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Pokemon: Black and White Chapter 2

Black and White

Chapter 2: Plasma
I run through the grass, not wanting to be confronted by the Pokemon before I reach the end of Route 1, because that's when I want to train. I stop by a tree, out of the tall grass, and rest against it. I'm almost to Accumula town, according to my map. I take it out again and estimate the distance I've gone. “Huh,...I have around a mile...” I say out loud. “Nope, technically it's actually a mile and a half.” A voice says. I look to my left side, startled. I'm even more freaked out when I see a boy, hanging upside down from a branch, whose face is directly in front of mine. “Ahh!” I yelp, and give a start, falling backwards. I hit the ground, and my hat messes up. “Oh, sorry for startling you.” The boy says. I straighten my hat, and stare at him. “W-w-who are you?” I ask, completely freaked out. He holds a hand out to help me up. I stare at it, wondering if I should take it or smack it. “I'm Black.” He says. Instead of taking and hitting his hand, I stand up. “I'm White.” I say, eying him. He is wearing a red hat, jeans, and a hoodie. He grins. “Hello White!” I sigh. “What are you doing here?” I ask. “I'm just a traveler.” He says. “What about you?” I shrug. “I guess I'm a beginner trainer.” I tell him. He nods. “Cool, so are you trying to get to Accumula town?” He asks. I blink. “Yeah, I am.” I say. “Well, you're going slightly off course.” He says. I cock my head to the side, and raise my eyebrow. “Really?” I ask. “Yes, I can direct you towards your destination.” He says. “Go down the path over there.” I check my map. “Wow, you're right.” I say, shocked. “What? You didn't believe me?” He asks. “No-! No, I..believed you.” I stumble over my words. Actually, I hadn't believed him. What person believes a boy who hangs out of trees scaring people? I sigh to myself. Well, I guess I do. “What are you sighing about?” Black asks. I jump, losing hold of my map, and I scramble to catch a hold of it, as the wind blows it away. Black shoots his hand up vertical, and catches the map on a perfect tempo. “You're a jumpy one, you know that?” He says. I fume. “Hey!” I shout, and snatch the map from his grasp. He smirks. “Well, see you later White Jump!” He calls, and walks away. I screech, clenching my fists. I jump up and down pumping my fists in the air. “Oh yeah!? Well you're a smart-alic, annoying boy with a goofy name!” I shout. He just waves, without turning, and disappears into the forest. I grumble to myself, and tear through the grass, on the path Black showed me. I find myself on a hill, that looks down on Accumula town. “Okay, now I've just got to train like crazy.” I mutter, and I do just that.

Hours later, the sun is setting. I've raised my Tepig level up extremely high, and I decide to head to the Pokemon Center that is in the town. I walk into Accumula, and head for the building with the big “P” on it. I enter, and look around the huge open space that is the inside of the building. “Wow...”I murmur. I look over to the Blue PokeMart, and see a friendly clerk. She smiles. “Hello. May I help you?” She asks. I walk over and nod. “Can you explain this....whole place to me?” I inquire. She nods. “Of course. This is the Pokemon Center, it has a PokeMart which is right here. The PokeMart is where you can buy useful items for your journey.” She says, and points over to a large station that's is near two large staircases that flank it on both sides. “That is the Pokemon center section, where Nurse Joy will heal your weak or injured Pokemon. The machine on the left is the PC, where you can store Pokemon if you gain more that six. Leading up the stairs on both sides of the healing station is the dining hall.” The clerk explains. “Over opposite of us is the lounge. And down the flight of stairs to your left is the sleeping facility for trainers who need a rest, free of charge! There's also upstairs quarters for people who choose to sleep up there.” She finishes. “Wow, thank you.” I say, and hurry off to Nurse Joy. “Excuse me?” I ask, and the nurse turns to me. “Why, hello. Welcome to the Pokemon center, we restore your sick and injured Pokemon to full health. Would you like us to rest your Pokemon?” She asks. I nod vigorously. “Yes! Thanks you.” I reply. I hand her my Tepig, and she places it in a machine behind her. After a minute, the machine dings, and she takes the Pokeball out, handing it to me. “We've restored you Pokemon to full health. I hope to see you again!” She says. I nod, and take the Pokemon from her. I head up the stairs on either side of the healing station and see the dining hall. I walk over to a cook and look at the list of foods on the menu. “What can I get for ya?” A woman-with a hair net asks me. I put a hand on my chin, in thought. “Hmm...I'd like to have spaghetti and meatballs.” I decide. “Will be ready in a bit. Wait in that there seat. What drink would ya like?” She says. I tell her I'll have juice, nod, and head towards the table with two chairs that she directed me to. The chairs are white and have a tan cushion. The table is white and looks like it's woven from vines, but I know it's actually just metal. I sit down, and drum my fingers on the table. I rest my chin on my hand, and stare off into space. I wonder what Cheren and Bianca are doing at this very moment? Are they training? Have they found a place to crash for the night? I think of random things and then another strange one comes up. I wonder where Black is...? I shake myself out of my daze, and slam my hands onto the table. Why was I thinking of Black anyway? He's an annoying Dwebble! I shake my head, as the woman from the counter walks over to me. She sets a mighty heap of spaghetti and meatballs in front of me with a thunk, and places a glass of Pecha berry juice in front of me. “Hope ya enjoy!” She says. I sip my drink mindlessly, and stare at the clock. It's around five thirty, and I'm wondering what to do now. I finish my food and take my tray over to a thin lady who takes it to the sink in the back of the restaurant. I walk down the stairs and exit the Pokemon center for a breath of fresh air before I go to bed. I look outside and see that there is a group of people in strange costumes in front of a crowd. I walk over to see what the commotion is. I stop at the back of the crowd. “Hey White.” A voice says, and I jump, looking to my right. Black stands there his face right next to mine, and is grinning mischievously. “Hey.” He says, and waves at me. I growl. “What are you doing here?” I ask. “Same as you.” He says, then looks at the group of people. “Those guys are bad guys...” He mutters. I look at him. “They are? I think I can tell from their strange looks.” I say. “And how do you know those are bad guys?” I inquire. He turns to me quickly, his eyes wide, brow furrowed. He shakes his head. I drop the subject and turn back to the strange group. The guy in the middle is speaking about things like “Liberating Pokemon” which seems like a completely different language to me. I pull my Pokeball out, and hold it on my palm. I stare at it seriously, wondering how much I know about Tepig. Out of random, Black grabs my wrist, the one that's holding the Pokeball. “Don't even think about listening to this freak. Don't release your Pokemon.” He says sternly. I blink in surprise. “I wasn't going to do that. I was just thinking about how I don't know very much about Tepig and that I wish I knew more.” I say. He lets go of my wrist. “That's good.” He says, and glares back at the man who's speaking. I turn to him after a moment. “Hey Black? Who is that man? I never heard his name.” I ask. “That is Ghetsis. One pain in the Exploud.” He mutters angrily. “How? You act like you know him.” I say. He looks at me. “I don't know him.” He says, looking confused. I shrug and look back at the guy. He's pacing back and forth and I miss the last bit of his speech. He leaves with an escort of the strangely clad people, who are plastered at his sides, practically stepping on his feet. The people disperse, and I turn to Black. “Umm-” I begin, then notice he's gone. My cheeks puff out in anger, I hunch my shoulders, clench my fists, and huff loudly. “The nerve!” I mutter under my breath, and make my way back to the Pokemon center.
I enter through the sliding doors, and see that the Center is quieter then it was earlier in the day. I wonder why? Maybe because people released their Pokemon and since they don't have Pokemon they don't need to come here. I decide that must be it and get my room key from Nurse Joy. She takes me to my room. She looks a little sad, and I think I know why. “Nurse Joy? What are you sad about?” I ask. She looks at me, her lip trembling. “Almost everyone....all those happy new trainers....have released their Pokemon and are long gone.” She says, and a tear escapes her eye. She nods to a room and I insert the key. I turn the knob, hear the click, and open the door. I turn to Nurse Joy who is now leaving. “I bet there will be more trainers. There always is.” I say, and enter my room. I shut the door behind me and head for the bed.

The next morning, I get up, to heat oinking. I open my eyes and pull my face from the pillow. I look at the opposite side of the room and see Tepig jumping up and down, trying to get my attention. I use my left hand to push myself off the pillow and sit up. I rub my eye with a limp fist and blink sleepily at Tepig. It points with a hoof at my clock. I look over and stare at it. Then my eyes widen and I jump, slamming my head into the bunk above mine. “Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!” I mutter, and hold my head with my hands. I notice the tangles and knots in my hair and groan. I slept in late, it's already nine o'clock, my hair is going to take forever to fix, I need to get into my clean pair of clothes, wash the blanket I brought with me, and get to Striaton city before the day is over. I slap my face with my hands and moan.

After a hour and a half, I walk into the Center, and head over to the PokeMart. I buy more potions and more Pokeballs. I leave with my supplies in my bag, and head to Route 2. I wish I had tennis shoes. I can't run like I would if I had some. I rub my ankle, hoping I wont get a blister. I'm walking into the forest when I hear someone. “White!” I hear. I turn, and see Bianca. She's running, holding up a pair of tennis shoes. She trips, and falls on her face. She eventually reaches me, and places them in my hands. “Here.” She huffs. “Your mom gave me these to give you.” I accept them and thank her. I slip them on and throw my sandals into my bag. “Ahh.” I sigh. “That feels so much better.” “Also, I think she is coming here, and should be in a minute. So I'm going to go back to Accumula town. See ya!” Bianca says, and waves, then runs off. I sit on a tree stump, and drum my fingers on the wood. After ten minutes, I see my mom walking up the trail. She smiles. “Hello White.” She says. I stand up. “Hi.” I reply. She holds something out to me “This is an Xtransceiver.” She says. “It will help you communicate with everyone. Bianca, Cheren, Pros. Juniper, and I all have one. Their numbers are in the address book.” She says. I nod and clip it onto my wrist. She presses a couple buttons on one of her own, and my begins to ring. I tap the “accept call” button, and her face appears on it. I grin and end the call. “Cool, thanks mom!” I say. “Alright, now I've got to get back and fix you're room. Goodbye White!” She says, and walks away. I turn my Xtransceiver off and pick my bag up from the ground where it was sitting next to the tree stump. I walk down the path, hoping that I will get to Striaton city before nightfall.

I walk for hours, seeing plenty of Pokemon, but not really wanting to catch them. I don't want normal types. I check my map, and see I'm a couple miles from Striaton city. I hear a noise, and turn around sharply. The woods are silent. I quietly let Tepig out, and we walk warily down the path. “K-KOU!!” I hear, and see a Pidove fly at top speed out of the trees to our left. “Ahhhhh!” I scream, and fall to the ground, as it nearly clips my head with it's sharp wings. “WHITE!” I hear. I bolt up, and look over, to see Black. He runs over to me. “Are you okay?” He asks seriously. My eyebrows raise in astonishment. “Black....?” I murmur. Then I glare at him. “Are you following me?” I ask grudgingly. He ignores the question, and turns to the Pidove, which is flying in crazy circles. “We need to calm Pidove down.” He says, then turns and smiles mischievously. “White. Jump.” I growl at him. “Don't call me that.” I grumble. I nod to him anyway and turn to Tepig. “Okay, Tepig! Ember!” I command. “Wait! Not that way!” He says, but too late, Tepig blasts Pidove with flames. The Pidove gets a direct hit and falls from the sky. “Go Pokeball!” I shout, and toss the ball towards the plummeting Pokemon. I rush after it, as the ball engulfs the Pokemon inside of it. I leap forward, and thrust my arm out, catching it. I hit the ground, hard and grunt at the impact. I sit up, and brush the dirt off my shirt, my left eye closed in a wince. I hold the Pokeball in front of me, and squint at it. The ball blinks three times, then clicks. I grin. “I caught,....a PIDOVE!” I scream loudly. Tepig leaps in the air happily along with me. I rub the ball against my cheek adoringly. “My first Pokemon ever caught!” I exclaim. Black stands a couple feet away, hand on the back of his head. He sighs. “Really....” He mutters. I turn to him, and return Tepig to it's Pokeball. I shrink them both, and put them on my belt. I put my hands on my hips and glare at Black. “What?” He asks incredulously. I raise one eyebrow. “You're following me, aren't you.” I say, accusingly. He grins. “I wouldn't say that.” He says. My tough face crumbles and my shoulders sag. “Huh?” I ask, completely confused. He salutes me with two fingers and winks. “See you later White-A-Gator!” He says and dashes off. “W-w-w-white-a-gator!?” I say speechless. Then my ears steam and I run after him. “Hey! How dare you call me that you freak!” I shout, and he laughs. He runs behind a tree, and I catch up moments later. But he's gone. I stand there, stupefied. I stand panting, then clench my fists.
“One day I'll get you Black!” I shout.

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