Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Legend Of Korra: Turning The Tides Episode Review


I just finished watching The Legend of Korra episode: Turning The Tides.  It was one of the best episodes yet!  I thought it had an equal balance of humor, action, characteristics, and plot. ^_^

Plot: In the episode, all the council members of Republic City were captured by Amon, the antagonist of the series, and Amon made his move to take over the city, and put everything under his control.  But before that happens, Korra gets better after being held captive by Tarrlok.  She explains about Amon, and Lin Beifong realizes that he'll probably start an attack soon.  Tenzin goes to City Hall, but is ambushed by Equalist Anti-Benders.  He defeats them and heads to the Chief of police.  The police Headquarters is attacked with nerve gas.  Tenzin is able to send a message to the General of the united forces.  Once they exit the building, they are attacked by mecha tanks.  Meanwhile, the three protagonists leave Air Temple Island and head to the city.  They get Asami's car which is conveniently parked where it was crashed into a pole   Asami complains but Korra retorts she doesn't know how to drive.  Tenzin is presently being attacked by the mechas and is about to be taken away when Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami arrive to save the day!  (In which Mako redirects lighting!!  AWESOME!!!)  The Air Temple island is attacked simultaneously and they rush to the rescue.  Lin Beifong protects Tenzin's family, but is electrocuted.  Though, at the same time, Tenzin's kids come and beat up the bad guys with their airbending.  Jinora says the funniest thing- "Stay away from my dad's ex-girlfriend!!"  I thought that was great!
The others arrive, and they all flee. (Continued down below....)

Just so you know....I DO NOT LIKE THIS GUY!!!!! (You'll see why later.)  He is the man behind the Anti-Benders organization.  He is a guy who can take a person's bending from them by just touching their forehead.  It is a mystery who is behind this mask. O.O I WANT TO KNOW SOOO BAD!

Korra WAS cool in this episode, but she didn't do hardly anything.  But that was okay because I thoroughly enjoyed everything else in the episode.  She seemed impatient for a fight, but in the end, decided to swim away to safety to wait with Mako, Bolin, and Asami.  I hope she has more point in the finale.

Cheif Lin Bei Fong is in my top three favorite characters list, in a tie with Korra and Tenzin.  In this episode, she showed her power and strength against the Anti-Bender Equalists.  I loved how she used her metal bending strands to keep Tenzin's dirty little boy away from her, protect the Airbender family, and destroy two large airships to allow Tenzin and his family to escape on a sky Bison.  When she was captured by the Equalists, I was angry, and when Amon took her Bending away, I was FURIOUS!!  She was one of the coolest characters on the show and I cannot believe she got her bending taken away!!!!!!!  That was the only downside to the episode.  But it made the story have more depth with her loss of metal bending and I acknowledged the creators for that.  I hope to see more interesting characters like her from now on, and maybe some more characters that tie to the previous series.


So, as I said, Lin destroys the airships to allow the last airbenders in the world to escape.  After she is capture Amon takes her bending away after she refuses to tell where the Avatar is...

Korra and the others watch what happens from a sewage pipe in Republic City, and they sadly leave, hoping everything will be okay.

At the very end of the episode, we get a sneak peek of what is to appear next.  Apparently, Zuko's son is going to come to change the tide of the war.  (I think it's funny that Zuko and his son sound EXACTLY the same.  Maybe it is Zuko in DISGUISE! LOL Just kidding.)

I hope the finale is good!  I want to see it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!  Until then, I'll wait patiently for it so I can do a review!




  1. Awesome review! :D I agree, this episode was one of the best yet! :D

  2. I probably should have watched the Avatar series. I think I this sometime though. I was wondering if you would have suggestions about which Anime series to watch. Cowboy Bebop looks good but do you recommend any other sci-fi series? Also I follow your blog now. :D


  3. Cool! Thanks J and J! Hmm, I'll search for some sci-fi series and get back to you on that. Avatar is a GOOD one though. And thanks for following my blog!