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A Star Wars Valentines Day part 7


A Star Wars Valentines Day
Yay! This is the last part! :) :) :)
Part 7
I run up a steep cliff, there are two gundarks after me now! I grab small stones and chuck them at the hungry gundarks. Force! Why can't they just eat each other! I grumble under my breath and wonder if this is how I should be spending my last few moments of life. I reach the top and pull myself up. I groan because there is ANOTHER cliff to scale. I hear a roar and turn around. The gundark swats me a couple of feet towards the newest cliff. I open my eyes and push myself up jerkily. The gundark crashes towards me and I stare at it in paralyzed fear. I rears up and I duck my head down and cover it with my arm.
I run down several cliffs, bounding over boulders and kicking small stones out of the way. Please be okay! I keep thinking. That's when I hear a gundark howl, off to the east side of the mountain. I head in that direction, hoping that it's not Siri. And if it is, she'll be okay till I get there.
I wait a moment but nothing happens. I open my eyes and I hear the buzzing sound of a lightsaber. I look up. I see Obi-Wan stand between me and the shocked gundark, his lightsaber pulsing in his hand. He's face is creased with a tension and a bit of something else...anger? "Get back a little." Obi-Wan commands. I scramble backwards. He leaps toward the growling gundark which looks like it's about to pounce. "Watch out!" I shout. Obi-Wan veers sideways and the claw misses him by mere inches. I sigh with relief, but it comes to soon. The second gundark charges towards me while Obi-Wan and the first engage in combat. I get to my feet and back up a couple feet. My hand automatically goes to my waist but I remember for the hundredth time today, that my lightsaber is gone. I'm about to swear in huttese, but the gundark is now upon me. I look up to see it's awful mouth. Full of sharp TEETH! And a slobbery tongue GROSS!I scream, my eyes shut, but I feel suddenly air born. I open my eyes and see that I'm in Obi-Wan's arms, he's holding me like a baby. My face burns. "AGH!" I shout. "W-w-what are you doing! Put me down!" I start kicking my legs furiously. "H-h-hey! S-stop that!" He says. Hen I see he has his lightsaber his his hand and it's right next to the right side of my head. "Yipes!" I scream, the heat see hot that it singes my boyish bangs. "Careful with that thing!" "Sorry! I didn't have enough time to sheath it before I had to save you!" My face burns even more. "You didn't save me! I was doing just fine!" "From what I saw you were in a state of panic!" "T-t-t-that's not true!" I shout and start kicking again. Obi-Wan doesn't say anything so I stop. "Please calm down." He says. "We need to focus so we can stop the gundarks. I nod, then realize that we've landed. He sets me down. "Alright, concentrate on the Force in your center. "I know this basic temple exercise!" I snap. "Relax." He says. And I do. He stands behind me and we both hold our hands out. We call on the Force and it surrounds us like a bubble. I close my eyes and we pull the Force into a compact wall, then we opens our eyes and throw the wall at the gundarks. It hits them like a starship. We run to the edge of the cliff to watch. They go flying off the mountain and they don't even hit it on the way down. They just land at the base. Several milometers actually. "Oh, here." Obi-Wan says, handing me my lightsaber. I take it and look up at him. "Calasui had it on her belt." He explains. "But you had this the whole time and didn't even think of giving it to me!" I roar. He cringes. "I didn't think of it. I was in the heat of battle." "Krif it." I mumble. I watch as the gundarks get up and stagger back to their hole. But instead of going inside, they let out a great howl. "Uh oh." Obi-Wan says. "Uh oh! What's uh oh?" I ask wildly. "Come one!" He shouts, beckoning me. We start running. From a whole pack of gundarks. "THIS! IS! NOT! FUN!" I scream at the top of my lungs.
We fly the ship back to the Jedi temple, suffering no scratch. Since we got to the ship in time and took off before they got a chance to attack, we are alive. W found out Calasui wasn't in the ship. She must've got out while we were gone and is most likely on Vancor, searching for her "love" Obi-Wan, and her "enemy" me. We have a great Valentines day feast, with Obi-Wan and I as the guests of honor. I even feel bad for Calasui for missing it. But not that bad. This day has ended in bliss.
Calasui stumbles over a rock and trips, falling to the ground. She gets up on her knees. "Damn Siri and lovely Obi-Wan, WHERE ARE YOU!"
The End :)


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A Star Wars Valentines Day part 6


Part 6!

A Star Wars Valentines Day
Part 6
Siri Tachi
I open my eyes and look around. I'm on a barren planet with no life and just a bunch of rocky out climbs. I sit up and rub my head. I groan and reach to my side. My lightsaber! It's gone! I look around wildly, suddenly more alert. I push myself to my feet with my fingertips. Okay. First thing's first. Find out where I am and then get off the planet. I nod to myself and walk over to a rock with a tunnel going down. Huh. Maybe a dwelling. I walk inside and make my way down. I skid to the bottom, small rocks scatter around me and roll to a stop. I look around. I don't see anything it's too dark. My eyes are still adjusting when I hear a growl. Uh oh. I don't need to wait for my eyes to know I need to run. And like now! I dash back up the way I came, scrabbling to get up as fast as I can. I reach the top and I whip around just as a huge slobbering monster leaps into the air. I cross my arms in front of my face to protect my head as it slams into me. I scream out. But no one hears me. I take a closer look at my new friend. It's a gundark. Well. That settles things. I'm on Vancor. WHY VANCOR! I really despise Calasui. Well, I don't really have time for grumbling. I need to get this thing off me. I close my eyes as it opens it's jaws. Oh I really wish Obi-Wan was here! I stop cold. Oh my Force... I did NOT just think that did IOh shoot. I concentrate, ignoring my burning face, as well as feelings and Force push the thing off me. "Now I'm really pissed! You made me think weird thoughts about Obi-Wan! You kriffing creature!" I put a hand over my mouth. Oops. I just swore. I grit my teeth and Force push the gundark backwards and it tumbles head over heels back into it's cave where the rest of it's slobbery cronies are. I wrinkle my nose in disgust. Hmph SOMEBODY better hurry up and get me. I don't want to become a hermit, fending off gundarks all day long.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
I maneuver the ship into the atmosphere of Vancor. Please! Please let Siri be okay! I just hope she didn't get mauled by a gundark. Those things are nasty. I fly over the rocky terrain and look closely. But I can't seem to see anything. I pilot the ship onto a large cliff that seems stable enough to hold the ships weight. I open the ramp and run down it. I just hope the gundarks don't tear it apart for no apparent reason. I look around. Now. Where is Siri?

A Star Wars Valentines Day part 5


Here's part 5!

A Star Wars Valentines Day
Part 5
I walk down the halls, searching for Siri. I want to ask her what she was so miserable about at lunch. I whip around the corner and run smack into Calasui. I stare at her. Her eyes are all glittery and happy. "Oh, my dear OBI-WAN!" "Uh, yeah, well, have you seen Siri?" I ask, distracted. She huffs, with her hands on her hips. "So?" She asks snippy. "So? I'm trying to find her." I say. "Why would you want to find her when you've found me?" She asks, fluffing her hair in my face. I wrinkle my nose and bat her hair away, since it's annoying and ticklish. "Sorry, I need to go and find her." I say, shoving by her. I run to the docking bay and choose a ship. I run up the ramp and start the ship. "You can't find her!" I hear Calasui behind me. My head snaps up and I sense her right hand flying towards me, ready to scratch flesh. I whip around and Force push her backwards. She hits the wall and gets knocked out, her head hanging down. I turn back to the controls and realize I don't know where she actually is. I walk over to Calasui. I get down on my haunches and poke her. "Hey, Calasui. Do you know where Siri is?" "She's on Vancor..." she mumbles. "Vancor!" I exclaim. I hurriedly tie her up so she doesn't try to attack me again and set the coordinates to Vancor.