Friday, April 22, 2011

A Star Wars Valentines Day part 3


A Star Wars Valentines Day
Siri Tachi~
Part 3
I pace around the tiny hole. Trying to keep as far away from Obi-Wan as possible and what's more infuriating is that he doesn't even seem to notice the small space between us. After about thirty minutes I finally throw my hands in the air. "This is just GREAT! Now I'm stuck with YOU and there's NOTHING I can DO about it!" I punch the earthy wall in frustration. I turn on Obi-Wan. "This is all YOUR fault!" I scream. He holds his hands up in front of him. "Hey! Wait a second!" "If you hadn't come along I could've gotten out myself!" I practically yell in his face, I know my cheeks a burning, but I don't know what it's from. Over exaggeration in whose fault it is, or I'm just blushing. Obi-Wan gently pushes me away from him. "If it's anyone's fault it's Bruck's. HE pushed us in the hole." I fume and cross my arms. "Well, we should try to get out now." I scoff. "Well, be my guest." He gets down on one knee and cups his hands. I'm about to smack him in the face and tell him this is no time to propose when he says- "Put your foot here. I'll push you up." I snap my mouth shut and put my left foot on his hands. I reach for the top and then I jam my right foot into the side of the dirt wall. "Hurry." Obi-Wan says. I turn over to him. "Don't you dare say I'm fat-" I begin then, of course, I loose my balance. I pinwheel my arms but it's no use. "This is all your FAULTTTTT!" I yell as I fell backwards. "Don't worry! I'll catch you!" "No-" I begin but then I feel the impact of Obi-Wan's chest against my back and I smash him into the ground. I roll off immediately. "I've got no pity for you." I say. "This was your idea." He sits up. "Don't worry, I wasn't going to." I open my mouth to say another snotty remark, but then I close it. Then I open it again. "I'm sorry." "What?" Obi-Wan says incredulously. "I said I was SORRY." I say louder. He scratches his head. "I just needed to hear it. I thought I'd imagined it." I frown. "Hmph." Then out of the blue- "Well looky here." I look up, and I'm about to insult who ever the speaker is and promise a sock in the nose, when I notice a girl Mon-calmarian named Bant and another apprentice named Garen. The boy speaks. "Well, what's this?" Bant asks- "Why are you in a hole? Is this a party?" "Yeah!" Garen says. "Can we come too?" "This is not a party!" I shout at them, as my blush (that had just went away) comes back. I point at them. "Now, you're going to help us up and there will be no talk about parties." They shrug and Garen reaches down. "Uhhh." He says. "What?" I snap. "My arm is a little to short, I can't reach you." "Out of all the things!" I say, exasperated. Obi-Wan gets on one knee again. "Maybe if you concentrateyou can get up." I step onto his foot but I'm already arguing with him. "You think I wasn't concentrating! You little-" Garen grasps my arm and yanks me up. "Ow!" I punch him in the shoulder-(rather lightly). "You almost pulled my arm out of it's socket!" He shrugs and reaches down to Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan gathers the Force around him and propels himself towards Garen's outstretched hand. He catches it and Obi-Wan is with us in moments. "Well, I'm hoping you would join us at lunch?" He asks. OH NO!
Wait for part 4!


  1. This is not the time to propose!!!- OH MY GOSH THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic!