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Pokemon: Black and White chapter 5

Black and White
Chapter 5: Teams in a Cave
I walk down Route 3, my pace matching my mood. I stroll under a tree, and sit down to rest. Where did Black go? I pull out a candy bar and eat it. The chocolate melts on my tongue, and the milky goodness disappears quicker then a wink. I sigh, and put the rest back into my bag. I lean against the tree, and close my eyes. I don't know why, but I'm tired. I slow my breathing and doze off.
I'm rudely awakened by someone shaking my shoulder, hard. I open my eyes.
"Mmm?" I ask, and look up. I see Cheren standing in front of me.
"Cheren?" I ask.
"What are you doing sleeping? I thought you wanted to become a Pokemon Master?" He asks.
I rub my eyes and sit up. "I...what?"
"You are still half asleep." Cheren says exasperatedly. I shrug.
"Well yeah, you just woke me up." I tell him.
He sighs. "Well whatever, are you going to Nicrene city?" I nod.
"And have you gotten a Trio Badge?" I ask. He nods.
"Okay, then we are on the same page." I say, yawning, and stretching. I let out a contented sigh and stand up.
"So, you want to travel together for a little bit?" I ask. He shrugs.
"I guess." He replies. We start walking down route 3, and see a Pokemon day care, and a human one right next to it. Cheren drops off a Pokemon, and we continue on.
"WHIIIIIIIIIIITE CHEEEEEREN!" I hear. I raise my eyebrow.
"Is that...?" Cheren asks. We turn and see Bianca running towards us at top speed. She reaches us, and bends over, panting.
She puts her hands on her knees and gasps-"Guys! You have to to help!" She says.
I look behind her and see a little girl with brown hair.
"Does it have to do with this girl?" I ask.
"Yes!" Bianca exclaims. "Her Pokemon were stolen by Team Plasma!"
I'm taken aback.
"Seriously?" Cheren asks.
Bianca nods vigorously. "Yes, please, please, PLEASE, help and get it back." I nod.
"So where are the Team Plasma Grunts?" I inquire.
"In WellSpring Cave." The little girl says shyly.
I nod. "Where is it?" She points to the West, and I look at Cheren.
"Let's go." I say, and we run off.
"Be careful!" Bianca calls after us. Cheren and I turn a bend, and see a cave opening. We head for it.
I see a sign next to it, saying-"WellSpings Cave". I enter it, and see two groups of Plasma Grunts.
"This is gonna be tough." I murmur. I pull out Munna's Pokeball, and hold it between my index and thumb. "Cheren, are you ready?"
He nods, and pulls out a Pokeball. I leap out from the rock we were hiding behind, and clench my fists. The four turn around, and are surprised to see us. I enlarge my Pokeball and toss it straight up.
"Go!" Cheren throws his horizontally, and it smacks one of the grunts in the face. I suppress a giggle, and cover my mouth with my hand. I see Munna hovering above the Grunts and decide to have some fun. I nod at Munna and it showers a pink mist all over them. My Munna can absorb the pink mist of Pokemon's dreams, and spit out any excess that there is in it's system. I grin as the grunts freak out.
"Where is it coming from!" One shrieks.
"I don't know!" Another wails.
"Argh! Get it off!" A third cries. I grin, and Munna floats back over to me.
"Hey you!" I shout. They turn. I point at them. "Give us the Pokemon you stole from that little girl!" They straighten themselves up and glare at us.
"No way." A woman says. I narrow my eyebrows.
"Oh really. Let's have a double battle." I declare. They all smile at each other and toss Pokemon at us. A Patrat and Purrloin materialize in front of me and I waste no time.
"Munna! Hypnosis!" I shout.
"Oshawott! Use Aqua Jet!" Cheren commands. I see Oshawott covered in a water jet, zooming towards Patrat. Purrloin falls into a deep sleep as cause of Hypnosis, and I knock it out with a Tackle attack. The second team of grunts toss out their Pokemon. Two Lillipup bark at us, and we knock them out with a simple K-O. The grunts growl at us, and toss a Pokemon to me. I catch it with both hands and look over at them.
"Grr...we'll be back!" One shouts, and they run away. I roll my eyes.
"Team Plasma is so lame." I say. I hold the Pokeball up.
"We should head back and return this Pokemon." I say. Cheren nods and we leave the cave. I see Bianca and the little girl waiting where we left them. They stand up and wave.
"Did you get it?" Bianca asks. I nod, and hand the Pokemon to the girl. She smiles up at me and nods.
"I'll take her back to her parents." Bianca says. I watch as they leave, and Cheren looks at me.
"I'll be going now." He says.
I nod and walk away.
I turn around the next bend and crash into someone.
"Ow!" I shout, then look up to see Black.
"Black!" I exclaim, surprised. I stare at him, then my eyes narrow and I raise my fist.
"BLAAAACK!" I yell, and punch him in the stomach.
"Oof!" He says. "What did you do that for?"
"You said you wouldn't disappear!" I screech. He holds his hands up.
"Hold on! I didn't. I'm chasing a Team Plasma group. After I warned Officer Jenny, I saw them and followed the two. They disappeared somewhere around here. I swear, as soon as I caught them I would have come back."
I unclench my fist and nod begrudgingly. Black sighs, and looks around.
"Would you like to help me find them?" He asks. I nod.
"Okay, let's split up. Give me your Xtransceiver number, so if I find them I can call you." He says. I nod, and punch it into his Xtransceiver.
"Done." I say. He goes through his contacts and nods.
"Okay, I'll go this way. You go that way." He says. I nod and run to the left. I search for thirty minutes, when I get a call on my Xtransceiver.
"I'm not finding them." He says. "I think they escaped already. How about we meet up in Nicrene city?" I smile.
"Sure! Nicrene city is close by according to the map." I say.
"Unless you're reading the map a little off like you usually do." He says, grinning mischievously. I growl at him and he laughs.
"Okay, I'll see you at Nicrene city!" He says, and hangs up.
I smile, and walk around a tree to crash into someone.
"Oops, I'm sorr-" I begin, but look up to see N.
He looks at me with an expressionless face and I can't tell if he's surprised to see me or not. I step back, out of shock, and blink at him. He looks down at me, and I begin to feel incredibly small. I shrink back from him slightly, then feel bad and stand up straight and tall.
"Hello White." He says. "What are you doing out here in the forest?" I stare at him, then stutter out my answer.
"U-u-uhh...well you see..." I say, looking to the left, and scratching the back of my head with my right hand, unsure of how to respond. He steps closer to me, and I freeze. He bends down and stares at me in the eyes. We hold each others gaze for what seems like eternity, then he speaks.
"Let's battle." He says.
"Eh? Excuse me?" I exclaim. "Y-y-you want to battle?" He steps back, and holds a pokeball out, challenging me.
"Go Purrloin!" He says. I fumble with my Pokemon, and choose Tepig.
"Go! Tepig!" I shout.
Tepig's POV
I appear out of my pokeball, and yawn. I'd just been sleeping, and I'm a little unaware of my surroundings. I quickly survey the area, then look to the battle at hand. I see a strange boy with green hair, along with a Purrloin. They have an odd air about them, but not a bad one. I blink at them in confusion.
I don't know who I would like White to be with, as in a boyfriend. Black, or this guy. They both would go good together with her. Either way, she's in a win-win situation. I shake my head, and focus on the battle.
"Tepig! Flame Charge!" White commands. I spring into action.
Purrloin doesn't get a command from it's trainer, it just goes and starts to use Fury Swipes. I get a scratch on my cheek, and oink in annoyance. Well, that hurt, and I'm not about to let that slide. I charge the Purrloin and knock it to the ground. It gets a burn on it's shoulder, and hisses at me. I just raise an eyebrow and charge again.
We continue to fight until it gets close to the end.
White's POV
Both of our Pokemon are just standing in their fighting stances, panting so hard it hurts to watch. Then it seems as if something goes on between them. I watch, as their legs give out, and they collapse into the dust. I run over to my Pokemon, and pick it up.
"Are you alright Tepig?" I inquire. I nods and closes it's eyes. N walks over to me and crouches down before me. He pulls out a Oran Berry, and pops it into Tepig's mouth. Purrloin is eating one itself, and is looking better by the second. I watch as Tepig slowly eat the Oran Berry, and regains it's strength.
While I wait, N speaks to me. "When I battled with you, I heard your Pokemon speak. It seemed to me it liked you a lot, and that it wanted to win for you."
I stare at him. N stands up and returns Purrloin to it's Pokeball. I hold Tepig in my arms like a baby and stand too. I look up at N, and realize how tall he is. A good twelve inches taller. I blink at him.
"How old are you?" I ask.
"Sixteen." He replies.
Wow, that's one tall sixteen year old.
"How old are you?" He asks me.
"Fourteen." I reply. He nods to himself. "I'll take you to Nicrene city."
I give a start. "Huh? Why?"
"Evening is beginning and it will get dark. Do you know the way in the dark?" He asks. I shake my head.
"I've been there many times, so I know the way like the back of my hand." He says. I nod, and he begins to walk away. I run to catch up with his long strides, and walk beside him as we head to Nicrene city.
Once we arrive at the asphalt of the city N turns to go.
"Wait!" I say. "Where are you going?" He turns.
"I said I was going to escort you here, I never said I was going to go into the city." I put my hands on my hips.
"You need to complete the job and at least take me to the Pokemon center." I say indignantly.
He nods. "Alright, White." I nod to him curtly, and he takes me to the Pokemon Center. I walk over to the door and turn around.
"Thanks for taking me here." I say, and smile. "I would like to see you soon!"
He nods. "I would like to battle you again." I grin.
"Sure, anytime. Oh! Do you have a Xtansceiver?" I ask. He shakes his head. I frown.
"Darn, I was going to get your number so I could call you."
N tilts his head to the side and looks to the right. "Well, I don't need a human Xtransceiver, I can just find you."
I pout.
"So? You'll be able to find me like usual, and I wont be able to find you at all!" I grumble.
Then N says something odd. "I'll see you in the next town, or if you're ever in danger." I forget my mumbling, and stare at him in surprise.
"Really? So whenever I need help?" I ask. He nods.
Heh, well, he seems way more reliable than Black. I think to myself. I smile.
"Well, I'm going to bed, goodnight N!" I say. His eyes widen, and I blink.
"Something wrong?" I ask. He shakes his head.
"No one has ever..." He trails off. "Goodnight, White." He says, and turns, and is enveloped in the darkness.
"Bye bye!" I call, and wave. I check my watch and see that it's nine o'clock. I shiver in the wind, and turn to enter the Pokemon Center.
"White!" I hear someone call. I turn, and see Black. He catches up to me, and stops, panting.
"When you didn't I went searching for you. Where have you been White-Jump?" He inquires. I cock my head to the side.
"Oh, well, I just got a little side tracked in the forest. Can we go inside now? It's getting chilly." I reply.
"Oh, of course." Black says, and ushers me inside. Once we go inside, Black buys me a Hot Chocolate, and we sit in the Dining Hall. I begin to cough, and Black hurriedly gets me a blanket. Nurse Joy checks my temperature, and says I'm coming down with a cold. I groan.
"How long have you been outside? You know the weather is getting colder, and that you can get really sick if you stay out so late." She tells me. I frown.
If N is out there in the cold, how is he fairing? Will he be okay? I ask myself. I shiver, and pull the blanket around me tighter. I hope he'll be okay. I curse myself, and wish that he had an Xtransceiver so I could call him. I go over to the PokeMart, and look around for Xtransceivers. I need to buy one for N. I need to have some way to connect to him, even if he doesn't like "human devices".
I don't see any, and my shoulders sag. I hope he doesn't get sick. I buy some Pokemon Health items, and drop my Pokemon off with Joy. I head up to my room, and drop onto the bed.
I fall into a fitful sleep.
My mind tormenting me with N, and my upcoming battle with the Nicrene Gym Leader.

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