Monday, August 8, 2011

A Star Wars Valentines Day part 6


Part 6!

A Star Wars Valentines Day
Part 6
Siri Tachi
I open my eyes and look around. I'm on a barren planet with no life and just a bunch of rocky out climbs. I sit up and rub my head. I groan and reach to my side. My lightsaber! It's gone! I look around wildly, suddenly more alert. I push myself to my feet with my fingertips. Okay. First thing's first. Find out where I am and then get off the planet. I nod to myself and walk over to a rock with a tunnel going down. Huh. Maybe a dwelling. I walk inside and make my way down. I skid to the bottom, small rocks scatter around me and roll to a stop. I look around. I don't see anything it's too dark. My eyes are still adjusting when I hear a growl. Uh oh. I don't need to wait for my eyes to know I need to run. And like now! I dash back up the way I came, scrabbling to get up as fast as I can. I reach the top and I whip around just as a huge slobbering monster leaps into the air. I cross my arms in front of my face to protect my head as it slams into me. I scream out. But no one hears me. I take a closer look at my new friend. It's a gundark. Well. That settles things. I'm on Vancor. WHY VANCOR! I really despise Calasui. Well, I don't really have time for grumbling. I need to get this thing off me. I close my eyes as it opens it's jaws. Oh I really wish Obi-Wan was here! I stop cold. Oh my Force... I did NOT just think that did IOh shoot. I concentrate, ignoring my burning face, as well as feelings and Force push the thing off me. "Now I'm really pissed! You made me think weird thoughts about Obi-Wan! You kriffing creature!" I put a hand over my mouth. Oops. I just swore. I grit my teeth and Force push the gundark backwards and it tumbles head over heels back into it's cave where the rest of it's slobbery cronies are. I wrinkle my nose in disgust. Hmph SOMEBODY better hurry up and get me. I don't want to become a hermit, fending off gundarks all day long.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
I maneuver the ship into the atmosphere of Vancor. Please! Please let Siri be okay! I just hope she didn't get mauled by a gundark. Those things are nasty. I fly over the rocky terrain and look closely. But I can't seem to see anything. I pilot the ship onto a large cliff that seems stable enough to hold the ships weight. I open the ramp and run down it. I just hope the gundarks don't tear it apart for no apparent reason. I look around. Now. Where is Siri?

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