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Pokemon: Black and White Chapter 3

Black and White

Chapter 3: A Gym of Three

I reach Striaton city as the sun sets behind the tree line. I rush into the Pokemon center, and leave my Pokemon with Nurse Joy while I go to eat my dinner. After having a hearty meal of chicken and a ice cream sundae, I return and collect my Pokemon. I head to my room, and flop onto the bed. I toss my hat off and close my eyes. Black's attitude is increasingly bothering me the longer I think about it. He makes no sense. One minute he's all laughs and fun, then the next he's angry about team Plasma. I rub my eyes with my palms and sigh. What is his connection to team Plasma that makes him so mad? How come he wont tell me? He is so weird.
I shake my head and slap my cheeks with my hands. I have no time to worry about him. I need to focus on my battle with the Gym Leader in the Striaton Gym. I head downstairs to a computer, and look up the Gym Leader. Apparently, it's classified information on what Pokemon they have, but the resources say that the types are water, fire, and grass. I hold Tepig and Pidove in my hands. I might need an extra Pokemon if the Gym Leader has three. Tepig will be good against the grass type, and Pidove will be so-so against the water type. I look up Pokemon in the surrounding area. None of them will be super effective against a fire type. I guess Tepig will have to do two battles. I sigh and slip both Pokeballs back onto my belt. I shut off the PC and walk back up the steps to my room. I sink into my bed, and glance at the clock. 11:00 o'clock. I close my eyes, and drift away.

The next morning I wake up on time and head to the Gym. I find it is next to the Pokemon center on it's right, and the Pokemon School on the Center's left. I enter, and see a guy standing in front of me. “Ah! Hello new Trainer. Please, take this Fresh Water!” I take it, bewildered, and walk past him. A woman at a desk smiles at me. “Our restaurant was created in a pleasant atmosphere that you will enjoy.” She says. Restaurant? I wonder. “I thought this was a Gym?” I say. “Oh, please take a seat at that table!” She says, completely ignoring my question. I raise one eyebrow and lower the other. This might take a while. I look over at the table she's pointing at, and see a large red curtain with he fire symbol to a diagonal of it. I look at the ground, and see three large buttons. With the symbols for fire, water, and grass. “Hmm.” I say to myself. I sit at the table and a waiter with red hair walks over to me. “Hello, I'm Chile!” He says, and places a plate of spaghetti on the table in front of me. I stare at it, and blink twice. “Huh?” I ask, and look at Chile completely confused. “Please, eat.” He says, then walks away. I pick up my fork and poke at the food. After a bit, I finish it, and wipe my mouth with a silky, white, cloth napkin. I stand up, and walk over to stand before the buttons. I look up at the curtain. Fire....
I look at the buttons. Water is super effective to fire. So I step on the blue button. There's a ding-a-ling, and I watch as the curtain opens. I see a younger boy around my age, in a waiter's clothes. He walks over to me. “Time to battle.” He says, and grins. “Eh?!” I exclaim. “H-h-h-hey....I wasn't informed about battling before the gym leaders!?” He tsks and shrugs. “Well, that's just your problem.” He pulls out a pokeball and points it at me. “I'm Maxwell, and I will be serving the first course of this meal. Go pokeball!” I frown at his strange remark, whip out Tepig, and toss it in the air. Our pokeballs open simultaneously, and a Lillipup pops out of his Pokeball. “A Lillipup?!” I say, surprised. I look off to the right and laugh to myself, a little incredulous. I'v beaten several Lillipup on route 1 and they aren't hard what so ever. Besides, by the looks of it, this Lillipup is only at level eleven, while my Tepig is at level seventeen and Pidove is at fifteen. “Tepig, use ember and get this over with.” I say, waving my hand lazily. I become more interested when the flames that pour from Tepig are more intense then they should be. I point my pokedex at Tepig, it blinks, then the monotonous voice speaks. “Flame Charge, a powerful burst of flames surround the user and can burn the opponent.” I flip it shut, and stash it away. The Lillipup blinks, singed from head to foot. It coughs out a plume of black smoke, then falls over, and faints, it's eyes turning into swirls. “NO! You are a trainer full of too much PEPPER!” Maxwell exclaims, his hands on his cheeks. He falls over into a thin blob on the floor. I step over him, and glance back, at the odd thing that's groaning on the floor. “Eh hehehe.” I say, a little weirded out. Tepig hops over the “Waiter Maxwell” and we head for the next challenge. A blue curtain with a water droplet on it stands before me. I blink, then look at the buttons on the floor. “Okay...grass is super effective against water, so I'll stand on that button.” I murmur to myself. I walk over to the green button, but here Tepig oinking. It's jumping up and down in front of the red fire button. “Agh!” I say. “Don't step on that!” I chase after it as it runs away, causing an unimaginable ruckus. “Tepig!” I see it jump up high in the air, and leap forward to catch it. I crash down on the green button, Tepig sitting in my hands, making a questioning noise. I gasp from the impact of hitting the ground. “Ow....” I grumble, and get to my feet, cringing, and holding my ribcage. “Let's not do that again.” I advise Tepig, holding it in my arms. “Tepig!” It says in agreement. I nod. The blue curtain opens up as a bell sounds, and I pass through it. I hear a voice, and look to my right. “Hey you!” A waitress in a yellow maid uniforms says. I stop. “Huh?” “I'm Tia, and I'm going to show you the specialty of the Striaton gym! The Trainer De Luxe! I'll be your second course!” She says. I groan. “Again?” I mutter, and sweatdrop. Tia kisses her Pokeball and tosses it. “Go!” I let Tepig jump from my arms and I swipe Pidove's pokeball from my belt, and throw it. “Go Pidove!” The pokeballs open and out comes my Pidove and Tia's Patrat. I blink at the Pokemon. A level ten Patrat against my level fifteen Pidove...seriously...? I say to myself. “Okay, Pidove! Use quick attack!” I command. “Patrat use Bide!” Tia exclaims. Pidove hits the Patrat hard, and knocks it sideways. I point at the Patrat. “Now, finish it with Air Cutter!” Pidove blasts the Patrat with severe, sharp, gusts of wind. Patrat goes down immediately. “Heh, you're pretty good trainer. See if you can swallow this!” Tia says, and throws out another Pokeball. A Purrloin appears after a burst of light. “Puurrr.” It says. “Pidove! Air Cutter!” I shout. Pidove flies down, and like lightning, knocks Purrloin to the ground. A cloud of dust fills the air, and we wait until it clears. Purrloin lies on the ground twitching. “A K-O!” I exclaim happily, and I catch Pidove as it comes back to me and hug it to my chest. “Thanks so much Pidove!” “Phhuu!” It chirps. I jump up and down as Tia sadly recalls her Pokemon back. She walks over to me and holds out a hand. “Good battle.” She says sincerely. I smile and shake it. “You too.” Tepig, Pidove, and I walk over to the next curtain, which is green and has a leaf on it. I look at Pidove that is hovering to my left, and Tepig on my right. “I think we should step on the last button together. Don't you think?” I ask. Tepig jumps onto my right shoulder and Pidove lands on my left. “That settles it!” I step onto the red fire button, and there is a ding dong noise. I walk through the curtain and see a teenager with green hair and a waiter uniform standing on a podium. “Welcome to the Striaton Pokemon Gym.” He says, and bows. Suddenly, another person with red hair spins out from behind the green haired guy. “I'm Chili I light things up with my fire type Pokemon!” He says. Another person spins out too, this time one with blue hair. “I'm a water type specialist and my name is Cress.” He says. “Pleased to make your acquaintance.” The first bows again. “And I am Cilan. I like grass type Pokemon.” He says. The three look at each other. “Umm...well you see...” He says. “As for why the three of us, um, are all here is, well, er...” Chili cuts him off. “Oh enough! Listen up! You get to choose whom you battle. Hurry and choose!” I back up, set aback from their strange statement. “Umm...” “Hurry up and choose! Choose me!” Chili commands. “Yes, please choose. I'd like to battle ” Cress adds. “Of course, we'd like to battle now. How about I fight you?” Cilan says. I scrunch up my eyes. “Enough!” I yell. The three pause, and stare at me. “I'm gonna take you all on at once! So stop bickering!” They all stare at me. I point a finger at them. “I challenge the three Gym leaders of this Pokemon Gym!” They gape at me. Cilan reacts first. “Well, since it's an official challenge, you can battle us one at a time.” I nod. “And we'll only use our signature Pokemon. Not the other one. Just to make it fair.” I clench my fists. “Alright! Let's begin!”
We begin the battle, and Cilan throws out his Pokemon. “Go Pansage!” He says in a flourish. “I choose you Tepig!” I say, and Tepig jumps into the battle. “Tep tep!” It says courageously. “Begin.” The referee says, and points the green flag into the air. “Tepig! Flame Charge!” I say immediately. Tepig sets off in a sprint, and speeds towards Pansage. “Pansage, use Bullet Seed!” Cilan says. Tepig gets too close to Pansage and is met with a machine gun speed of seeds. Tepig flies back and skids across the ground. “Oops.” I mutter, and put a hand to my face in embarrassment. “Tepig! Use Ember!” Tepig snorts out the flames at Pansage, and sets it's tail on fire. Pansage runs around the room shouting, holding it's burning tail. “Agh! This wont do.” Cilan says. Cress pulls out a Pokeball and throws it. “Panpour, use water gun!” He says. Pansage faints before Panpour's jet of water even reaches it. I hold a hand to my face and supress a snicker. “Since my Pokemon is already out, I'll be your next opponent.” Cress says coolly. I nod. “Sure, let's go.” I recall Tepig and send out Pidove. “Pidove, use Quick Attack!” It zips over to Panpour and hits it several times. “Panpour, fight back with water gun!” Cress yells. Panpour shakily gets to it's feet and shoots a powerful water gun attack at Pidove. Pidove gets a direct hit and falls from the air. “Pidove!” I shout, and run over it. It is panting heavily on the floor. It coos weakly, and I put my hand on it's head. It closes it's eyes, and makes itself get to its feet. “Pidove?” I stare at it. “Cuuu!” It calls out, flashing it's wings out, then zooms into the air, and I can watch as it flies in spinning circles. “Where is it?!” Cress exlclaims anxiously. He...can't see it? I wonder. Now is my chance. “Pidove! Air Cutter!” I shout, and Pidove obeys, bearing down on Panpour. It slams into Panpour hard, and sends it flying into the opposite wall. Pidove flies back over to me, and lands on my shoulder, like it already won. I look back over to the cloud of dust, and see that, it did indeed, win. Panpour is crying and sending showers of water in every direction. “Argh!” Cress grumbles. “Panpour, return.” I smile. “Oh bother, looks like I'm next.” Chili steps up and holds a Pokeball in hit hand. I return Pidove to it's Pokeball and place it onto my belt with care. “Rest well Pidove.” I say, then turn back to Chili. I grab look at Tepig and see it looks determined. I nod at it, and it jumps into the battle. “I choose you,” Chili says, and the pokeball is thrown upward, and opens in a shower of light. “Pansear!” Tepig and I step back. The red, fire Pokemon materializes in front of me. My eyes widen. Tepig is a fire type, and so is Pansear. Tepig has battled once and is at half power. I clench my teeth worriedly. I look at Tepig. “Be careful.” I warn. It nods, and turns back to the battle. “The challenger has the first attack!” The referee says. I nod. “Alright, let's go Tepig!” Tepig leaps into action. “Use tackle!” I shout. “Pansear, use Lick.” Chili says coolly. Tepig crashes right into a slobbery Ghostly Lick attack. I let out a- “Ugh!” and cover my mouth. “Yuck.” Chili laughs. “Pansear, fury swipes!” My eyes widen, and I'm frozen, unable to tell Tepig to do anything. “Pansear, use Incinerate!” Tepig's eyes widen, as the attack envelopes it. “TEPIG!” I scream.

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