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Pokemon: Black and White fanfiction

Black and White

Chapter 1: Beginning

I fluff the pillow on my bed, and smooth out the wrinkles in the bedspread. I walk to the bathroom and take my clothes that were ironed for me today. I look into the mirror. “GAHHHHHH!” I scream. My hair is a mess. I look like I had a Pokemon nesting in it or something. I take out a brush, and comb it. My hair is practically down to my waist, and dark brown. It looks so bad I groan. Well, could be worse. I look back and forth inside the bathroom, wondering where my hat is. I find it on the floor, and scoop it up. I set it on the sink, and change out of my nightgown into my clothes. I tie my hair into a pony tail, and slip the hat on. I turn back to the mirror, for the moment of truth. Two blue eyes look back at me. I blink. Good, I look better. I slip on my house shoes, and wristbands then walk downstairs. “Oh, good morning White!” My mom says, turning from where she's setting my breakfast down on the table. “Hey mom.” I say, and pull a chair back and take my seat. “So, what are you plans for today?” My mom asks. I shrug. “Not sure.....I think I'm going out to see Bianca, and we're going to go and watch the forest Pokemon.” I reply. “Oh, sounds fun, but be sure to come back before 10 AM.” Mom says. I look at the clock. It's seven thirty, so I have two hours and thirty minutes before I have to come back. I gulp my cereal down quickly, and swallow the last of y orange juice. I sigh, setting my cup down with an enthusiastic clunk. “Okay, I'm going out now!” I say, and run for the door. I slip on some sandals and open the door. “Be sure to come back at ten!” My mom calls. I turn and wave. “Don't worry! I will!” I reply, and take off at a jog. I can't run in sandals, so I slow to a walk, my hands clasped behind me, as I look up at the sky. The clouds are only thin wisps, moving slowly through the sea of blue. I think to myself, that it would be weird if the sea was the sky and the sky was the sea. I conk myself on the head, laughing quietly. I'm such a weirdo. “White!” I hear, and look ahead of me, to see Bianca. “Bianca!” I call. “Hey!” I wave, then walk as fast as I can over to her. “So, White, do you want to look at Deerling, or Lillipup?” Bianca asks. I shurg. “Lillipup sound good.” I reply. “Oh, and since it was your turn, did you bring the Pokemon cookies?” I inquire. Bianca nods vigorously. “Yes! I have them right here!” She says, digging through her bright orange bag. “Umm, I have it somewhere...” She trails off. I roll my eyes knowingly. “Seriously Bianca, I should have just brought them.” She laughs, then with a flourish, swiftly pulls a bag of gum out of her pocket. I bends over at her waist sighing loudly. I laugh. “So you forgot them?” I ask laughing slightly, my hand on the back of my head. I straighten. “Well, doesn't matter now. How about we find some berries to give them?” Bianca brightens. “Yes!” She says, bouncing back from her previous attitude. She runs around. “Ooo! Which ones should we pick! OH I just don't KNOW!” She exclaims. I roll my eyes and grin, following her. She's bending over a bush when she looks at it smiling softly. “Hey White, did you mom tell you to come to your house at ten?” She asks. I stop and blink. “Yeah, she did.” I tell her. “Well, it turns out that Cheren is coming too.” She says. “Oh, Cheren? Why?” I ask. “I don't know, but we're all supposed to be at your house at ten.” I nod. “Okay.” She seems to completely forget about saying anything, and runs over to a Oran Berry tree. “Ooo! I just LOVE these!” She shrieks in delight. She picks five and places them in a pink handkerchief with purple polka dots. She rushes over and show them to me in her cupped hands. “Look, look!” She says. “These were the best on the tree! Do you think the Lillipup will like them?” I nod. “Yes, I'm sure they will!” I say. She ties the handkerchief closed and runs off. “C'mon White! Hurry up!” She shouts, and skips around the corner. I check the sun. “Judging by it's position, it should be around nine-ish. I follow Bianca. “Hey Bianca!” I call. “We shouldn't go too far into the woods because we need to get back at ten!” “Yeah yeah.” Her voice replies from the thick of the bushes. “You sound like my dad. He says we shouldn't be out in the woods without the protection of Pokemon. But I'm not even ALLOWED to have ANY Pokemon!” I follow her voice to see she's feeding three Lillipup from the palm of her hand. “You like this? It's good isn't it.” She says, smiling down at the three Pokemon. “Pup pup!” They bark, and go back to eating the Oran Berries. I crouch down by Bianca and the hungry Pokemon. “You're really good with Pokemon.” I say. “Unlike me.” I murmur, bowing my head a little, a shadow covering my eyes. “Hey, pet the Lillipup.” Bianca suggests. I reach out timidly, to the closest Lillipup, but it shy’s away, growling, and I retract my hand. I turn my head away. Bianca holds the Oran Berry closer to the Lillipup and murmurs soothing words. “Really, White. It's seriously not either of your faults.” She says. “You just need to be more confident at petting Pokemon, and not give off bad vibes. You've only been down for a week, since you hurt that Pokemon by tripping on it.” She says. I fall off my haunches. “Wow, thanks Bianca, I'm glad for the guilt trip.” I grumble. She looks at me. “You just need to get out of your funk.” She says, and stands. “And I have a feeling that everything will turn out for the better today.” I look at her. “Really?” I ask. “Positive. I'm sure Lillipup will like you, just pet it now.” Bianca replies. I reach out my hand, feeling better already about my fault of tripping on the Pokemon. My hand rests on the Lillipups head, and I move it back and forth. I laugh a little, and scratch the Pokemon's head. “Thanks Bianca. I was really silly for being distant from Pokemon.” I tell her and stand up. “We should head back to the house. It's getting close to ten.” I say.

We reach my house, and see Cheren standing at the front door. He pushes his glasses up, and sighs. “You took your time.” He says. Bianca grins. “Sorry Cheren!” She says, and skips past him, and into the house. I shrug, and the both of us enter my home. Mom directs us to my room, ignoring our inquiring glances. We walk up the stairs and I open my door. I look around, seeing nothing unusual, till I spy a present box on my desk. I walk over to it, along with Cheren and Bianca. I blink at it, in a stupor. “Uhh, whose birthday is it?” I ask blankly. Bianca and Cheren fall over. “White! It's no one's birthday! Look, since the present is in your house, how about you open it? Right Cheren?” Bianca asks, and looks at him expectantly. “Oh, it White.” He says, pushing his glasses up yet again. I nod, and take hold of the ribbon. I give the a slight tug, and they come loose. I lift the top off, and look inside, dumbstruck at what I find. “P-p-p-p-p-p-p-POKEBALLS?!” Bianca screams. Cheren and I cover our ears. I shake my head, clearing it, and take a note out of the box. I see it has the words “Professor Juniper” printed on it. I turn it over, and see a note.
I read it aloud: “I brought three Pokemon, one for you, and one for each of your friends. Please settle your choices politely. Enjoy your Pokemon!
-Professor Juniper

I hold the note close to my eyes, still unable to decipher what it means. Bianca clasps her hands together, looking at me expectantly, her face pure happiness. I read the note several times to myself, then it dawns on me. “We get Pokemon!” I exclaim. Bianca laughs joyfully, clapping her hands and jumping up and down. “Yes! We do!” She shrieks. Cheren stands there, emotionless like usual. “Since the note was addressed to you, White, you should choose the Pokemon you want first.” He says. I look at him. “Thanks!” I say, and look at the Pokeballs. They are a Tepig, a Snivy, and an Oshawott. I look at all three, unable to decide. Then, I pick up the Tepig's Pokeball. “I choose Tepig!” I exclaim. Cheren picks up the Oshawott. “I'll take this one. It's the strongest.” He says. Bianca looks in. “I don't mind getting last picks, I choose Snivy!” She says. “Ooooo! It's SOO cute!” I grin at her. “You're so funny!” I say. I look at Cheren. “Well, now what?” I wonder. “Well, first off, I want to battle you. I'm planning on being Pokemon Champion.” He says. “No! I want to battle her first!” Bianca squeals. “N-not in my room, right?” I ask. “Why not?” Bianca asks. “Umm...” I mutter, glancing to the side. Cheren doesn't care about what she thinks, he speaks frankly. “You're disastrous.” He says. “You'll destroy White's room.” Bianca blinks at him, and I think she's going to cry, but she waves her hand. “No, we'll be careful.” She says. NO! My mind screams. Bianca holds her Pokeball out, challenging me. “Let's battle!” She says. I sigh, my head thunking down in mock depression. Then, I click the button on the top, enlarging the Pokeball. “Alright!” I shout, then fist pump the Pokeball, and do a spinning pirouette, throwing it into the air. “Go my cute Snivy!” Bianca says, tossing the ball into the air. Our Poekmon materialize in front of us. “Tep Tep!” Tepig oinks. “Vy vy!” Snivy replies. Tepig seems like a very serious natured Pokemon, unlike Snivy, who seems a little stuck up. “I wonder what Oshawott's personality is...” I mutter to myself, then realize the battle is on. “Snivy! Use Vine Whip!” Bianca shouts. “Counter with Ember!” I call to my Tepig. The two Pokemon dash at each other. Snivy, acting over confident charges towards Tepig head on. Tepi doesn't charge up its attack, till the last second, then blasts Snivy with a direct hit. “Sni!” It screams. Tepig lands back in its place near me. “Tep.” It says. “Snivy! Counter with Razor Leaf!” Bianca shouts. Snivy gets to it's feet and begins shooting leafs at Tepig rapidly. “Dodge.” I command. And Tepig becomes a blur, but I can see everyone move it makes, luckily. “Ahh!” Bianca screams, her hands on her cheeks. “Where did it go!?” I blink. “You can't see it?” I ask. “No!” Bianca shrieks. I look at Tepig, who is at this very moment bouncing off the top of the wall. “Tepig! Tackle!” I shout. Tepig streaks towards Snivy, and knocks it into my bookshelf. “Aahh!” I shout, cringing, my hands on my head, and my eyes bulging. “I'm so sorry!” Bianca tells me, while backing up, but bumps into my desk, knocking over a pot of flowers. “Aieeeee!” I screech. Snivy reacts to the loud noise, by sending off an array attacks. “Ahh!” I shout, cover my head with my hands and turning away from the razor leafs. The leafs miss their targets and hit my room at random, causing mini explosions, filled with dust. Tepig is hit with one, and gets angry, thus, attacking the Snivy with Ember. Snivy catches fire and starts to freak out. “No!” I shout. “Don't burn my room down!” “I think it's about time I step in.” Cheren says, pushing his glasses up, and throw out his Pokemon. “Go Oshawott.” He says. “Osha!” Oshawott says cheerily. It runs over to Cheren and gives him a hug. “What the-” Cheren mutters shocked. “Oshawott! Use Water Gun!” He commands. Oshawott winks, and then goes to drench everyone. I wring the front of my shirt out, as Bianca runs around in circles. She digs out her base makeup and begins to reapply it. “No! My face looks bad!” She complains shrilly. I roll my eyes. “You look like you usually do. Just.....wet, and I think it's good that Snivy's not on fire anymore.” I wait a minute then use Ember to defeat Snivy one a K-O attack. “NO!” Bianca complains, and swoons to the ground. I look over to Cheren and see Oshawott jumping up and down in front of him. Cheren just stares at it, stupefied. “Come on Cheren, congratulate your Pokemon for putting out the flames. It's really happy your its trainer.” I say. Cheren sighs. “Good job Oshawott.” He says, then turns to me. “Let's battle now. You're room is already a mess, it wont matter.” He says. I groan and nod. “Nothing worse can happen.” I say. But that was a completely wrong thought.
We begin our battle, and Cheren begins with a Water Gun attack. He tries to defeat me with power alone, whilst I try strategy to overcome him. “Tepig! Ember!” I say, pointing at Oshawott. Oshawott jumps up and down. “Dodge.” Cheren commands. Oshawott leaps out of the way, smiling the whole time, and the ember attack hits my BED! “Ahhh!” I scream, and run over with a pink blanket. “Put it out- put it out- put it out-!” I shout over and over, lifting the blanket over my head and bringing it down on the flames several times. “Oshawott, Water Gun.” Cheren says. “Wha-huh?” I begin, then duck to barely miss the jet of water streaming towards me. I cover my head with my hands, then stand back up once the fire goes out. “Hey! Watch it Cheren!” I complain, clenching my fists. Cheren shrugs, and we resume our battle. The battle ends with a double knock out. Both of our Pokemon faint simultaneously. I sigh, and call my Pokemon back. “Good job Tepig.” I say. “Good job Oshawott.” Cheren says, and puts his Pokemon away.

We all look around my decimated room. We all stare, dumbstruck. “I'm going to die...” I say in a monotone voice. I fall onto my knees, crying, and wiping tears away with the back of my hands. “We should go apologize to your mom.” Bianca says. “Are we forgetting something?” Cheren asks her. Bianca stares at him. “Apologize to WHITE!” Cheren shouts. “Oh, we should.” Bianca says. “I'm SOO sorry about this! I'm going to help clean up, I'll go tell your mom that I will.” She runs downstairs. “I apologize for destroying your room.” Cheren says solemnly, bowing to me. I get up and rub my eyes with my fists. “Thanks Cheren.” I say, smiling, my eyes still wet with tears. Cheren nods and walks downstairs. I follow after surveying my room one last time. I reach the last step, my hand on the railing, and hear Bianca apologizing. “We'll help clean up! We PROMISE!” She says, bowing to my mom. My mom laughs. “It's alright, I'm going to clean up White's room. Professor Juniper wants to see you.” She says. I reach Cheren and Bianca's side, and look at them. “Go see her at her laboratory.” My mom tells us. She gives me a pink bag, telling me not to peek until I speak with Juniper. We leave, confused, and head to the laboratory. When we enter, Professor Juniper turns to greet us. “Hello, trainers.” She says. Trainers? I wonder. “I've chosen to give you all Pokemon, so you may go on a journey-” She says, but Cheren cuts her off. “It's for the Pokedex, correct?” Juniper looks at him surprised. “Yes you are right Cheren, as well as a Pokedex, so you may record every Pokemon you encounter.” She says. “I want you three to travel and fill up your Pokedexes.” “Ooo! Yay!” Bianca exclaims. “Sounds FUN!” Cheren nods. “I will complete the Pokedex and defeat the Champion.” Cheren says. Juniper looks at me. “What are you going to do” She asks. I shrug. “I'm going to do what Cheren is going to do, so....I guess we're rivals Cheren.” I say, turning to Cheren. I smile, and look back to Juniper. “So, I guess that's all I have to say.” Juniper says. “You can now begin your journey!” Bianca runs from the room a long trail of dust flowing behind her. The Professor, Cheren and I cough, hen straighten up. “I'll be leaving.” Cheren says, and inclines his head to Juniper and leaves. I turn to the Professor and bow, my hands clasped in front of me. “Thank you for the Pokemon and Pokedexes.” I say. Professor Juniper nods. “You're welcome. But your friends forgot something important.” She says. “What?” I inquire. The Professor pulls some things out of her lab coat pocket. “The Pokedexes themselves.” She says. I laugh. “They don't really remember these sort of things.” I say. “Would you mind taking the Pokedexes to Cheren and Bianca?” Juniper asks. I nod, and accept them. “I will.” I leave the laboratory, bowing before closing the door behind me. I turn around, and bump into Cheren. “I forgot my Pokedex, so I came back.” He says. I hand him one of the three I have in my hands. “Juniper told me to give this to you.” I say. He nods and takes it. “I'm going to my house to get my things, see you in a bit.” He says, and leaves. I head over to Bianca's house. I open the door and see her arguing with her dad. “I WANT to go on a journey like White and Cheren!” She's protesting. “It's too dangerous!” Her dad counters. “I have Pokemon!” She snaps. “And I'm going!” She turns, and sees me. “Oh, hello White, I didn't see you. I'm going out now.” She walks past me and I turn to stare at her dad for a moment, then leave. I exit the house and walk around it, and bump into Cheren. “Bianca is waiting at Route 1.” Cheren says. “She wants to take the first step on the journey with us.” I nod, and we rush to Route 1.
“WHIIIIIIITE! CHEEEEREN!” Bianca yells from Route 1. “OVER HERE!” I cover my ears. “Sheesh, couldn't she be a little more discreet?” I grumble. Cheren rolls his eyes and we hurry over to Bianca before she can yell any louder. She locks her arms with Cheren and I, so we're flanking her. “Okay.” She says. “I'll count to three. One. Two. THREE!” We all dash into Route 1. “Whoa!” Bianca says. “That was fun, fun, fun!” I grin. Bianca lets go of our arms and turns to us. “I'm going to train her for a while.” She says. “You guys can do what you want.” Cheren nods. “I'll train too. What about you White?” He asks. I shrug. “I'm going to get to the end of Route 1, train a little bit, then explore Accumula town.” I explain. “Sounds good, see you later.” Cheren says, and walks away. “Bye bye White!” Bianca says, and waves. She skips away and I immediately sit down on the ground. I pick at the grass. This all happened so suddenly, I'm really not sure what to make of it. I pull my Pokeball out from my pocket, and examine it. I have a Tepig, I'm about to start challenging the Pokemon gyms, then the Unova League, I'm also going to have a rival, and I feel completely not ready. I'm traveling by myself, which is not something I like to do. I then remember mom said I could look through my bag. I pull it off my shoulder and set it down in front of me and commence to search through it. I have a map of Unova, Vs. Recorder, Pal Pad, and Dowsing Machine. These items should be useful. I also have five Pokeballs, ten Potions, a Revive, pajamas, an extra pair of clothes, tooth brush, tooth paste, two brushes, Pokemon food, food for three days, 10000 Poke dollars, and some candy for myself. I take a candy bar out and rip off the wrapper. I take a huge bite and chew it slowly, mulling over what I should actually do now. I stand up and shove the rest of the candy into my mouth. Okay, first things first. I need to get to Accumula town.

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