Monday, June 4, 2012

The Avengers Review

Spoilers!!  Don't read if you don't want it ruined!!

I went and saw the Avengers last Sunday.  I'd have to admit, it was a really great movie. ^_^  More than I expected.  Usually, if I see a commercial, and think it looks amazing, it lets me down; so I didn't put the movie high on my expectations.

Well, I was completely wrong.


I didn't really expect it to go as far as it did.  The characters seemed to be acting perfectly to a T.  Joss Whedon-the director-did his job splendedly, and above all, the animation was phenomenal.

The first super hero movie I watched that ties to this is Iron Man.  I thought it was a great movie over all, and showed a not so perfect hero in his...weirdness.  I then went on to watch Thor, since I couldn't find Iron Man 2 in any store.  (The Avengers was about to come out at that time.)

Thor was good, I really liked the acting in this one, and the magical elements since Fantasy is my favorite Genre.  But this one just didn't seem to have a proper ending.  Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. ;)

Then there was Captain America.  I was a great story!  But I'd have to say it was my least favorite of the personal Avenger movies.

The Avengers movie tied all the characters up into one large plot, and brought back the Thor's movie villain. I was thinking it would be bad that Loki was back, but no.  Absolutely not.  Seeing how everything was carefully put into place showed me that it made perfect sense.

My favorite Avenger has to be Thor.  I don't know why, he just is.

Thor:  He's the arrogant and cocky guy from Asegard.  At first he seemed annoying, but once he was banished to Earth, and couldn't pick up his Hammer, I saw how he changed.  It wasn't one of those abrupt changes, or one that takes too long, it seemed as if he genuinely had gotten a better heart.  I respect him for that.  Then in the Avengers, he worked together with people who were total strangers to stop his brother, Loki.  At first he fought with Iron Man and they made a huge mess of whatever forest they were in, but Captain America came and stopped them....well..momentarily. ^_^  Once he grew a little more comfortable with them, he was another great member of the team.  I also liked how he talked sort of like Shakespeare!
I look forward to Thor 2, and hope it comes out quickly. ^_^

Iron Man/Tony Stark:  Okay, at first at thought he was a jerk, and a playboy.  (Which he is and has stated himself.)  But he really is a thoughtful guy with an annoying attitude and way of speaking to people.  The only person he really likes is Pepper.  Well anyway, once his story progressed, I liked how he actually cared about helping people.  I was laughing at him continually in the Avengers movie, when he was "threatening" Loki, when he got caught in the turbine and went flying, and when he made snippy comments about Captain America.  I was amazed in the very end, when he took the atomic bomb that was going to hit New York and took it into the other dimension.  I reeeally wanted him to survive, and was so happy when he did.  I want to see Iron Man 2 once I can get my hands on a copy of it.

Captain America/Steve Rogers: He's the nice guy of the team and also the "captain", who gives everyone orders during the climax in the Avengers.  I can tell form just looking at him, that the events in his solo movie are still bothering him, and all the people he knew are now dead, and that has to be a shock.  I liked him a whole lot better in the Avengers.  He had more personality and he did cooler action sequences, and he seemed to be more in depth than just another person.  A line I liked the best was when he was telling the Avengers what to do and he turned to the Hulk and said-"Hulk, you smash."  Then grinned.  I laughed soo hard. :D

Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff: This was my first time seeing her and I have to say she was GREAT!  I liked how she has such a good way of fighting and speaking to people to get what she wants.  It's actually quite amazing. ;)
Then there is her past and relationship with Hawkeye.  I really want to see what happened to her, and find out how she came to be Black Widow.  Once I see Iron Man 2, I can see how much a difference there is between her acting and character in The Avengers and Iron Man 2.  She is either my 2nd or 3rd favorite character from the Avengers.

Hawkeye:  I've only seen a little of what he is, but he is so far a good character.  From what I have seen, he is a spectacular archer, and can shoot backwards without looking. XD   And then in the Avengers, I see how he is taken by Loki and once he comes back to the good side, he isn't totally the same.  As I said, I want to see Hawkeye and Black Widow's backstory.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk:  I did not see the Hulk movie since I've never been interested in the Hulk, and once I saw him in the Avengers, I think I might change my mind.  I had those heart pounding moments when he transformed and chased Black Widow, and I hoped he wouldn't do anything bad.  And then Thor comes along and they get into a fist fight.
Thor Vs. Really Big Angry Green Guy.
I thought it was funny throughout the movie he and Thor would beat each other up.  Mostly during the end when the two worked together and they would pause, after saving the day momentarily, and he punched Thor, sending him flying.  He was a funnier character than I thought, but he also had a really great background.  Like when he fell from the sky and a janitor for some building asked if he was an alien.  When he said no, the janitor said he had a "problem." LOL

Loki: Oh brother...Loki...He's a funny and AMAZING villain.  He has reasons, power, and background to BE a good bad guy.  Which is hard to find.  I especially liked him in this movie, since he was much more developed and had a much larger army. ^_^ Then he actually got close to his goal, which usually never happens.  He was actually DESTROYING New York, and he was almost as far as he wanted.  Then the Avengers came and beat him up.  (For Thor, it was his second time beating Loki.) My favorite moment was when he was talking to the Hulk, saying he wouldn't be beaten by a monster like him and that he had divine right yadda yadda yadda...(I can't remember the actual words) and then the Hulk just grabbed him by his feet and went WHAM WHAM WHAM!  Then left him there, knocked out on the ground. XD   The whole theaters laughed at this part. ^_^

The movie over all was a really really great one.  I highly recommend it, for its plot, characters, action, and special effects.  It really can't be put into words that well, so GO WATCH IT!  (Or watch it again if you've already seen it!)

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(I'm just going to stand here and have an AWESOME explosion happen behind me!! *Grins*)

(Hahahaha!! One of my favorite parts!)


  1. Awesome review! :D I agree, the movie was spectacular and the characters were great! I definitely want to see it again :)