echuta are you talking about!" She just wrinkles her nose and scoffs. "Hmph," Then she raises and hand and I know she's going to slap me, but my body isn't moving. My mind is whirring and I move three seconds too late. I feel a burn on my face and I'm leaning over, my hand holding my cheek. I feel three gashes from Calasui's sharp fingernails. I gasp at the pain. He smiles. "Now you don't have an angelic face." I'm still holding my face when I face her. "You're a freak! You're nut! You're INSANE!" "No, I'm just permanently ruining your face and surely winning my victory." "You're sick." I say. "Oh no. Once the poison from my nails infects those cuts. You're face will get wrinkly and you'll become forever weak." My left cheek sags as my right coils and tightens in pain. The next roll of excruciating pain sends me to my knees. "You're a horrible person!" I shout weakly. "Oh no, no one will find out." I'll tell poor Obi-Wan of your unfortunate accident. How you ate something. Oh, that reminds me. You'll going into a sleeping state then you wont wake up for a long, long time!" My right eye is closing and I look up at her blearily. "You're awful." I whisper. She just smiles. "Sweet dreams!" No one would do such a thing to another person. She is truly insane. Then I fade into pain, and pain alone.
Wait for part 5! (Should I write from Obi-Wan's point of view?)


  1. Another good post! (And yes, you should write from Obi-Wan's perspective. His is fun to write. :)