Monday, August 8, 2011

A Star Wars Valentines Day part 5


Here's part 5!

A Star Wars Valentines Day
Part 5
I walk down the halls, searching for Siri. I want to ask her what she was so miserable about at lunch. I whip around the corner and run smack into Calasui. I stare at her. Her eyes are all glittery and happy. "Oh, my dear OBI-WAN!" "Uh, yeah, well, have you seen Siri?" I ask, distracted. She huffs, with her hands on her hips. "So?" She asks snippy. "So? I'm trying to find her." I say. "Why would you want to find her when you've found me?" She asks, fluffing her hair in my face. I wrinkle my nose and bat her hair away, since it's annoying and ticklish. "Sorry, I need to go and find her." I say, shoving by her. I run to the docking bay and choose a ship. I run up the ramp and start the ship. "You can't find her!" I hear Calasui behind me. My head snaps up and I sense her right hand flying towards me, ready to scratch flesh. I whip around and Force push her backwards. She hits the wall and gets knocked out, her head hanging down. I turn back to the controls and realize I don't know where she actually is. I walk over to Calasui. I get down on my haunches and poke her. "Hey, Calasui. Do you know where Siri is?" "She's on Vancor..." she mumbles. "Vancor!" I exclaim. I hurriedly tie her up so she doesn't try to attack me again and set the coordinates to Vancor.

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