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Pokemon: Black and White Chapter 4

Black and White

Chapter 4: The Dream Yard

“TEPIG!” I scream, as Tepig is engulfed in the powerful flames. I run over to where Tepig is, but as the attack explodes, I'm knocked backwards. I feel something snap in my arm, and I let out a cry. But I ignore the pain, and crawl over to Tepig. “Tepig...TEPIG!” I shout. Tepig is lying there, pulsing burns all across it's body. It's eyes are moving about in their sockets, unfocused. I put my fingertips onto it's forehead. It opens it's eyes fully, and looks at me, breathing slowly. “Tepig...” I murmur softly. It looks at me, long and hard, then begins to stand. I put out my left hand. “Wait! You can't! We should just give up and try again later!” I say. But Tepig wont listen, it shoots some flames from it's nostrils, and I'm forced to fall backwards onto my behind. “Tepig?” I ask. “Are...you going to battle to the finish?” It snorts, and nods. My eyes fill with tears. “Tepig...” I say, and wipe the water from my face. “Let's do this.” I say, holding my right arm tightly, trying to cut the pain off.

Tepig's POV

I feel like my outside is burning. Not the kind of burning I enjoy. I actually like fire a lot, but not this type. I fuel up my inner fire, and this gives me an energy boost. I blow smoke from my nose, and paw the ground with my hooves. “Are you read?” White asks me. I let out a shout, and she smiles. “Okay! Let's go!” I focus on my opponent, and White commands me to use Ember. I do as she asks, and let out my frustration. I will not be beaten by another fire type! I watch as Pansear dodges the attack easily. I hear White grunt angrily. “Okay, different strategy. Use Tackle!” I nod in acceptation, and zoom to where Pansear is. “Use Incinerate!” Chili, Pansear's trainer says. I flatten to the ground and dodge the attack. “Tepig!” I hear White call. “Are you okay?” I bounce off the floor, and charge at Pansear through the dust cloud. I smash into it head on, and knock it into the opposite wall. Pansear gets to it's feet and growls at me. I glare back. Pansear looks like it wants to beat me up. I raise one eyebrow, as if saying-“You wanna piece of me?” Pansear runs at me with his trainers instructions to use Fury Swipes. I jump into the air, and blast it was an Ember, like White told me too. I land and the two of us stare at each other, panting heavily. I grunt, and start focusing on my inner fire. I see Pansear charging up it's Incinerate as well. I look over to White, and she nods at me to use Flame Charge. “Tepig! Use Flame Charge!” White shouts. “Pansear, Incinerate!” Chili yells. I turn myself into a flaming inferno, and stampede towards Pansear. I think of White, which makes my determination bigger, and turns my fire into a blood red, it's temperature rising, and it's size getting larger then it was before...
I will win.
White's POV

I watch as Tepig's flames reach a hot red, and reach close for the ceiling, and splay out horizontally. I see Cilan, Cress, and Chili cover their faces with their arms, and Pansear just gapes as Tepig overpowers it. I neither cover my face, or stare. I watch, my eyes squinting at the battle of flames. The fires clash and morph together, until it feels like a volcano in here. I have to get a good stance to keep myself from being thrown back by the pressure. I see Pansear and Tepig butting heads in the midst of the flames. The fire suddenly turns a velvet red, almost black, and Pansear is overwhelmed. “TEPIG!” I shout. Tepig immediately quenches the fire, and turns to me. Pansear lies on the ground, luckily only a couple burns are visible. Good thing it was a fire type, or it'd be beaten up good. I grab a couple potions and heal both the Pokemon. The three Gym leaders walk over to me. “That was the most amazing battle I've ever seen!” Chili says. “Full to the top with spice!” “It's flavor was that of a fluid Swanna. Very nice.” Cress adds. “Full of so much determination and courage...a wonderful full course.” Cilan finishes. I stare at them, then laugh, like the tinkling of silver bells. The three exchange glances. “What is it?” Cress asks. I grin. “You guys are so funny! Thank you for the complement.” I say, and bow low. I regain my posture, and Cilan bestows the Trio Badge into my hands. “This badge shows your wisdom, courage, and kindess. Please except this badge as proof of your win.” He says. I hold the badge in my hand, and cannot keep my excitement in any longer. I make a high pitched humming sound. “MmmmmmMMM-AH!” I shout. “This is so cool!” I twirl in a pirouette, then hold the badge in the groove of my index and middle fingers. “I got...THE TRIO BADGE!” I let out a hooray, and Tepig, Pidove and I jump up and down. The three Gym leaders bow to us, and excuse themselves. I return my Pokemon to their Pokeballs, and start to head for the exit of the Gym. I feel a sharp pain in my arm again, and grunt at the intense pain. I couldn't have broke my arm when I was thrown back...could I? I feel another sharp stab in my elbow, and let out a-“Mhh!” I exit through the front door, and walk down the stairs carefully, trying not jar it any further. “Hey White-Jump!” I hear. I look over at the speaker, one eye closed in a grimace. “Black?” I ask shocked, even though I shouldn't be because he always pops up unexpectedly. He is leaning against the wall of the Gym, as if he was waiting for me. “What do you want Black?” I ask, my tone a little sharp, but I really don't care. “That's not how you respond to a friend.” Black says, crossing his arms. “Like you're my friend.” I grumble, and an agonizing bolt of pain sears from my arm all the way to my head. My brain feels like it's about to burst, and I stumble a little. “Why are you being so cold? Is something wrong?” Black asks. I look over at him, my vision blurry. I shake my head, but that only causes my sight to disappear further. “Black...I-” I fall backwards. I feel Black catch me with one arm around my back, and the other holding me up. “White? WHITE!” I hear him yell. I close my eyes, and faintly hear Cilan's and Black's voices mingling, as Cilan tells Black they should get me to the hospital.
Black's POV

Cilan and I rush White to the nearest hospital. The forty story building with silver statues just doesn't seem any closer no matter how far we run. I wonder if risking my identity is worse then risking White's health. I decide it is inevitable, so I pull an object out of my pocket. “Cilan, don't tell White about this.” I say. I throw the object into the air.
We reach the hospital-and as Cilan says-thanks to my quick thinking. I go with White as Cilan stays outside in the waiting room. I'm told to stay right outside the room. I watch through the glass window as they set her right arm in a cast, and do other checks. A Doctor exits the room and he walks over to me. “What is your relationship with this girl?” She asks. “White is a friend of mine. She battled the Gym Leaders then came back outside and collapsed.” I inform her. She nods and writes that down on her clip board. “Okay. She should wake up after the medicine wears off. You can see her then. Please go and wait outside with Cilan.” She says. I not reluctantly and start to leave. The Doctor suddenly asks me a question. “Did you know she was under stress and made herself sick?” I shake my head. “I didn't know.” The Doctor nods and walks away. I leave and see Cilan conversing with Chili and Cress. “She's doing fine.” I tell them. “That's a relief.” Chili says. “Wouldn't wanna be responsible for this.” Cress rolls his eyes. “Anyway, I hope your little friend wakes up soon.” Cilan says, and rubs my head hard. “She's quite a battler.” “Ow...” I mutter. Chili grins. “Who would've known that little Black here would get himself a girlfriend?” I raise an eyebrow as they laugh. “Don't listen to them.” Cress says. “They still like to treat you this way.” I nod and smile. “Which is still annoying.”
White's POV

I hear a beeping noise, and slowly open my eyes. I move my head to the right as slow as a Slakoth. Where....? I wonder. Am I? I look around the room blearily. No one is around. I try to sit up, but feel sick when I do. I lie back down carefully, and try moving my arms. I move my left one around slightly, but I can't feel my right. I panic. Why can't I feel my right arm?! I feel my heart rate accelerating and the beeping next me growing my erratic. A woman in a nurse uniform comes into my view from the left, and rushes over to me. She presses something on a control panel, and I feel something inject into my arm. I fall back into a gray sleep, unaware of anything.
The second time I awake I feel dizzy, groggy, and nauseated. I groan loudly, and see another woman-this time in a lab coat-walk over. “Hello, I'm Doctor Kawashima.” She says. I nod. “I'm White.” I say, trying to stop the pounding in my head. “I feel sick.” I say. “That's because you broke your arm.” Dr. Kawashima says. “You'll be perfectly fine within two days. You arm wasn't broken too bad, it was more of a sprain.” I nod and close my eyes. “Okay.” I say quietly.
The third time I open my eyes I see Cilan, Chili, and Cress. They wave at me and say hi through the glass window. I sit up, and wave with my left hand. The feeling of nausea has passed, and I feel great. Just a little weak in the knees and every know and then, a pinching feeling in my arm. I'm able to eat some chocolate pudding and cherry Jell-O which has never tasted so good. I think of mom at home and laugh a little awkwardly. If only she knew I'd hurt myself a couple days into my Pokemon journey, she would flip! I eat heartily, and in a perfectly good mood. I hand my tray to the nurse who comments on my appetite and says that if I keep this up, I could get out a day early. I grin and wipe the chocolate pudding that was all the way around my mouth off. I sit reading a magazine when I realize that I don't know what happened to Black. Where did he go? How could he just drop me off and leave!? I ask the nurse for a phone and dial the Gym's number. Cress picks up. “Hullo?” He asks. “Hello.” I reply. “Where did Black go?” I hear Cress sigh through the phone. “Black said he had somewhere to go and took off.” I puff out my cheeks in frustration. “Well, that was rude of him!” I complain. “That's just Black.” Cress says. “Got to go now, there's another challenger. Goodbye White.” I say farewell and hang up. I set the phone down on the desk next to my bed.
Later that night, Doctor Kawashima discharges me from the hospital, and I leave, with only a small cast on my arm that she said I could take off tomorrow. I head for the Pokemon Center and eat some chicken on a stick for dinner. I take the doctor's advice and rest frequently throughout the rest of the evening. I wander the Pokemon Center after depositing my Pokemon with Joy, browsing through the PokeMart's products, but not really searching for anything. More like searching for someone. I find my mind drifting off to Black. Why did he do what he did. Why does he take me to the hospital but doesn't even have the nerve to actually see how I'm doing after I'm awake? I kick a shelf lightly, and look at my shoe. I'm getting no where if I continue to think in circles. I head for my room, hoping to get in some hours of sleep. But sleep evades me, and I find myself leaving the Pokemon Center at eleven at night. I walk over to the park and sit on a bench. I look up into the lamplight above me, and watch as small bugs flit around and buzz at each other. I hear a noise, and look over into the forest of the park. I see a figure, and run over to see if it's Black. I hide behind a tree, and see a tall outline of a person. Black isn't that tall. I see through the moonlight, a teenage boy with long green hair tied back into a ponytail. I frown. Why is this person out here so late? I almost smack myself. I'm also out here this late, I have no room to talk. I watch as many of the forest Pokemon walk up to him and he gives them Pecha and Oran berries. I peek out farther from the tree, one hand on it's bark, helping me lean over. The person slightly turns their head. “I know you're there.” He says. Out of shock, I trip, and fall on my face, slightly landing on my arm. “Ow!” I shout, and hold my cast covered arm limply. The person stands and turns to me fully. I look up and see the deepest emerald eyes I've ever seen. He's extremely tall, lanky, and is wearing a necklace with a cube on the end. I find myself staring, and look away quickly, feeling a little bit of color coming to my face He walks over to me and I look up wide eyed. He extends his hand and holds it in front of me. I look down at his hand and take it. He helps me to my feet and we stand within a circle of Pokemon. He looks at me long and hard. I begin to feel a little awkward. “I usually do not like people but you're giving off a different aura then most.” He says. I blink. Well. That might no sense what so ever! I say to myself. “Umm...” I say, unsure of what I should be saying. He is about to speak when the both of us hear a noise. He turns his head to look behind him, and I look around him to hear voices. “It's Team Plasma.” The boy says. “We should hide.” He grabs my wrist and we hide in the bushes. The wild Pokemon scatter. I sit, leaning back against a tree, the boy looming over me, both of his hands on the tree truck on either side of my head. I feel petrified, and unable to speak, staring up into his face. I'm glad I can't speak because in mere seconds, Team Plasma grunts-at least seven-emerge from the trees. “King? King!” They shout. “Where are you?” I slow my breathing so they wont hear it, and close my eyes, willing them to go away. After what seems like an eternity, they leave the vicinity. I let out a large breath, and the boy moves away from me. I let out a huge sigh, and get to my feet. A Patrat jumps onto the teenager's shoulder, and sits there. He turns around and looks at me. “I don't know why but I'm going to tell you my name. It's N.” He says. I nod mutely, then recover my voice. “I-I-'m White.” I say. He stares at me, then hands me a slender, rectangular, metal slab, around the size of a book. I hold it in my hands. “What's this?” I ask. He turns away and starts to walk off. “I still don't understand why I like you. I usually despise almost everyone. I like being in your company, so you can expect to see me more often. I'll see you soon, so keep your guard up when you're alone.” He says. “Wait!” I say. “What is this?” I hold the object. He turns, and I wait. He looks at me, and we stay silent. “Just hold onto it.” He says, and disappears into the night's gloom. I hold the object to my chest, and look after him, as the wind ruffles hair and clothes.
I head back to the Pokemon Center, my heart beating radically. Something must be wrong with me. I must still be recovering from my broken arm. I run to the Pokemon Center and see Nurse Joy waiting anxiously by the door. “White! Where have you been! I've been worrying!” She says. “Hurry and get to bed, I'm locking the Pokemon Center for the night.” I nod, and bow past her, rushing to my room. I flop onto my bed, feeling really good considering it's late and I'm still recovering. I smile, and fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up, and head downstairs. My Pokemon are done healing and I retrieve them from Joy. I leave the Center, and stretch in the morning sun. I sigh contentedly. I see someone familiar and run over to them. I punch the boy in the back. “Ow!” Black exclaims. “What did you do that for?” I raise one eyebrow and cross my arms. “You say you're my friend, then drop me off at the hospital and then leave!? Didn't you care to say hi once I woke up!?” I shout, and grab his ear, pulling hard. “You said you weren't my friend when you exited the Gym!” He says. “Oh yeah? I was sick! I wasn't thinking straight!” I yell, and let go of him. He puts a hand to his most likely throbbing ear and looks at me. “Listen, I'm sorry. I just thought you wouldn't want to see me.” He says. I growl. “Okay fine. I forgive you. But you're not allowed to disappear like that again. You understand?” I ask. He nods. I turn on the ball of my foot and stomp away. “Oh, one thing. I don't think you should go to the Dream Yard. I heard some people saying that some suspicious people were over there.” Black calls after me. I tune out his voice, and leave. I walk past the Pokemon Center, and see two trainers conversing. “Hey, did you go to the Dream Yard yet?” One asks. “No,” the other says. 'Is that where you trained?” “Yeah! I caught a Munna!” The first replies. This catches my attention, and I walk over. “So where is the Dream Yard?” I ask. “Oh, it's East of here.” The second one says. I nod and thank them. I'm going to go and get some training done! I hold my Pokeballs in front of me and walk. “Hey guys! We're going to do some well deserved training!” I say. I'm about to got to the Dream Yard, but a woman in a lab coat with really long black hair stops me. “Hey, would you come with me for a moment?” She asks. I look at her. “'Sure, why?” “I'm in need of a favor. I'm look for the Pokemon Munna, who's Dream Mist can show people Pokemon's dreams.” I stare at her. “Let me get this straight. I need to find this Pokemon called Munna, get some Dream Mist from it, then give it to you so you can use it to look into Pokemon's Dreams?” I ask. She nods happily. “That about sums it up!” I shrug. “Where is this Pokemon?” I ask. “It's at the Dream Yard.” She explains. I nod. “Good, that's where I was going just now.” The woman introduces herself as Fennel, and gives me her address. I head through the forest, and see lots of falling apart concrete walls, with barb wire and precarious steps leading up to the top of the wall. Tall grass is everywhere, and I know plenty of Pokemon will be hiding in there. I climb through a break in the barb wire, shaped like a V and very hard to climb over. I grin, and throw my Pokeballs into the air. Time to begin! I look around at all the targets we could use. I grab a card board box and drag it over to where Tepig and Pidove are. “Okay, Tepig, use Tackle!” I say. Tepig nods and knocks the box into the air, causing it to land on the roof of a concrete wall. I chuckle. “That was odd.” I point to Pidove. “Pidove, use Gust!” I shout. Pidove coos and zips over to the box, knocking it off and making it fall. “Ouch!” I hear. “Huh?” I recall my Pokemon, look around the corner of a wall, and see Bianca. “Bianca!?” I say shocked. She rubs her head. “Ow...since when do boxes fly through the air?” She says. “Where did the Munna go?” I see a Pokeball sitting on the ground neat the tall grass. “Is this-” I start to ask, but then I see someone. To be more accurate, some people. “Team Plasma!” I exclaim, and immediately narrow my eyebrows. The man scoops up the Pokeball. “We will be liberating this from you.” He says, and smiles devilishly. I growl. “Give Munna back to Bianca.” The Plasma member tsk's. “Sorry, no can do. We will be saving this Pokemon from evil trainers like you.” Bianca looks stricken. “My...Munna....” She breathes out, as they slip the Pokeball away. Bianca's eyes suddenly close, and she falls over in a dead faint. I jump forward and catch her. “Bianca!” I exclaim, and shake her. She doesn't make a sound, and I lie her on the ground. I stand up and glare at the two Plasma Grunts. I spit at their feet and pull my Pokeballs out. “Now I'm really angry.” I say, my fists clenched. I toss both Pokeballs into the air. “Go Tepig and Pidove! Get those Plasma trash!” I shout. I tell them to use Air Cutter and Flame Charge. The woman sends out a Purrloin and the man sends out a Patrat. Instead of attacking the my Pokemon, the two come at me. “Ah!” I scream, and I'm knocked to the ground. I lean up on my elbows, and look at the two Pokemon. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and look up to see Black. “You see to like danger, I specifically told you not to come here Trouble Girl.” He says. “Stand back, I'll take care of these losers. I push myself to my feet, and back up a little, holding my arm, which started throbbing again. Black stands in front of the Pokemon, then pulls out an object from his pocket. He flashes it so fast, that it sends out a blinding light, and my eyes go white for a minute. When I get my sigh back, the Pokemon are on the ground. They had fainted from the sheer light. Black whips the object away and takes the Pokeball back from the Team Plasma grunt. He hands it to me. “Give this to your friend once she wakes up. I think you can handle everything now. I'll get the police.” I nod, and grimace at my arm. Black looks at it. “Does that hurt?” He asks. I shake my head. “Not really.” I lie. He frowns. “I'm going to get Dr. Kawashima to check it.” He says, and start to walk away. He looks over his shoulder. “Don't lie to me. I wont disappear again if you wont lie to me again.” He says. “Deal?” Then he walks away. I turn back to Bianca, mulling over Black's words. I get down on my haunches, and shake Bianca's shoulder. “Hey, I got your Munna back.” I say quietly. She groans, but doesn't wake up. I hear a noise, and look over to the tall grass. I see a pink Pokemon and a purple and pink one levitating in the air. I stare at them. It floats over, and makes a noise. “Muuuu.” It says softly. I stand up, and cup my hands. Musharna lands in them and lets out a pink mist. I quickly take a vial from my pocket, and capture it inside. The Munna nudges me, and I pull a Pokeball from my pocket. “Wanna come with me?” I ask. It “Muu” again and I push the button against the pokemon's forehead. It enters the Pokeball, and I place it on my belt. I hear a groan, and look over to see the Grunts awakening. “I can't believe we lost!” The woman complains, and stands up. There's suddenly a flash of light, and we all cover our eyes. I see a gigantic man in mosaic-like robes “Ghetsis!” I exclaim. “What are you two doing goofing off!?” He thunders, completely ignoring me. Strangely, another Ghetsis appears opposite of the first. “We, Team Plasma shall separate Pokemon from foolish people!” The two form into one behind the grunts. “If you cannot fulfill your duties...” He trails off. The woman looks anxiously at the man. “T-this isn't......Ghetsis when he is gathering followers, and Ghetsis when he is trying to control people by tricking them with speeches!” She says. “Yeah...This is a Ghetsis when his plan has failed and he's just about to issue a terrible punishment.” The guy adds. “At any rate, let's hurry and say we're sorry so he forgives us!” The woman replies. The two run off, tripping over themselves. Ghetsis disappears, and I stand shocked. “...What was that?” I hear, and look over to see Bianca, leaning against the concrete wall. “That man named Ghetsis...he was appearing and disappearing all over the place.” We hear running, and the two of us look over. Officer Jenny, Dr. Kawashima, and Professor Fennel run up. Black is not in the group. I feel crestfallen. “Where are the Grunts?” Jenny asks. “They ran away.” I inform her. “Let me see your arm.” Kawashima says, and examines it. I look at Fennel as she stares at the Musharna. “Mu...Shrana?” She says. It blinks, then floats over to her. “It IS you!” She exclaims, and tears form in her eyes. She wipes at the water leak coming from her eyes, and pulls off her glasses. She hugs the Musharna, and pulls out a Pokeball. I look down to Bianca. Kawashima finishes adjusting my arm and attends to Bianca. I grab my pink bag from the ground, and leave after Bianca is pronounced fine. Jenny sends out some officers to do a full sweep of the area, to try and catch Team Plasma. I head off towards Route 3.

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