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Pokemon: Black and White Chapter 4

Black and White

Chapter 4: The Dream Yard

“TEPIG!” I scream, as Tepig is engulfed in the powerful flames. I run over to where Tepig is, but as the attack explodes, I'm knocked backwards. I feel something snap in my arm, and I let out a cry. But I ignore the pain, and crawl over to Tepig. “Tepig...TEPIG!” I shout. Tepig is lying there, pulsing burns all across it's body. It's eyes are moving about in their sockets, unfocused. I put my fingertips onto it's forehead. It opens it's eyes fully, and looks at me, breathing slowly. “Tepig...” I murmur softly. It looks at me, long and hard, then begins to stand. I put out my left hand. “Wait! You can't! We should just give up and try again later!” I say. But Tepig wont listen, it shoots some flames from it's nostrils, and I'm forced to fall backwards onto my behind. “Tepig?” I ask. “Are...you going to battle to the finish?” It snorts, and nods. My eyes fill with tears. “Tepig...” I say, and wipe the water from my face. “Let's do this.” I say, holding my right arm tightly, trying to cut the pain off.

Tepig's POV

I feel like my outside is burning. Not the kind of burning I enjoy. I actually like fire a lot, but not this type. I fuel up my inner fire, and this gives me an energy boost. I blow smoke from my nose, and paw the ground with my hooves. “Are you read?” White asks me. I let out a shout, and she smiles. “Okay! Let's go!” I focus on my opponent, and White commands me to use Ember. I do as she asks, and let out my frustration. I will not be beaten by another fire type! I watch as Pansear dodges the attack easily. I hear White grunt angrily. “Okay, different strategy. Use Tackle!” I nod in acceptation, and zoom to where Pansear is. “Use Incinerate!” Chili, Pansear's trainer says. I flatten to the ground and dodge the attack. “Tepig!” I hear White call. “Are you okay?” I bounce off the floor, and charge at Pansear through the dust cloud. I smash into it head on, and knock it into the opposite wall. Pansear gets to it's feet and growls at me. I glare back. Pansear looks like it wants to beat me up. I raise one eyebrow, as if saying-“You wanna piece of me?” Pansear runs at me with his trainers instructions to use Fury Swipes. I jump into the air, and blast it was an Ember, like White told me too. I land and the two of us stare at each other, panting heavily. I grunt, and start focusing on my inner fire. I see Pansear charging up it's Incinerate as well. I look over to White, and she nods at me to use Flame Charge. “Tepig! Use Flame Charge!” White shouts. “Pansear, Incinerate!” Chili yells. I turn myself into a flaming inferno, and stampede towards Pansear. I think of White, which makes my determination bigger, and turns my fire into a blood red, it's temperature rising, and it's size getting larger then it was before...
I will win.
White's POV

I watch as Tepig's flames reach a hot red, and reach close for the ceiling, and splay out horizontally. I see Cilan, Cress, and Chili cover their faces with their arms, and Pansear just gapes as Tepig overpowers it. I neither cover my face, or stare. I watch, my eyes squinting at the battle of flames. The fires clash and morph together, until it feels like a volcano in here. I have to get a good stance to keep myself from being thrown back by the pressure. I see Pansear and Tepig butting heads in the midst of the flames. The fire suddenly turns a velvet red, almost black, and Pansear is overwhelmed. “TEPIG!” I shout. Tepig immediately quenches the fire, and turns to me. Pansear lies on the ground, luckily only a couple burns are visible. Good thing it was a fire type, or it'd be beaten up good. I grab a couple potions and heal both the Pokemon. The three Gym leaders walk over to me. “That was the most amazing battle I've ever seen!” Chili says. “Full to the top with spice!” “It's flavor was that of a fluid Swanna. Very nice.” Cress adds. “Full of so much determination and courage...a wonderful full course.” Cilan finishes. I stare at them, then laugh, like the tinkling of silver bells. The three exchange glances. “What is it?” Cress asks. I grin. “You guys are so funny! Thank you for the complement.” I say, and bow low. I regain my posture, and Cilan bestows the Trio Badge into my hands. “This badge shows your wisdom, courage, and kindess. Please except this badge as proof of your win.” He says. I hold the badge in my hand, and cannot keep my excitement in any longer. I make a high pitched humming sound. “MmmmmmMMM-AH!” I shout. “This is so cool!” I twirl in a pirouette, then hold the badge in the groove of my index and middle fingers. “I got...THE TRIO BADGE!” I let out a hooray, and Tepig, Pidove and I jump up and down. The three Gym leaders bow to us, and excuse themselves. I return my Pokemon to their Pokeballs, and start to head for the exit of the Gym. I feel a sharp pain in my arm again, and grunt at the intense pain. I couldn't have broke my arm when I was thrown back...could I? I feel another sharp stab in my elbow, and let out a-“Mhh!” I exit through the front door, and walk down the stairs carefully, trying not jar it any further. “Hey White-Jump!” I hear. I look over at the speaker, one eye closed in a grimace. “Black?” I ask shocked, even though I shouldn't be because he always pops up unexpectedly. He is leaning against the wall of the Gym, as if he was waiting for me. “What do you want Black?” I ask, my tone a little sharp, but I really don't care. “That's not how you respond to a friend.” Black says, crossing his arms. “Like you're my friend.” I grumble, and an agonizing bolt of pain sears from my arm all the way to my head. My brain feels like it's about to burst, and I stumble a little. “Why are you being so cold? Is something wrong?” Black asks. I look over at him, my vision blurry. I shake my head, but that only causes my sight to disappear further. “Black...I-” I fall backwards. I feel Black catch me with one arm around my back, and the other holding me up. “White? WHITE!” I hear him yell. I close my eyes, and faintly hear Cilan's and Black's voices mingling, as Cilan tells Black they should get me to the hospital.
Black's POV

Cilan and I rush White to the nearest hospital. The forty story building with silver statues just doesn't seem any closer no matter how far we run. I wonder if risking my identity is worse then risking White's health. I decide it is inevitable, so I pull an object out of my pocket. “Cilan, don't tell White about this.” I say. I throw the object into the air.
We reach the hospital-and as Cilan says-thanks to my quick thinking. I go with White as Cilan stays outside in the waiting room. I'm told to stay right outside the room. I watch through the glass window as they set her right arm in a cast, and do other checks. A Doctor exits the room and he walks over to me. “What is your relationship with this girl?” She asks. “White is a friend of mine. She battled the Gym Leaders then came back outside and collapsed.” I inform her. She nods and writes that down on her clip board. “Okay. She should wake up after the medicine wears off. You can see her then. Please go and wait outside with Cilan.” She says. I not reluctantly and start to leave. The Doctor suddenly asks me a question. “Did you know she was under stress and made herself sick?” I shake my head. “I didn't know.” The Doctor nods and walks away. I leave and see Cilan conversing with Chili and Cress. “She's doing fine.” I tell them. “That's a relief.” Chili says. “Wouldn't wanna be responsible for this.” Cress rolls his eyes. “Anyway, I hope your little friend wakes up soon.” Cilan says, and rubs my head hard. “She's quite a battler.” “Ow...” I mutter. Chili grins. “Who would've known that little Black here would get himself a girlfriend?” I raise an eyebrow as they laugh. “Don't listen to them.” Cress says. “They still like to treat you this way.” I nod and smile. “Which is still annoying.”
White's POV

I hear a beeping noise, and slowly open my eyes. I move my head to the right as slow as a Slakoth. Where....? I wonder. Am I? I look around the room blearily. No one is around. I try to sit up, but feel sick when I do. I lie back down carefully, and try moving my arms. I move my left one around slightly, but I can't feel my right. I panic. Why can't I feel my right arm?! I feel my heart rate accelerating and the beeping next me growing my erratic. A woman in a nurse uniform comes into my view from the left, and rushes over to me. She presses something on a control panel, and I feel something inject into my arm. I fall back into a gray sleep, unaware of anything.
The second time I awake I feel dizzy, groggy, and nauseated. I groan loudly, and see another woman-this time in a lab coat-walk over. “Hello, I'm Doctor Kawashima.” She says. I nod. “I'm White.” I say, trying to stop the pounding in my head. “I feel sick.” I say. “That's because you broke your arm.” Dr. Kawashima says. “You'll be perfectly fine within two days. You arm wasn't broken too bad, it was more of a sprain.” I nod and close my eyes. “Okay.” I say quietly.
The third time I open my eyes I see Cilan, Chili, and Cress. They wave at me and say hi through the glass window. I sit up, and wave with my left hand. The feeling of nausea has passed, and I feel great. Just a little weak in the knees and every know and then, a pinching feeling in my arm. I'm able to eat some chocolate pudding and cherry Jell-O which has never tasted so good. I think of mom at home and laugh a little awkwardly. If only she knew I'd hurt myself a couple days into my Pokemon journey, she would flip! I eat heartily, and in a perfectly good mood. I hand my tray to the nurse who comments on my appetite and says that if I keep this up, I could get out a day early. I grin and wipe the chocolate pudding that was all the way around my mouth off. I sit reading a magazine when I realize that I don't know what happened to Black. Where did he go? How could he just drop me off and leave!? I ask the nurse for a phone and dial the Gym's number. Cress picks up. “Hullo?” He asks. “Hello.” I reply. “Where did Black go?” I hear Cress sigh through the phone. “Black said he had somewhere to go and took off.” I puff out my cheeks in frustration. “Well, that was rude of him!” I complain. “That's just Black.” Cress says. “Got to go now, there's another challenger. Goodbye White.” I say farewell and hang up. I set the phone down on the desk next to my bed.
Later that night, Doctor Kawashima discharges me from the hospital, and I leave, with only a small cast on my arm that she said I could take off tomorrow. I head for the Pokemon Center and eat some chicken on a stick for dinner. I take the doctor's advice and rest frequently throughout the rest of the evening. I wander the Pokemon Center after depositing my Pokemon with Joy, browsing through the PokeMart's products, but not really searching for anything. More like searching for someone. I find my mind drifting off to Black. Why did he do what he did. Why does he take me to the hospital but doesn't even have the nerve to actually see how I'm doing after I'm awake? I kick a shelf lightly, and look at my shoe. I'm getting no where if I continue to think in circles. I head for my room, hoping to get in some hours of sleep. But sleep evades me, and I find myself leaving the Pokemon Center at eleven at night. I walk over to the park and sit on a bench. I look up into the lamplight above me, and watch as small bugs flit around and buzz at each other. I hear a noise, and look over into the forest of the park. I see a figure, and run over to see if it's Black. I hide behind a tree, and see a tall outline of a person. Black isn't that tall. I see through the moonlight, a teenage boy with long green hair tied back into a ponytail. I frown. Why is this person out here so late? I almost smack myself. I'm also out here this late, I have no room to talk. I watch as many of the forest Pokemon walk up to him and he gives them Pecha and Oran berries. I peek out farther from the tree, one hand on it's bark, helping me lean over. The person slightly turns their head. “I know you're there.” He says. Out of shock, I trip, and fall on my face, slightly landing on my arm. “Ow!” I shout, and hold my cast covered arm limply. The person stands and turns to me fully. I look up and see the deepest emerald eyes I've ever seen. He's extremely tall, lanky, and is wearing a necklace with a cube on the end. I find myself staring, and look away quickly, feeling a little bit of color coming to my face He walks over to me and I look up wide eyed. He extends his hand and holds it in front of me. I look down at his hand and take it. He helps me to my feet and we stand within a circle of Pokemon. He looks at me long and hard. I begin to feel a little awkward. “I usually do not like people but you're giving off a different aura then most.” He says. I blink. Well. That might no sense what so ever! I say to myself. “Umm...” I say, unsure of what I should be saying. He is about to speak when the both of us hear a noise. He turns his head to look behind him, and I look around him to hear voices. “It's Team Plasma.” The boy says. “We should hide.” He grabs my wrist and we hide in the bushes. The wild Pokemon scatter. I sit, leaning back against a tree, the boy looming over me, both of his hands on the tree truck on either side of my head. I feel petrified, and unable to speak, staring up into his face. I'm glad I can't speak because in mere seconds, Team Plasma grunts-at least seven-emerge from the trees. “King? King!” They shout. “Where are you?” I slow my breathing so they wont hear it, and close my eyes, willing them to go away. After what seems like an eternity, they leave the vicinity. I let out a large breath, and the boy moves away from me. I let out a huge sigh, and get to my feet. A Patrat jumps onto the teenager's shoulder, and sits there. He turns around and looks at me. “I don't know why but I'm going to tell you my name. It's N.” He says. I nod mutely, then recover my voice. “I-I-'m White.” I say. He stares at me, then hands me a slender, rectangular, metal slab, around the size of a book. I hold it in my hands. “What's this?” I ask. He turns away and starts to walk off. “I still don't understand why I like you. I usually despise almost everyone. I like being in your company, so you can expect to see me more often. I'll see you soon, so keep your guard up when you're alone.” He says. “Wait!” I say. “What is this?” I hold the object. He turns, and I wait. He looks at me, and we stay silent. “Just hold onto it.” He says, and disappears into the night's gloom. I hold the object to my chest, and look after him, as the wind ruffles hair and clothes.
I head back to the Pokemon Center, my heart beating radically. Something must be wrong with me. I must still be recovering from my broken arm. I run to the Pokemon Center and see Nurse Joy waiting anxiously by the door. “White! Where have you been! I've been worrying!” She says. “Hurry and get to bed, I'm locking the Pokemon Center for the night.” I nod, and bow past her, rushing to my room. I flop onto my bed, feeling really good considering it's late and I'm still recovering. I smile, and fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up, and head downstairs. My Pokemon are done healing and I retrieve them from Joy. I leave the Center, and stretch in the morning sun. I sigh contentedly. I see someone familiar and run over to them. I punch the boy in the back. “Ow!” Black exclaims. “What did you do that for?” I raise one eyebrow and cross my arms. “You say you're my friend, then drop me off at the hospital and then leave!? Didn't you care to say hi once I woke up!?” I shout, and grab his ear, pulling hard. “You said you weren't my friend when you exited the Gym!” He says. “Oh yeah? I was sick! I wasn't thinking straight!” I yell, and let go of him. He puts a hand to his most likely throbbing ear and looks at me. “Listen, I'm sorry. I just thought you wouldn't want to see me.” He says. I growl. “Okay fine. I forgive you. But you're not allowed to disappear like that again. You understand?” I ask. He nods. I turn on the ball of my foot and stomp away. “Oh, one thing. I don't think you should go to the Dream Yard. I heard some people saying that some suspicious people were over there.” Black calls after me. I tune out his voice, and leave. I walk past the Pokemon Center, and see two trainers conversing. “Hey, did you go to the Dream Yard yet?” One asks. “No,” the other says. 'Is that where you trained?” “Yeah! I caught a Munna!” The first replies. This catches my attention, and I walk over. “So where is the Dream Yard?” I ask. “Oh, it's East of here.” The second one says. I nod and thank them. I'm going to go and get some training done! I hold my Pokeballs in front of me and walk. “Hey guys! We're going to do some well deserved training!” I say. I'm about to got to the Dream Yard, but a woman in a lab coat with really long black hair stops me. “Hey, would you come with me for a moment?” She asks. I look at her. “'Sure, why?” “I'm in need of a favor. I'm look for the Pokemon Munna, who's Dream Mist can show people Pokemon's dreams.” I stare at her. “Let me get this straight. I need to find this Pokemon called Munna, get some Dream Mist from it, then give it to you so you can use it to look into Pokemon's Dreams?” I ask. She nods happily. “That about sums it up!” I shrug. “Where is this Pokemon?” I ask. “It's at the Dream Yard.” She explains. I nod. “Good, that's where I was going just now.” The woman introduces herself as Fennel, and gives me her address. I head through the forest, and see lots of falling apart concrete walls, with barb wire and precarious steps leading up to the top of the wall. Tall grass is everywhere, and I know plenty of Pokemon will be hiding in there. I climb through a break in the barb wire, shaped like a V and very hard to climb over. I grin, and throw my Pokeballs into the air. Time to begin! I look around at all the targets we could use. I grab a card board box and drag it over to where Tepig and Pidove are. “Okay, Tepig, use Tackle!” I say. Tepig nods and knocks the box into the air, causing it to land on the roof of a concrete wall. I chuckle. “That was odd.” I point to Pidove. “Pidove, use Gust!” I shout. Pidove coos and zips over to the box, knocking it off and making it fall. “Ouch!” I hear. “Huh?” I recall my Pokemon, look around the corner of a wall, and see Bianca. “Bianca!?” I say shocked. She rubs her head. “Ow...since when do boxes fly through the air?” She says. “Where did the Munna go?” I see a Pokeball sitting on the ground neat the tall grass. “Is this-” I start to ask, but then I see someone. To be more accurate, some people. “Team Plasma!” I exclaim, and immediately narrow my eyebrows. The man scoops up the Pokeball. “We will be liberating this from you.” He says, and smiles devilishly. I growl. “Give Munna back to Bianca.” The Plasma member tsk's. “Sorry, no can do. We will be saving this Pokemon from evil trainers like you.” Bianca looks stricken. “My...Munna....” She breathes out, as they slip the Pokeball away. Bianca's eyes suddenly close, and she falls over in a dead faint. I jump forward and catch her. “Bianca!” I exclaim, and shake her. She doesn't make a sound, and I lie her on the ground. I stand up and glare at the two Plasma Grunts. I spit at their feet and pull my Pokeballs out. “Now I'm really angry.” I say, my fists clenched. I toss both Pokeballs into the air. “Go Tepig and Pidove! Get those Plasma trash!” I shout. I tell them to use Air Cutter and Flame Charge. The woman sends out a Purrloin and the man sends out a Patrat. Instead of attacking the my Pokemon, the two come at me. “Ah!” I scream, and I'm knocked to the ground. I lean up on my elbows, and look at the two Pokemon. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and look up to see Black. “You see to like danger, I specifically told you not to come here Trouble Girl.” He says. “Stand back, I'll take care of these losers. I push myself to my feet, and back up a little, holding my arm, which started throbbing again. Black stands in front of the Pokemon, then pulls out an object from his pocket. He flashes it so fast, that it sends out a blinding light, and my eyes go white for a minute. When I get my sigh back, the Pokemon are on the ground. They had fainted from the sheer light. Black whips the object away and takes the Pokeball back from the Team Plasma grunt. He hands it to me. “Give this to your friend once she wakes up. I think you can handle everything now. I'll get the police.” I nod, and grimace at my arm. Black looks at it. “Does that hurt?” He asks. I shake my head. “Not really.” I lie. He frowns. “I'm going to get Dr. Kawashima to check it.” He says, and start to walk away. He looks over his shoulder. “Don't lie to me. I wont disappear again if you wont lie to me again.” He says. “Deal?” Then he walks away. I turn back to Bianca, mulling over Black's words. I get down on my haunches, and shake Bianca's shoulder. “Hey, I got your Munna back.” I say quietly. She groans, but doesn't wake up. I hear a noise, and look over to the tall grass. I see a pink Pokemon and a purple and pink one levitating in the air. I stare at them. It floats over, and makes a noise. “Muuuu.” It says softly. I stand up, and cup my hands. Musharna lands in them and lets out a pink mist. I quickly take a vial from my pocket, and capture it inside. The Munna nudges me, and I pull a Pokeball from my pocket. “Wanna come with me?” I ask. It “Muu” again and I push the button against the pokemon's forehead. It enters the Pokeball, and I place it on my belt. I hear a groan, and look over to see the Grunts awakening. “I can't believe we lost!” The woman complains, and stands up. There's suddenly a flash of light, and we all cover our eyes. I see a gigantic man in mosaic-like robes “Ghetsis!” I exclaim. “What are you two doing goofing off!?” He thunders, completely ignoring me. Strangely, another Ghetsis appears opposite of the first. “We, Team Plasma shall separate Pokemon from foolish people!” The two form into one behind the grunts. “If you cannot fulfill your duties...” He trails off. The woman looks anxiously at the man. “T-this isn't......Ghetsis when he is gathering followers, and Ghetsis when he is trying to control people by tricking them with speeches!” She says. “Yeah...This is a Ghetsis when his plan has failed and he's just about to issue a terrible punishment.” The guy adds. “At any rate, let's hurry and say we're sorry so he forgives us!” The woman replies. The two run off, tripping over themselves. Ghetsis disappears, and I stand shocked. “...What was that?” I hear, and look over to see Bianca, leaning against the concrete wall. “That man named Ghetsis...he was appearing and disappearing all over the place.” We hear running, and the two of us look over. Officer Jenny, Dr. Kawashima, and Professor Fennel run up. Black is not in the group. I feel crestfallen. “Where are the Grunts?” Jenny asks. “They ran away.” I inform her. “Let me see your arm.” Kawashima says, and examines it. I look at Fennel as she stares at the Musharna. “Mu...Shrana?” She says. It blinks, then floats over to her. “It IS you!” She exclaims, and tears form in her eyes. She wipes at the water leak coming from her eyes, and pulls off her glasses. She hugs the Musharna, and pulls out a Pokeball. I look down to Bianca. Kawashima finishes adjusting my arm and attends to Bianca. I grab my pink bag from the ground, and leave after Bianca is pronounced fine. Jenny sends out some officers to do a full sweep of the area, to try and catch Team Plasma. I head off towards Route 3.

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The Legend Of Korra: Turning The Tides Episode Review


I just finished watching The Legend of Korra episode: Turning The Tides.  It was one of the best episodes yet!  I thought it had an equal balance of humor, action, characteristics, and plot. ^_^

Plot: In the episode, all the council members of Republic City were captured by Amon, the antagonist of the series, and Amon made his move to take over the city, and put everything under his control.  But before that happens, Korra gets better after being held captive by Tarrlok.  She explains about Amon, and Lin Beifong realizes that he'll probably start an attack soon.  Tenzin goes to City Hall, but is ambushed by Equalist Anti-Benders.  He defeats them and heads to the Chief of police.  The police Headquarters is attacked with nerve gas.  Tenzin is able to send a message to the General of the united forces.  Once they exit the building, they are attacked by mecha tanks.  Meanwhile, the three protagonists leave Air Temple Island and head to the city.  They get Asami's car which is conveniently parked where it was crashed into a pole   Asami complains but Korra retorts she doesn't know how to drive.  Tenzin is presently being attacked by the mechas and is about to be taken away when Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami arrive to save the day!  (In which Mako redirects lighting!!  AWESOME!!!)  The Air Temple island is attacked simultaneously and they rush to the rescue.  Lin Beifong protects Tenzin's family, but is electrocuted.  Though, at the same time, Tenzin's kids come and beat up the bad guys with their airbending.  Jinora says the funniest thing- "Stay away from my dad's ex-girlfriend!!"  I thought that was great!
The others arrive, and they all flee. (Continued down below....)

Just so you know....I DO NOT LIKE THIS GUY!!!!! (You'll see why later.)  He is the man behind the Anti-Benders organization.  He is a guy who can take a person's bending from them by just touching their forehead.  It is a mystery who is behind this mask. O.O I WANT TO KNOW SOOO BAD!

Korra WAS cool in this episode, but she didn't do hardly anything.  But that was okay because I thoroughly enjoyed everything else in the episode.  She seemed impatient for a fight, but in the end, decided to swim away to safety to wait with Mako, Bolin, and Asami.  I hope she has more point in the finale.

Cheif Lin Bei Fong is in my top three favorite characters list, in a tie with Korra and Tenzin.  In this episode, she showed her power and strength against the Anti-Bender Equalists.  I loved how she used her metal bending strands to keep Tenzin's dirty little boy away from her, protect the Airbender family, and destroy two large airships to allow Tenzin and his family to escape on a sky Bison.  When she was captured by the Equalists, I was angry, and when Amon took her Bending away, I was FURIOUS!!  She was one of the coolest characters on the show and I cannot believe she got her bending taken away!!!!!!!  That was the only downside to the episode.  But it made the story have more depth with her loss of metal bending and I acknowledged the creators for that.  I hope to see more interesting characters like her from now on, and maybe some more characters that tie to the previous series.


So, as I said, Lin destroys the airships to allow the last airbenders in the world to escape.  After she is capture Amon takes her bending away after she refuses to tell where the Avatar is...

Korra and the others watch what happens from a sewage pipe in Republic City, and they sadly leave, hoping everything will be okay.

At the very end of the episode, we get a sneak peek of what is to appear next.  Apparently, Zuko's son is going to come to change the tide of the war.  (I think it's funny that Zuko and his son sound EXACTLY the same.  Maybe it is Zuko in DISGUISE! LOL Just kidding.)

I hope the finale is good!  I want to see it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!  Until then, I'll wait patiently for it so I can do a review!



How the Avengers should have ended


Pokemon Movie 5: Search For The Girl Piano

Most interpretations for piano don't do very well, but I was surprised about how good this one was done. ^_^


Pokemon: Black and White Chapter 3

Black and White

Chapter 3: A Gym of Three

I reach Striaton city as the sun sets behind the tree line. I rush into the Pokemon center, and leave my Pokemon with Nurse Joy while I go to eat my dinner. After having a hearty meal of chicken and a ice cream sundae, I return and collect my Pokemon. I head to my room, and flop onto the bed. I toss my hat off and close my eyes. Black's attitude is increasingly bothering me the longer I think about it. He makes no sense. One minute he's all laughs and fun, then the next he's angry about team Plasma. I rub my eyes with my palms and sigh. What is his connection to team Plasma that makes him so mad? How come he wont tell me? He is so weird.
I shake my head and slap my cheeks with my hands. I have no time to worry about him. I need to focus on my battle with the Gym Leader in the Striaton Gym. I head downstairs to a computer, and look up the Gym Leader. Apparently, it's classified information on what Pokemon they have, but the resources say that the types are water, fire, and grass. I hold Tepig and Pidove in my hands. I might need an extra Pokemon if the Gym Leader has three. Tepig will be good against the grass type, and Pidove will be so-so against the water type. I look up Pokemon in the surrounding area. None of them will be super effective against a fire type. I guess Tepig will have to do two battles. I sigh and slip both Pokeballs back onto my belt. I shut off the PC and walk back up the steps to my room. I sink into my bed, and glance at the clock. 11:00 o'clock. I close my eyes, and drift away.

The next morning I wake up on time and head to the Gym. I find it is next to the Pokemon center on it's right, and the Pokemon School on the Center's left. I enter, and see a guy standing in front of me. “Ah! Hello new Trainer. Please, take this Fresh Water!” I take it, bewildered, and walk past him. A woman at a desk smiles at me. “Our restaurant was created in a pleasant atmosphere that you will enjoy.” She says. Restaurant? I wonder. “I thought this was a Gym?” I say. “Oh, please take a seat at that table!” She says, completely ignoring my question. I raise one eyebrow and lower the other. This might take a while. I look over at the table she's pointing at, and see a large red curtain with he fire symbol to a diagonal of it. I look at the ground, and see three large buttons. With the symbols for fire, water, and grass. “Hmm.” I say to myself. I sit at the table and a waiter with red hair walks over to me. “Hello, I'm Chile!” He says, and places a plate of spaghetti on the table in front of me. I stare at it, and blink twice. “Huh?” I ask, and look at Chile completely confused. “Please, eat.” He says, then walks away. I pick up my fork and poke at the food. After a bit, I finish it, and wipe my mouth with a silky, white, cloth napkin. I stand up, and walk over to stand before the buttons. I look up at the curtain. Fire....
I look at the buttons. Water is super effective to fire. So I step on the blue button. There's a ding-a-ling, and I watch as the curtain opens. I see a younger boy around my age, in a waiter's clothes. He walks over to me. “Time to battle.” He says, and grins. “Eh?!” I exclaim. “H-h-h-hey....I wasn't informed about battling before the gym leaders!?” He tsks and shrugs. “Well, that's just your problem.” He pulls out a pokeball and points it at me. “I'm Maxwell, and I will be serving the first course of this meal. Go pokeball!” I frown at his strange remark, whip out Tepig, and toss it in the air. Our pokeballs open simultaneously, and a Lillipup pops out of his Pokeball. “A Lillipup?!” I say, surprised. I look off to the right and laugh to myself, a little incredulous. I'v beaten several Lillipup on route 1 and they aren't hard what so ever. Besides, by the looks of it, this Lillipup is only at level eleven, while my Tepig is at level seventeen and Pidove is at fifteen. “Tepig, use ember and get this over with.” I say, waving my hand lazily. I become more interested when the flames that pour from Tepig are more intense then they should be. I point my pokedex at Tepig, it blinks, then the monotonous voice speaks. “Flame Charge, a powerful burst of flames surround the user and can burn the opponent.” I flip it shut, and stash it away. The Lillipup blinks, singed from head to foot. It coughs out a plume of black smoke, then falls over, and faints, it's eyes turning into swirls. “NO! You are a trainer full of too much PEPPER!” Maxwell exclaims, his hands on his cheeks. He falls over into a thin blob on the floor. I step over him, and glance back, at the odd thing that's groaning on the floor. “Eh hehehe.” I say, a little weirded out. Tepig hops over the “Waiter Maxwell” and we head for the next challenge. A blue curtain with a water droplet on it stands before me. I blink, then look at the buttons on the floor. “Okay...grass is super effective against water, so I'll stand on that button.” I murmur to myself. I walk over to the green button, but here Tepig oinking. It's jumping up and down in front of the red fire button. “Agh!” I say. “Don't step on that!” I chase after it as it runs away, causing an unimaginable ruckus. “Tepig!” I see it jump up high in the air, and leap forward to catch it. I crash down on the green button, Tepig sitting in my hands, making a questioning noise. I gasp from the impact of hitting the ground. “Ow....” I grumble, and get to my feet, cringing, and holding my ribcage. “Let's not do that again.” I advise Tepig, holding it in my arms. “Tepig!” It says in agreement. I nod. The blue curtain opens up as a bell sounds, and I pass through it. I hear a voice, and look to my right. “Hey you!” A waitress in a yellow maid uniforms says. I stop. “Huh?” “I'm Tia, and I'm going to show you the specialty of the Striaton gym! The Trainer De Luxe! I'll be your second course!” She says. I groan. “Again?” I mutter, and sweatdrop. Tia kisses her Pokeball and tosses it. “Go!” I let Tepig jump from my arms and I swipe Pidove's pokeball from my belt, and throw it. “Go Pidove!” The pokeballs open and out comes my Pidove and Tia's Patrat. I blink at the Pokemon. A level ten Patrat against my level fifteen Pidove...seriously...? I say to myself. “Okay, Pidove! Use quick attack!” I command. “Patrat use Bide!” Tia exclaims. Pidove hits the Patrat hard, and knocks it sideways. I point at the Patrat. “Now, finish it with Air Cutter!” Pidove blasts the Patrat with severe, sharp, gusts of wind. Patrat goes down immediately. “Heh, you're pretty good trainer. See if you can swallow this!” Tia says, and throws out another Pokeball. A Purrloin appears after a burst of light. “Puurrr.” It says. “Pidove! Air Cutter!” I shout. Pidove flies down, and like lightning, knocks Purrloin to the ground. A cloud of dust fills the air, and we wait until it clears. Purrloin lies on the ground twitching. “A K-O!” I exclaim happily, and I catch Pidove as it comes back to me and hug it to my chest. “Thanks so much Pidove!” “Phhuu!” It chirps. I jump up and down as Tia sadly recalls her Pokemon back. She walks over to me and holds out a hand. “Good battle.” She says sincerely. I smile and shake it. “You too.” Tepig, Pidove, and I walk over to the next curtain, which is green and has a leaf on it. I look at Pidove that is hovering to my left, and Tepig on my right. “I think we should step on the last button together. Don't you think?” I ask. Tepig jumps onto my right shoulder and Pidove lands on my left. “That settles it!” I step onto the red fire button, and there is a ding dong noise. I walk through the curtain and see a teenager with green hair and a waiter uniform standing on a podium. “Welcome to the Striaton Pokemon Gym.” He says, and bows. Suddenly, another person with red hair spins out from behind the green haired guy. “I'm Chili I light things up with my fire type Pokemon!” He says. Another person spins out too, this time one with blue hair. “I'm a water type specialist and my name is Cress.” He says. “Pleased to make your acquaintance.” The first bows again. “And I am Cilan. I like grass type Pokemon.” He says. The three look at each other. “Umm...well you see...” He says. “As for why the three of us, um, are all here is, well, er...” Chili cuts him off. “Oh enough! Listen up! You get to choose whom you battle. Hurry and choose!” I back up, set aback from their strange statement. “Umm...” “Hurry up and choose! Choose me!” Chili commands. “Yes, please choose. I'd like to battle ” Cress adds. “Of course, we'd like to battle now. How about I fight you?” Cilan says. I scrunch up my eyes. “Enough!” I yell. The three pause, and stare at me. “I'm gonna take you all on at once! So stop bickering!” They all stare at me. I point a finger at them. “I challenge the three Gym leaders of this Pokemon Gym!” They gape at me. Cilan reacts first. “Well, since it's an official challenge, you can battle us one at a time.” I nod. “And we'll only use our signature Pokemon. Not the other one. Just to make it fair.” I clench my fists. “Alright! Let's begin!”
We begin the battle, and Cilan throws out his Pokemon. “Go Pansage!” He says in a flourish. “I choose you Tepig!” I say, and Tepig jumps into the battle. “Tep tep!” It says courageously. “Begin.” The referee says, and points the green flag into the air. “Tepig! Flame Charge!” I say immediately. Tepig sets off in a sprint, and speeds towards Pansage. “Pansage, use Bullet Seed!” Cilan says. Tepig gets too close to Pansage and is met with a machine gun speed of seeds. Tepig flies back and skids across the ground. “Oops.” I mutter, and put a hand to my face in embarrassment. “Tepig! Use Ember!” Tepig snorts out the flames at Pansage, and sets it's tail on fire. Pansage runs around the room shouting, holding it's burning tail. “Agh! This wont do.” Cilan says. Cress pulls out a Pokeball and throws it. “Panpour, use water gun!” He says. Pansage faints before Panpour's jet of water even reaches it. I hold a hand to my face and supress a snicker. “Since my Pokemon is already out, I'll be your next opponent.” Cress says coolly. I nod. “Sure, let's go.” I recall Tepig and send out Pidove. “Pidove, use Quick Attack!” It zips over to Panpour and hits it several times. “Panpour, fight back with water gun!” Cress yells. Panpour shakily gets to it's feet and shoots a powerful water gun attack at Pidove. Pidove gets a direct hit and falls from the air. “Pidove!” I shout, and run over it. It is panting heavily on the floor. It coos weakly, and I put my hand on it's head. It closes it's eyes, and makes itself get to its feet. “Pidove?” I stare at it. “Cuuu!” It calls out, flashing it's wings out, then zooms into the air, and I can watch as it flies in spinning circles. “Where is it?!” Cress exlclaims anxiously. He...can't see it? I wonder. Now is my chance. “Pidove! Air Cutter!” I shout, and Pidove obeys, bearing down on Panpour. It slams into Panpour hard, and sends it flying into the opposite wall. Pidove flies back over to me, and lands on my shoulder, like it already won. I look back over to the cloud of dust, and see that, it did indeed, win. Panpour is crying and sending showers of water in every direction. “Argh!” Cress grumbles. “Panpour, return.” I smile. “Oh bother, looks like I'm next.” Chili steps up and holds a Pokeball in hit hand. I return Pidove to it's Pokeball and place it onto my belt with care. “Rest well Pidove.” I say, then turn back to Chili. I grab look at Tepig and see it looks determined. I nod at it, and it jumps into the battle. “I choose you,” Chili says, and the pokeball is thrown upward, and opens in a shower of light. “Pansear!” Tepig and I step back. The red, fire Pokemon materializes in front of me. My eyes widen. Tepig is a fire type, and so is Pansear. Tepig has battled once and is at half power. I clench my teeth worriedly. I look at Tepig. “Be careful.” I warn. It nods, and turns back to the battle. “The challenger has the first attack!” The referee says. I nod. “Alright, let's go Tepig!” Tepig leaps into action. “Use tackle!” I shout. “Pansear, use Lick.” Chili says coolly. Tepig crashes right into a slobbery Ghostly Lick attack. I let out a- “Ugh!” and cover my mouth. “Yuck.” Chili laughs. “Pansear, fury swipes!” My eyes widen, and I'm frozen, unable to tell Tepig to do anything. “Pansear, use Incinerate!” Tepig's eyes widen, as the attack envelopes it. “TEPIG!” I scream.

Here is the link to my fanfiction profile for my other Pokemon fanfics. ^_^


Song of the Week!

Character of the Month: Buffy Summers

Buffy Summers

Okay, I'm thinking of doing a character of the month post thing. ^_^ So this month's is Buffy from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

She is the high school aged Slayer of her time.  (The series begins when she is 16 after all.)
She is the pretty blonde girl who can go down a dark alley, and beat up whatever creepy thing is lurking there.  (I've seen that happen multiple times.)

Watching the first episode, I was really excited, and when I jumped in my seat from a surprising part with a vampire appearing, I starting laughing my head off.  (Which is strange since at the time it was night time and the part was freaky. But it was great!  I didn't even see it coming!)

Part of the reason I like this show, is because it portrays a strong female character (and she is the main character!) This story intertwines mythology, fantasy, and contemporary characteristics, showing normal people put in dangerous fictional situations.  Buffy has saved the world from the apocalypse around three times so far, and if that isn't good enough, I don't know what is.

Another thing that is good about the story, is that Buffy's personality grows throughout the show, and I especially love the mentor/student relationship her and Giles have.  (Giles is the awesome British librarian who is her Watcher.)  At first, it seemed like they only worked together because they had to, but after a while, it just dawned on me that they had a deep bond-one that most stories have a hard time creating.  It was quite a great development. ^_^ Made me happy.

So far I'm on season 4, and it isn't the best.  Season 2 was.  This story is hard to explain, but it is really good!  (If you're okay violence.)


Hopefully I can do a better job on explaining the next character! ^_^


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The Pixar Movie Brave is coming out on the 27th. I'm thinking of doing a movie review.  Can't wait for it to come out!!


Pokemon: Black and White Chapter 2

Black and White

Chapter 2: Plasma
I run through the grass, not wanting to be confronted by the Pokemon before I reach the end of Route 1, because that's when I want to train. I stop by a tree, out of the tall grass, and rest against it. I'm almost to Accumula town, according to my map. I take it out again and estimate the distance I've gone. “Huh,...I have around a mile...” I say out loud. “Nope, technically it's actually a mile and a half.” A voice says. I look to my left side, startled. I'm even more freaked out when I see a boy, hanging upside down from a branch, whose face is directly in front of mine. “Ahh!” I yelp, and give a start, falling backwards. I hit the ground, and my hat messes up. “Oh, sorry for startling you.” The boy says. I straighten my hat, and stare at him. “W-w-who are you?” I ask, completely freaked out. He holds a hand out to help me up. I stare at it, wondering if I should take it or smack it. “I'm Black.” He says. Instead of taking and hitting his hand, I stand up. “I'm White.” I say, eying him. He is wearing a red hat, jeans, and a hoodie. He grins. “Hello White!” I sigh. “What are you doing here?” I ask. “I'm just a traveler.” He says. “What about you?” I shrug. “I guess I'm a beginner trainer.” I tell him. He nods. “Cool, so are you trying to get to Accumula town?” He asks. I blink. “Yeah, I am.” I say. “Well, you're going slightly off course.” He says. I cock my head to the side, and raise my eyebrow. “Really?” I ask. “Yes, I can direct you towards your destination.” He says. “Go down the path over there.” I check my map. “Wow, you're right.” I say, shocked. “What? You didn't believe me?” He asks. “No-! No, I..believed you.” I stumble over my words. Actually, I hadn't believed him. What person believes a boy who hangs out of trees scaring people? I sigh to myself. Well, I guess I do. “What are you sighing about?” Black asks. I jump, losing hold of my map, and I scramble to catch a hold of it, as the wind blows it away. Black shoots his hand up vertical, and catches the map on a perfect tempo. “You're a jumpy one, you know that?” He says. I fume. “Hey!” I shout, and snatch the map from his grasp. He smirks. “Well, see you later White Jump!” He calls, and walks away. I screech, clenching my fists. I jump up and down pumping my fists in the air. “Oh yeah!? Well you're a smart-alic, annoying boy with a goofy name!” I shout. He just waves, without turning, and disappears into the forest. I grumble to myself, and tear through the grass, on the path Black showed me. I find myself on a hill, that looks down on Accumula town. “Okay, now I've just got to train like crazy.” I mutter, and I do just that.

Hours later, the sun is setting. I've raised my Tepig level up extremely high, and I decide to head to the Pokemon Center that is in the town. I walk into Accumula, and head for the building with the big “P” on it. I enter, and look around the huge open space that is the inside of the building. “Wow...”I murmur. I look over to the Blue PokeMart, and see a friendly clerk. She smiles. “Hello. May I help you?” She asks. I walk over and nod. “Can you explain this....whole place to me?” I inquire. She nods. “Of course. This is the Pokemon Center, it has a PokeMart which is right here. The PokeMart is where you can buy useful items for your journey.” She says, and points over to a large station that's is near two large staircases that flank it on both sides. “That is the Pokemon center section, where Nurse Joy will heal your weak or injured Pokemon. The machine on the left is the PC, where you can store Pokemon if you gain more that six. Leading up the stairs on both sides of the healing station is the dining hall.” The clerk explains. “Over opposite of us is the lounge. And down the flight of stairs to your left is the sleeping facility for trainers who need a rest, free of charge! There's also upstairs quarters for people who choose to sleep up there.” She finishes. “Wow, thank you.” I say, and hurry off to Nurse Joy. “Excuse me?” I ask, and the nurse turns to me. “Why, hello. Welcome to the Pokemon center, we restore your sick and injured Pokemon to full health. Would you like us to rest your Pokemon?” She asks. I nod vigorously. “Yes! Thanks you.” I reply. I hand her my Tepig, and she places it in a machine behind her. After a minute, the machine dings, and she takes the Pokeball out, handing it to me. “We've restored you Pokemon to full health. I hope to see you again!” She says. I nod, and take the Pokemon from her. I head up the stairs on either side of the healing station and see the dining hall. I walk over to a cook and look at the list of foods on the menu. “What can I get for ya?” A woman-with a hair net asks me. I put a hand on my chin, in thought. “Hmm...I'd like to have spaghetti and meatballs.” I decide. “Will be ready in a bit. Wait in that there seat. What drink would ya like?” She says. I tell her I'll have juice, nod, and head towards the table with two chairs that she directed me to. The chairs are white and have a tan cushion. The table is white and looks like it's woven from vines, but I know it's actually just metal. I sit down, and drum my fingers on the table. I rest my chin on my hand, and stare off into space. I wonder what Cheren and Bianca are doing at this very moment? Are they training? Have they found a place to crash for the night? I think of random things and then another strange one comes up. I wonder where Black is...? I shake myself out of my daze, and slam my hands onto the table. Why was I thinking of Black anyway? He's an annoying Dwebble! I shake my head, as the woman from the counter walks over to me. She sets a mighty heap of spaghetti and meatballs in front of me with a thunk, and places a glass of Pecha berry juice in front of me. “Hope ya enjoy!” She says. I sip my drink mindlessly, and stare at the clock. It's around five thirty, and I'm wondering what to do now. I finish my food and take my tray over to a thin lady who takes it to the sink in the back of the restaurant. I walk down the stairs and exit the Pokemon center for a breath of fresh air before I go to bed. I look outside and see that there is a group of people in strange costumes in front of a crowd. I walk over to see what the commotion is. I stop at the back of the crowd. “Hey White.” A voice says, and I jump, looking to my right. Black stands there his face right next to mine, and is grinning mischievously. “Hey.” He says, and waves at me. I growl. “What are you doing here?” I ask. “Same as you.” He says, then looks at the group of people. “Those guys are bad guys...” He mutters. I look at him. “They are? I think I can tell from their strange looks.” I say. “And how do you know those are bad guys?” I inquire. He turns to me quickly, his eyes wide, brow furrowed. He shakes his head. I drop the subject and turn back to the strange group. The guy in the middle is speaking about things like “Liberating Pokemon” which seems like a completely different language to me. I pull my Pokeball out, and hold it on my palm. I stare at it seriously, wondering how much I know about Tepig. Out of random, Black grabs my wrist, the one that's holding the Pokeball. “Don't even think about listening to this freak. Don't release your Pokemon.” He says sternly. I blink in surprise. “I wasn't going to do that. I was just thinking about how I don't know very much about Tepig and that I wish I knew more.” I say. He lets go of my wrist. “That's good.” He says, and glares back at the man who's speaking. I turn to him after a moment. “Hey Black? Who is that man? I never heard his name.” I ask. “That is Ghetsis. One pain in the Exploud.” He mutters angrily. “How? You act like you know him.” I say. He looks at me. “I don't know him.” He says, looking confused. I shrug and look back at the guy. He's pacing back and forth and I miss the last bit of his speech. He leaves with an escort of the strangely clad people, who are plastered at his sides, practically stepping on his feet. The people disperse, and I turn to Black. “Umm-” I begin, then notice he's gone. My cheeks puff out in anger, I hunch my shoulders, clench my fists, and huff loudly. “The nerve!” I mutter under my breath, and make my way back to the Pokemon center.
I enter through the sliding doors, and see that the Center is quieter then it was earlier in the day. I wonder why? Maybe because people released their Pokemon and since they don't have Pokemon they don't need to come here. I decide that must be it and get my room key from Nurse Joy. She takes me to my room. She looks a little sad, and I think I know why. “Nurse Joy? What are you sad about?” I ask. She looks at me, her lip trembling. “Almost everyone....all those happy new trainers....have released their Pokemon and are long gone.” She says, and a tear escapes her eye. She nods to a room and I insert the key. I turn the knob, hear the click, and open the door. I turn to Nurse Joy who is now leaving. “I bet there will be more trainers. There always is.” I say, and enter my room. I shut the door behind me and head for the bed.

The next morning, I get up, to heat oinking. I open my eyes and pull my face from the pillow. I look at the opposite side of the room and see Tepig jumping up and down, trying to get my attention. I use my left hand to push myself off the pillow and sit up. I rub my eye with a limp fist and blink sleepily at Tepig. It points with a hoof at my clock. I look over and stare at it. Then my eyes widen and I jump, slamming my head into the bunk above mine. “Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!” I mutter, and hold my head with my hands. I notice the tangles and knots in my hair and groan. I slept in late, it's already nine o'clock, my hair is going to take forever to fix, I need to get into my clean pair of clothes, wash the blanket I brought with me, and get to Striaton city before the day is over. I slap my face with my hands and moan.

After a hour and a half, I walk into the Center, and head over to the PokeMart. I buy more potions and more Pokeballs. I leave with my supplies in my bag, and head to Route 2. I wish I had tennis shoes. I can't run like I would if I had some. I rub my ankle, hoping I wont get a blister. I'm walking into the forest when I hear someone. “White!” I hear. I turn, and see Bianca. She's running, holding up a pair of tennis shoes. She trips, and falls on her face. She eventually reaches me, and places them in my hands. “Here.” She huffs. “Your mom gave me these to give you.” I accept them and thank her. I slip them on and throw my sandals into my bag. “Ahh.” I sigh. “That feels so much better.” “Also, I think she is coming here, and should be in a minute. So I'm going to go back to Accumula town. See ya!” Bianca says, and waves, then runs off. I sit on a tree stump, and drum my fingers on the wood. After ten minutes, I see my mom walking up the trail. She smiles. “Hello White.” She says. I stand up. “Hi.” I reply. She holds something out to me “This is an Xtransceiver.” She says. “It will help you communicate with everyone. Bianca, Cheren, Pros. Juniper, and I all have one. Their numbers are in the address book.” She says. I nod and clip it onto my wrist. She presses a couple buttons on one of her own, and my begins to ring. I tap the “accept call” button, and her face appears on it. I grin and end the call. “Cool, thanks mom!” I say. “Alright, now I've got to get back and fix you're room. Goodbye White!” She says, and walks away. I turn my Xtransceiver off and pick my bag up from the ground where it was sitting next to the tree stump. I walk down the path, hoping that I will get to Striaton city before nightfall.

I walk for hours, seeing plenty of Pokemon, but not really wanting to catch them. I don't want normal types. I check my map, and see I'm a couple miles from Striaton city. I hear a noise, and turn around sharply. The woods are silent. I quietly let Tepig out, and we walk warily down the path. “K-KOU!!” I hear, and see a Pidove fly at top speed out of the trees to our left. “Ahhhhh!” I scream, and fall to the ground, as it nearly clips my head with it's sharp wings. “WHITE!” I hear. I bolt up, and look over, to see Black. He runs over to me. “Are you okay?” He asks seriously. My eyebrows raise in astonishment. “Black....?” I murmur. Then I glare at him. “Are you following me?” I ask grudgingly. He ignores the question, and turns to the Pidove, which is flying in crazy circles. “We need to calm Pidove down.” He says, then turns and smiles mischievously. “White. Jump.” I growl at him. “Don't call me that.” I grumble. I nod to him anyway and turn to Tepig. “Okay, Tepig! Ember!” I command. “Wait! Not that way!” He says, but too late, Tepig blasts Pidove with flames. The Pidove gets a direct hit and falls from the sky. “Go Pokeball!” I shout, and toss the ball towards the plummeting Pokemon. I rush after it, as the ball engulfs the Pokemon inside of it. I leap forward, and thrust my arm out, catching it. I hit the ground, hard and grunt at the impact. I sit up, and brush the dirt off my shirt, my left eye closed in a wince. I hold the Pokeball in front of me, and squint at it. The ball blinks three times, then clicks. I grin. “I caught,....a PIDOVE!” I scream loudly. Tepig leaps in the air happily along with me. I rub the ball against my cheek adoringly. “My first Pokemon ever caught!” I exclaim. Black stands a couple feet away, hand on the back of his head. He sighs. “Really....” He mutters. I turn to him, and return Tepig to it's Pokeball. I shrink them both, and put them on my belt. I put my hands on my hips and glare at Black. “What?” He asks incredulously. I raise one eyebrow. “You're following me, aren't you.” I say, accusingly. He grins. “I wouldn't say that.” He says. My tough face crumbles and my shoulders sag. “Huh?” I ask, completely confused. He salutes me with two fingers and winks. “See you later White-A-Gator!” He says and dashes off. “W-w-w-white-a-gator!?” I say speechless. Then my ears steam and I run after him. “Hey! How dare you call me that you freak!” I shout, and he laughs. He runs behind a tree, and I catch up moments later. But he's gone. I stand there, stupefied. I stand panting, then clench my fists.
“One day I'll get you Black!” I shout.

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Pokemon: Black and White fanfiction

Black and White

Chapter 1: Beginning

I fluff the pillow on my bed, and smooth out the wrinkles in the bedspread. I walk to the bathroom and take my clothes that were ironed for me today. I look into the mirror. “GAHHHHHH!” I scream. My hair is a mess. I look like I had a Pokemon nesting in it or something. I take out a brush, and comb it. My hair is practically down to my waist, and dark brown. It looks so bad I groan. Well, could be worse. I look back and forth inside the bathroom, wondering where my hat is. I find it on the floor, and scoop it up. I set it on the sink, and change out of my nightgown into my clothes. I tie my hair into a pony tail, and slip the hat on. I turn back to the mirror, for the moment of truth. Two blue eyes look back at me. I blink. Good, I look better. I slip on my house shoes, and wristbands then walk downstairs. “Oh, good morning White!” My mom says, turning from where she's setting my breakfast down on the table. “Hey mom.” I say, and pull a chair back and take my seat. “So, what are you plans for today?” My mom asks. I shrug. “Not sure.....I think I'm going out to see Bianca, and we're going to go and watch the forest Pokemon.” I reply. “Oh, sounds fun, but be sure to come back before 10 AM.” Mom says. I look at the clock. It's seven thirty, so I have two hours and thirty minutes before I have to come back. I gulp my cereal down quickly, and swallow the last of y orange juice. I sigh, setting my cup down with an enthusiastic clunk. “Okay, I'm going out now!” I say, and run for the door. I slip on some sandals and open the door. “Be sure to come back at ten!” My mom calls. I turn and wave. “Don't worry! I will!” I reply, and take off at a jog. I can't run in sandals, so I slow to a walk, my hands clasped behind me, as I look up at the sky. The clouds are only thin wisps, moving slowly through the sea of blue. I think to myself, that it would be weird if the sea was the sky and the sky was the sea. I conk myself on the head, laughing quietly. I'm such a weirdo. “White!” I hear, and look ahead of me, to see Bianca. “Bianca!” I call. “Hey!” I wave, then walk as fast as I can over to her. “So, White, do you want to look at Deerling, or Lillipup?” Bianca asks. I shurg. “Lillipup sound good.” I reply. “Oh, and since it was your turn, did you bring the Pokemon cookies?” I inquire. Bianca nods vigorously. “Yes! I have them right here!” She says, digging through her bright orange bag. “Umm, I have it somewhere...” She trails off. I roll my eyes knowingly. “Seriously Bianca, I should have just brought them.” She laughs, then with a flourish, swiftly pulls a bag of gum out of her pocket. I bends over at her waist sighing loudly. I laugh. “So you forgot them?” I ask laughing slightly, my hand on the back of my head. I straighten. “Well, doesn't matter now. How about we find some berries to give them?” Bianca brightens. “Yes!” She says, bouncing back from her previous attitude. She runs around. “Ooo! Which ones should we pick! OH I just don't KNOW!” She exclaims. I roll my eyes and grin, following her. She's bending over a bush when she looks at it smiling softly. “Hey White, did you mom tell you to come to your house at ten?” She asks. I stop and blink. “Yeah, she did.” I tell her. “Well, it turns out that Cheren is coming too.” She says. “Oh, Cheren? Why?” I ask. “I don't know, but we're all supposed to be at your house at ten.” I nod. “Okay.” She seems to completely forget about saying anything, and runs over to a Oran Berry tree. “Ooo! I just LOVE these!” She shrieks in delight. She picks five and places them in a pink handkerchief with purple polka dots. She rushes over and show them to me in her cupped hands. “Look, look!” She says. “These were the best on the tree! Do you think the Lillipup will like them?” I nod. “Yes, I'm sure they will!” I say. She ties the handkerchief closed and runs off. “C'mon White! Hurry up!” She shouts, and skips around the corner. I check the sun. “Judging by it's position, it should be around nine-ish. I follow Bianca. “Hey Bianca!” I call. “We shouldn't go too far into the woods because we need to get back at ten!” “Yeah yeah.” Her voice replies from the thick of the bushes. “You sound like my dad. He says we shouldn't be out in the woods without the protection of Pokemon. But I'm not even ALLOWED to have ANY Pokemon!” I follow her voice to see she's feeding three Lillipup from the palm of her hand. “You like this? It's good isn't it.” She says, smiling down at the three Pokemon. “Pup pup!” They bark, and go back to eating the Oran Berries. I crouch down by Bianca and the hungry Pokemon. “You're really good with Pokemon.” I say. “Unlike me.” I murmur, bowing my head a little, a shadow covering my eyes. “Hey, pet the Lillipup.” Bianca suggests. I reach out timidly, to the closest Lillipup, but it shy’s away, growling, and I retract my hand. I turn my head away. Bianca holds the Oran Berry closer to the Lillipup and murmurs soothing words. “Really, White. It's seriously not either of your faults.” She says. “You just need to be more confident at petting Pokemon, and not give off bad vibes. You've only been down for a week, since you hurt that Pokemon by tripping on it.” She says. I fall off my haunches. “Wow, thanks Bianca, I'm glad for the guilt trip.” I grumble. She looks at me. “You just need to get out of your funk.” She says, and stands. “And I have a feeling that everything will turn out for the better today.” I look at her. “Really?” I ask. “Positive. I'm sure Lillipup will like you, just pet it now.” Bianca replies. I reach out my hand, feeling better already about my fault of tripping on the Pokemon. My hand rests on the Lillipups head, and I move it back and forth. I laugh a little, and scratch the Pokemon's head. “Thanks Bianca. I was really silly for being distant from Pokemon.” I tell her and stand up. “We should head back to the house. It's getting close to ten.” I say.

We reach my house, and see Cheren standing at the front door. He pushes his glasses up, and sighs. “You took your time.” He says. Bianca grins. “Sorry Cheren!” She says, and skips past him, and into the house. I shrug, and the both of us enter my home. Mom directs us to my room, ignoring our inquiring glances. We walk up the stairs and I open my door. I look around, seeing nothing unusual, till I spy a present box on my desk. I walk over to it, along with Cheren and Bianca. I blink at it, in a stupor. “Uhh, whose birthday is it?” I ask blankly. Bianca and Cheren fall over. “White! It's no one's birthday! Look, since the present is in your house, how about you open it? Right Cheren?” Bianca asks, and looks at him expectantly. “Oh, yes...open it White.” He says, pushing his glasses up yet again. I nod, and take hold of the ribbon. I give the a slight tug, and they come loose. I lift the top off, and look inside, dumbstruck at what I find. “P-p-p-p-p-p-p-POKEBALLS?!” Bianca screams. Cheren and I cover our ears. I shake my head, clearing it, and take a note out of the box. I see it has the words “Professor Juniper” printed on it. I turn it over, and see a note.
I read it aloud: “I brought three Pokemon, one for you, and one for each of your friends. Please settle your choices politely. Enjoy your Pokemon!
-Professor Juniper

I hold the note close to my eyes, still unable to decipher what it means. Bianca clasps her hands together, looking at me expectantly, her face pure happiness. I read the note several times to myself, then it dawns on me. “We get Pokemon!” I exclaim. Bianca laughs joyfully, clapping her hands and jumping up and down. “Yes! We do!” She shrieks. Cheren stands there, emotionless like usual. “Since the note was addressed to you, White, you should choose the Pokemon you want first.” He says. I look at him. “Thanks!” I say, and look at the Pokeballs. They are a Tepig, a Snivy, and an Oshawott. I look at all three, unable to decide. Then, I pick up the Tepig's Pokeball. “I choose Tepig!” I exclaim. Cheren picks up the Oshawott. “I'll take this one. It's the strongest.” He says. Bianca looks in. “I don't mind getting last picks, I choose Snivy!” She says. “Ooooo! It's SOO cute!” I grin at her. “You're so funny!” I say. I look at Cheren. “Well, now what?” I wonder. “Well, first off, I want to battle you. I'm planning on being Pokemon Champion.” He says. “No! I want to battle her first!” Bianca squeals. “N-not in my room, right?” I ask. “Why not?” Bianca asks. “Umm...” I mutter, glancing to the side. Cheren doesn't care about what she thinks, he speaks frankly. “You're disastrous.” He says. “You'll destroy White's room.” Bianca blinks at him, and I think she's going to cry, but she waves her hand. “No, we'll be careful.” She says. NO! My mind screams. Bianca holds her Pokeball out, challenging me. “Let's battle!” She says. I sigh, my head thunking down in mock depression. Then, I click the button on the top, enlarging the Pokeball. “Alright!” I shout, then fist pump the Pokeball, and do a spinning pirouette, throwing it into the air. “Go my cute Snivy!” Bianca says, tossing the ball into the air. Our Poekmon materialize in front of us. “Tep Tep!” Tepig oinks. “Vy vy!” Snivy replies. Tepig seems like a very serious natured Pokemon, unlike Snivy, who seems a little stuck up. “I wonder what Oshawott's personality is...” I mutter to myself, then realize the battle is on. “Snivy! Use Vine Whip!” Bianca shouts. “Counter with Ember!” I call to my Tepig. The two Pokemon dash at each other. Snivy, acting over confident charges towards Tepig head on. Tepi doesn't charge up its attack, till the last second, then blasts Snivy with a direct hit. “Sni!” It screams. Tepig lands back in its place near me. “Tep.” It says. “Snivy! Counter with Razor Leaf!” Bianca shouts. Snivy gets to it's feet and begins shooting leafs at Tepig rapidly. “Dodge.” I command. And Tepig becomes a blur, but I can see everyone move it makes, luckily. “Ahh!” Bianca screams, her hands on her cheeks. “Where did it go!?” I blink. “You can't see it?” I ask. “No!” Bianca shrieks. I look at Tepig, who is at this very moment bouncing off the top of the wall. “Tepig! Tackle!” I shout. Tepig streaks towards Snivy, and knocks it into my bookshelf. “Aahh!” I shout, cringing, my hands on my head, and my eyes bulging. “I'm so sorry!” Bianca tells me, while backing up, but bumps into my desk, knocking over a pot of flowers. “Aieeeee!” I screech. Snivy reacts to the loud noise, by sending off an array attacks. “Ahh!” I shout, cover my head with my hands and turning away from the razor leafs. The leafs miss their targets and hit my room at random, causing mini explosions, filled with dust. Tepig is hit with one, and gets angry, thus, attacking the Snivy with Ember. Snivy catches fire and starts to freak out. “No!” I shout. “Don't burn my room down!” “I think it's about time I step in.” Cheren says, pushing his glasses up, and throw out his Pokemon. “Go Oshawott.” He says. “Osha!” Oshawott says cheerily. It runs over to Cheren and gives him a hug. “What the-” Cheren mutters shocked. “Oshawott! Use Water Gun!” He commands. Oshawott winks, and then goes to drench everyone. I wring the front of my shirt out, as Bianca runs around in circles. She digs out her base makeup and begins to reapply it. “No! My face looks bad!” She complains shrilly. I roll my eyes. “You look like you usually do. Just.....wet, and I think it's good that Snivy's not on fire anymore.” I wait a minute then use Ember to defeat Snivy one a K-O attack. “NO!” Bianca complains, and swoons to the ground. I look over to Cheren and see Oshawott jumping up and down in front of him. Cheren just stares at it, stupefied. “Come on Cheren, congratulate your Pokemon for putting out the flames. It's really happy your its trainer.” I say. Cheren sighs. “Good job Oshawott.” He says, then turns to me. “Let's battle now. You're room is already a mess, it wont matter.” He says. I groan and nod. “Nothing worse can happen.” I say. But that was a completely wrong thought.
We begin our battle, and Cheren begins with a Water Gun attack. He tries to defeat me with power alone, whilst I try strategy to overcome him. “Tepig! Ember!” I say, pointing at Oshawott. Oshawott jumps up and down. “Dodge.” Cheren commands. Oshawott leaps out of the way, smiling the whole time, and the ember attack hits my BED! “Ahhh!” I scream, and run over with a pink blanket. “Put it out- put it out- put it out-!” I shout over and over, lifting the blanket over my head and bringing it down on the flames several times. “Oshawott, Water Gun.” Cheren says. “Wha-huh?” I begin, then duck to barely miss the jet of water streaming towards me. I cover my head with my hands, then stand back up once the fire goes out. “Hey! Watch it Cheren!” I complain, clenching my fists. Cheren shrugs, and we resume our battle. The battle ends with a double knock out. Both of our Pokemon faint simultaneously. I sigh, and call my Pokemon back. “Good job Tepig.” I say. “Good job Oshawott.” Cheren says, and puts his Pokemon away.

We all look around my decimated room. We all stare, dumbstruck. “I'm going to die...” I say in a monotone voice. I fall onto my knees, crying, and wiping tears away with the back of my hands. “We should go apologize to your mom.” Bianca says. “Are we forgetting something?” Cheren asks her. Bianca stares at him. “Apologize to WHITE!” Cheren shouts. “Oh, we should.” Bianca says. “I'm SOO sorry about this! I'm going to help clean up, I'll go tell your mom that I will.” She runs downstairs. “I apologize for destroying your room.” Cheren says solemnly, bowing to me. I get up and rub my eyes with my fists. “Thanks Cheren.” I say, smiling, my eyes still wet with tears. Cheren nods and walks downstairs. I follow after surveying my room one last time. I reach the last step, my hand on the railing, and hear Bianca apologizing. “We'll help clean up! We PROMISE!” She says, bowing to my mom. My mom laughs. “It's alright, I'm going to clean up White's room. Professor Juniper wants to see you.” She says. I reach Cheren and Bianca's side, and look at them. “Go see her at her laboratory.” My mom tells us. She gives me a pink bag, telling me not to peek until I speak with Juniper. We leave, confused, and head to the laboratory. When we enter, Professor Juniper turns to greet us. “Hello, trainers.” She says. Trainers? I wonder. “I've chosen to give you all Pokemon, so you may go on a journey-” She says, but Cheren cuts her off. “It's for the Pokedex, correct?” Juniper looks at him surprised. “Yes you are right Cheren, as well as a Pokedex, so you may record every Pokemon you encounter.” She says. “I want you three to travel and fill up your Pokedexes.” “Ooo! Yay!” Bianca exclaims. “Sounds FUN!” Cheren nods. “I will complete the Pokedex and defeat the Champion.” Cheren says. Juniper looks at me. “What are you going to do” She asks. I shrug. “I'm going to do what Cheren is going to do, so....I guess we're rivals Cheren.” I say, turning to Cheren. I smile, and look back to Juniper. “So, I guess that's all I have to say.” Juniper says. “You can now begin your journey!” Bianca runs from the room a long trail of dust flowing behind her. The Professor, Cheren and I cough, hen straighten up. “I'll be leaving.” Cheren says, and inclines his head to Juniper and leaves. I turn to the Professor and bow, my hands clasped in front of me. “Thank you for the Pokemon and Pokedexes.” I say. Professor Juniper nods. “You're welcome. But your friends forgot something important.” She says. “What?” I inquire. The Professor pulls some things out of her lab coat pocket. “The Pokedexes themselves.” She says. I laugh. “They don't really remember these sort of things.” I say. “Would you mind taking the Pokedexes to Cheren and Bianca?” Juniper asks. I nod, and accept them. “I will.” I leave the laboratory, bowing before closing the door behind me. I turn around, and bump into Cheren. “I forgot my Pokedex, so I came back.” He says. I hand him one of the three I have in my hands. “Juniper told me to give this to you.” I say. He nods and takes it. “I'm going to my house to get my things, see you in a bit.” He says, and leaves. I head over to Bianca's house. I open the door and see her arguing with her dad. “I WANT to go on a journey like White and Cheren!” She's protesting. “It's too dangerous!” Her dad counters. “I have Pokemon!” She snaps. “And I'm going!” She turns, and sees me. “Oh, hello White, I didn't see you. I'm going out now.” She walks past me and I turn to stare at her dad for a moment, then leave. I exit the house and walk around it, and bump into Cheren. “Bianca is waiting at Route 1.” Cheren says. “She wants to take the first step on the journey with us.” I nod, and we rush to Route 1.
“WHIIIIIIITE! CHEEEEREN!” Bianca yells from Route 1. “OVER HERE!” I cover my ears. “Sheesh, couldn't she be a little more discreet?” I grumble. Cheren rolls his eyes and we hurry over to Bianca before she can yell any louder. She locks her arms with Cheren and I, so we're flanking her. “Okay.” She says. “I'll count to three. One. Two. THREE!” We all dash into Route 1. “Whoa!” Bianca says. “That was fun, fun, fun!” I grin. Bianca lets go of our arms and turns to us. “I'm going to train her for a while.” She says. “You guys can do what you want.” Cheren nods. “I'll train too. What about you White?” He asks. I shrug. “I'm going to get to the end of Route 1, train a little bit, then explore Accumula town.” I explain. “Sounds good, see you later.” Cheren says, and walks away. “Bye bye White!” Bianca says, and waves. She skips away and I immediately sit down on the ground. I pick at the grass. This all happened so suddenly, I'm really not sure what to make of it. I pull my Pokeball out from my pocket, and examine it. I have a Tepig, I'm about to start challenging the Pokemon gyms, then the Unova League, I'm also going to have a rival, and I feel completely not ready. I'm traveling by myself, which is not something I like to do. I then remember mom said I could look through my bag. I pull it off my shoulder and set it down in front of me and commence to search through it. I have a map of Unova, Vs. Recorder, Pal Pad, and Dowsing Machine. These items should be useful. I also have five Pokeballs, ten Potions, a Revive, pajamas, an extra pair of clothes, tooth brush, tooth paste, two brushes, Pokemon food, food for three days, 10000 Poke dollars, and some candy for myself. I take a candy bar out and rip off the wrapper. I take a huge bite and chew it slowly, mulling over what I should actually do now. I stand up and shove the rest of the candy into my mouth. Okay, first things first. I need to get to Accumula town.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Avengers Review

Spoilers!!  Don't read if you don't want it ruined!!

I went and saw the Avengers last Sunday.  I'd have to admit, it was a really great movie. ^_^  More than I expected.  Usually, if I see a commercial, and think it looks amazing, it lets me down; so I didn't put the movie high on my expectations.

Well, I was completely wrong.


I didn't really expect it to go as far as it did.  The characters seemed to be acting perfectly to a T.  Joss Whedon-the director-did his job splendedly, and above all, the animation was phenomenal.

The first super hero movie I watched that ties to this is Iron Man.  I thought it was a great movie over all, and showed a not so perfect hero in his...weirdness.  I then went on to watch Thor, since I couldn't find Iron Man 2 in any store.  (The Avengers was about to come out at that time.)

Thor was good, I really liked the acting in this one, and the magical elements since Fantasy is my favorite Genre.  But this one just didn't seem to have a proper ending.  Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. ;)

Then there was Captain America.  I was a great story!  But I'd have to say it was my least favorite of the personal Avenger movies.

The Avengers movie tied all the characters up into one large plot, and brought back the Thor's movie villain. I was thinking it would be bad that Loki was back, but no.  Absolutely not.  Seeing how everything was carefully put into place showed me that it made perfect sense.

My favorite Avenger has to be Thor.  I don't know why, he just is.

Thor:  He's the arrogant and cocky guy from Asegard.  At first he seemed annoying, but once he was banished to Earth, and couldn't pick up his Hammer, I saw how he changed.  It wasn't one of those abrupt changes, or one that takes too long, it seemed as if he genuinely had gotten a better heart.  I respect him for that.  Then in the Avengers, he worked together with people who were total strangers to stop his brother, Loki.  At first he fought with Iron Man and they made a huge mess of whatever forest they were in, but Captain America came and stopped them....well..momentarily. ^_^  Once he grew a little more comfortable with them, he was another great member of the team.  I also liked how he talked sort of like Shakespeare!
I look forward to Thor 2, and hope it comes out quickly. ^_^

Iron Man/Tony Stark:  Okay, at first at thought he was a jerk, and a playboy.  (Which he is and has stated himself.)  But he really is a thoughtful guy with an annoying attitude and way of speaking to people.  The only person he really likes is Pepper.  Well anyway, once his story progressed, I liked how he actually cared about helping people.  I was laughing at him continually in the Avengers movie, when he was "threatening" Loki, when he got caught in the turbine and went flying, and when he made snippy comments about Captain America.  I was amazed in the very end, when he took the atomic bomb that was going to hit New York and took it into the other dimension.  I reeeally wanted him to survive, and was so happy when he did.  I want to see Iron Man 2 once I can get my hands on a copy of it.

Captain America/Steve Rogers: He's the nice guy of the team and also the "captain", who gives everyone orders during the climax in the Avengers.  I can tell form just looking at him, that the events in his solo movie are still bothering him, and all the people he knew are now dead, and that has to be a shock.  I liked him a whole lot better in the Avengers.  He had more personality and he did cooler action sequences, and he seemed to be more in depth than just another person.  A line I liked the best was when he was telling the Avengers what to do and he turned to the Hulk and said-"Hulk, you smash."  Then grinned.  I laughed soo hard. :D

Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff: This was my first time seeing her and I have to say she was GREAT!  I liked how she has such a good way of fighting and speaking to people to get what she wants.  It's actually quite amazing. ;)
Then there is her past and relationship with Hawkeye.  I really want to see what happened to her, and find out how she came to be Black Widow.  Once I see Iron Man 2, I can see how much a difference there is between her acting and character in The Avengers and Iron Man 2.  She is either my 2nd or 3rd favorite character from the Avengers.

Hawkeye:  I've only seen a little of what he is, but he is so far a good character.  From what I have seen, he is a spectacular archer, and can shoot backwards without looking. XD   And then in the Avengers, I see how he is taken by Loki and once he comes back to the good side, he isn't totally the same.  As I said, I want to see Hawkeye and Black Widow's backstory.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk:  I did not see the Hulk movie since I've never been interested in the Hulk, and once I saw him in the Avengers, I think I might change my mind.  I had those heart pounding moments when he transformed and chased Black Widow, and I hoped he wouldn't do anything bad.  And then Thor comes along and they get into a fist fight.
Thor Vs. Really Big Angry Green Guy.
I thought it was funny throughout the movie he and Thor would beat each other up.  Mostly during the end when the two worked together and they would pause, after saving the day momentarily, and he punched Thor, sending him flying.  He was a funnier character than I thought, but he also had a really great background.  Like when he fell from the sky and a janitor for some building asked if he was an alien.  When he said no, the janitor said he had a "problem." LOL

Loki: Oh brother...Loki...He's a funny and AMAZING villain.  He has reasons, power, and background to BE a good bad guy.  Which is hard to find.  I especially liked him in this movie, since he was much more developed and had a much larger army. ^_^ Then he actually got close to his goal, which usually never happens.  He was actually DESTROYING New York, and he was almost as far as he wanted.  Then the Avengers came and beat him up.  (For Thor, it was his second time beating Loki.) My favorite moment was when he was talking to the Hulk, saying he wouldn't be beaten by a monster like him and that he had divine right yadda yadda yadda...(I can't remember the actual words) and then the Hulk just grabbed him by his feet and went WHAM WHAM WHAM!  Then left him there, knocked out on the ground. XD   The whole theaters laughed at this part. ^_^

The movie over all was a really really great one.  I highly recommend it, for its plot, characters, action, and special effects.  It really can't be put into words that well, so GO WATCH IT!  (Or watch it again if you've already seen it!)

Here are some photos I copied from

(I'm just going to stand here and have an AWESOME explosion happen behind me!! *Grins*)

(Hahahaha!! One of my favorite parts!)