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Pokemon: Black and White chapter 6

Black and White

Chapter 6: Confusion in Pinewheel Forest

I open my eyes, and see the sun flooding into the room from the blinds on the window.  I yawn, turn over in bed, and groan, not wanting to wake up.  I hear a knock on my door, and sigh.  I extract myself from the warmth of the blankets and walk over to the door.  I rub my eye sleepily, and open the door.  Black stands before me.  I suddenly feel self conscious because my hair is a mess, and let out a yelp.  “Argh!”  I cover my hair with my arms.  “What is it Black?”  I ask.  “Are you feeling better than last night?”  He asks.  I nod mutely, and edge over to the brush on my nightstand.  “Sure....”  I say.  I take a deep breath.  It's time for my super hard, super fast, make my hair in three seconds.  I narrow my eyes on the brush, and then snatch it up.  In one second I've got the brush, in the second one I've got it brushed out, and on the third, I have my hair done.  I breathe heavily and collapse onto my bed.  “Gah.....”  I moan, and cover my face with my hands.  “I'm soooo tired.”  I grumble, and grab my Pokeballs from the nightstand.  Black waits for me to put on my shoes, hat, and clip my Pokemon to my belt before he speaks.  “Until you get well, I'm going to be your bodyguard.”  He says.  I raise one eyebrow.  “Bodyguard!?”  I exclaim, stumped on his proclamation.  He nods.  “You are hopeless, so I'm going to help you twenty-four-seven.” He says, crossing his arms.  I'm about to object, when I realize that this way, I'll be able to keep an eye on Black and make sure he doesn't disappear anymore.  It takes all my inner strength to keep my face from grinning.  I just need to play this carefully.  I walk past Black.  “Well, then I'm going to the Nicrene Gym.” I announce.  “And I'm coming with you.”  Black says.  YES! I shout inwardly.  “Then you're going to have to RUN!”   I shout, and take off down the stairs.  “HEY!”  Black exclaims, and chases after me.  I laugh my head off and continue running.  I see the Nicrene Gym up ahead, and make a B-line for it.  I don't notice the two inch elevated asphalt.  I look behind me to see Black only a foot behind me.  Geez he's fast- My last thought is cut off once I trip.  “Kyaaaa!”  I shout, and start falling.  “White!”  I hear, and Black catches me.  He breathes out a sigh of relief.  “Seriously, this is why I chose to be your bodyguard.  You are completely hopeless.”  He says.  I pout, and cross my arms.  “Hmph!”  I snort.  People passing by point at us.  “Are they preforming a play?”  Once asks.  I blink.  Wait,...this is embarrassing!  “Let go!”  I say, and shove him off.  I don't check to see what Black's expression is, and turn back to the Gym.  “Come on.”  Is all I say.  I walk away, and hear his footsteps behind me.  Whew, that was close.  I could have made him upset and he would have left.  I think.  I run through the gym doors...and see a museum.  I skid to a halt.  “WHAT?”  I say, blinking at the artifacts in surprise.  Black walks over to my shoulder, and stands beside me.  “I thought this was a gym..?”  I murmur.  “Ah!  Hello, are you challengers?”  A man in a lab coat walks over to us smiling.  “She is, I'm not.”  Black says, his arms crossed, but his right hand pointing at me.  I glance to my right and he doesn't acknowledge I'm staring at him.  I sigh.  “Yeah, I'm here to challenge Lenora.”  I look at the man.  “Great!  Now, you may follow me to the library.”  We follow.  “The LIBRARY?”  I say.  “Yes, onto the library!”  He says happily, and walks through a door.  “That guy is way to cheery.”  I mutter.  “Whaaaat was that?”  The man trills smiling.  “Nothing.”  I sigh.  I walk into the next room, and see bookshelves.  I look around and see old musty looking books, with blotchy titles, and sleek new ones, with gold print.  I turn in a circle, grinning.  “Now, if you want to find Lenora, you must follow the clues found in certain books to unlock her location.”  The lab coat guy says.  “Okay.”  I say, and start off around the library.  I walk over a wooden ladder, and climb up it.  I grab the book and leaf through it.  I smile.  “Aha!”  I go to the next bookshelf, and grab the next book.  I repeat this step once more, and then I find a switch.  “This outta be it.”  I murmur, and I hit it.  There's a loud noise, and I look down to see a stair case appearing as the bookshelf slides to the right.  I jump up and down, and clasp my hands together.  “That was a piece of cake!”  I exclaim, and start heading down the steps.  The man stays above as Black and I descend.  I reach the bottom, and see a woman sitting at a desk, analyzing a rock with a magnifying glass and then writing something down on a piece of paper with a quill pen.  She looks up and grins.  “Hello challenger.”  She says, and makes her way around the desk to stand in front of it.  She crosses her arms and smirks.  “Are you ready to battle?”  I nod and walk forward to the battle square.  She walks down the steps from her office area and stands at the opposite side.  “I'm Lenora, I specialize in Normal Types.”  She pulls out a pokeball and throws it.  “So you'd best be prepared!”  A Herdiar explodes from the ball and lands on the ground hard.  I narrow my eyebrows and pull out Tepig's Pokeball.  “GO!”  I toss it.  Tepig materializes, and I clench my fists.  “Use Ember!”  I command.  “Herdiar, use Take Down.”  Herdiar dashes forward, dodging Ember and slamming into Tepig.  Tepig gasps and flies through the air.  Perhaps I'd better save Tepig for later.  I think.  “Return!”  I shout.  “White, you should rethink you strategy!”  Black calls from across the room.  I nod, and pull out Munna's Pokeball.  Here goes nothing.  I think to myself.  I throw the ball hard.  “Go Munna!”  “Muuuu!”  It says as it appears.  “Munna!  Use Psywave!”  I command.  “Muu!”  It replies, and shoots a rainbow beam out of it's forehead.  It hits the Herdiar in the face and knocks it backwards.  “Alright!”  I shout, and fist pump.  “Now!  Use Hypnosis!”  Munna obliges and hits the Herdiar causing it to fall into a deep sleep.  “Now!  Keep on attacking it till it faints!”  I say.  Munna smacks it over and over until the Herdiar opens it eyes and bites Munna hard.  “MUUU!”  It screams, and faints.  “Argh!”  I exclaim, and return it to it's Pokeball.  I pull out Pidove's Pokeball, and throw it.  “Go Pidove!”  I shout, and stand ready.  “Herdiar!  Use Leer!”  Lenora yells, as Pidove appears from it's Pokeball.  Pidove immediately flinches, and Herdiar attacks.  “Herdiar!  Use Take Down!”  Lenora commands.  “Pidove run!”  I scream.  Pidove opens it's eyes at the last second, then dives underneath Herdiar and flies high into the air in an arc.  “Yes!”  I sigh in relief.  Pidove flaps over to me and waits patiently for an order.  “Use Gust!”  I say, and Pidove flies over and stops high above Herdiar.  “Now!”  I shout, and Pidove slashes Herdiar with sharp whips of wind.  Herdair flies into the air then slams into a wall.  It faints and I gasp nervously, taking in a huge breath and holding it.  That took longer than I thought, and now I only have two Pokemon left!  I let out my air in a whoosh, and calm myself down.  “Good job, now see if you can swollow this!”  Lenora says, and tosses out her last Pokemon.  I watch in anticipation, as the Pokemon appears.  A Watchog stands to attention, and I blink.  It looks very tough, and I'm not sure I'll be able to defeat it with two weakened Pokemon.  “Don't chicken out now.”  Lenora says.  “Always remember to never lose face in battle.”  I straighten.  She's right, I've just got to believe that I can win this fight, and I wont fall.  I wait for Lenora to attack.  “Wachog, use Crunch!”  She says.  Wachog leaps high into the air, and comes to the same level as Pidove.  It opens it's jaws wide and Pidove immediately swerves to the side.  I let out a breath and my brow furrows in concentration.  “Okay,...Pidove use Wind Attack!”  I shout.  Pidove obeys and slants down into an attack.  It lands a direct hit, and knocks Wachog into the wall, lower it's HP by half.  “Wachog!  Use Retaliate!”  Lenora commands.  Wachog does as she says and Pidove can't move fast enough.  Wachog attack hits at the precise moment Pidove tries to dodge, and knock it to the ground.  I look through the dust and see Pidove just got a KO.  I frown and return it to it's Pokeball.  “Good job.”  I say, and pull out my last Pokemon.  “Please do good.”  I murmur to it, then throw it into the air.  “Tepig, go!”  Tepig appears and looks ready to go.  I stand behind it, and point my finger at Wachog.  “Use Ember!”  I shout.  It leaps into action and speeds over to Wachog.  Wachog waits for a minute then dodges the attack.  “Tepig now use Flame Charge!”  I yell.  Tepig jumps into the air, above Wachog and let out a splay flames, catching Wachog's fur coat on fire.  Wachog rolls on the ground howling, and Lenora face palms.  “Ugh.”  She sighs, and shakes her head.  “Tepig! Finish up with Tackle!”  “Wachog!  Retaliate!”   Lenora says simultaneously.  The two Pokemon collide, and send up a cloud of dust.  I hold my hat down and squint through the grit particules.  It clears, and Wachog lies on the ground, eyes spinning in dizzy circles.  Tepig is sitting on it's behind, panting hard and relaxing.  I run over to it.  “You did it Tepig!”  I exclaim, holding Tepig high above me. “I knew you'd pull through!”  I hug it tight against me.  I stand up and Lenora walks over.  “You won that in a landslide.  Here's your proof of winning at the Nicrene Gym.”  She holds out the rectangular purple badge.  “The Basic Badge.”  She smiles genuinely.  “Please take it.”  I reach out and clasp my hand around the Badge.  “I got....a BASIC BADGE!”  I shout, jumping into the air along with Tepig.  I cradle the badge in my hand and then place it into my badge case.  I run over to Black, and display my hard work ecstatically.  “Look!  I go it!”  I exclaim.  He smiles.  “That's great!”  He replies.  I grin, tilting my head to the side and closing my eyes.

We exit the Gym, after bidding goodbye to Lenora.  We walk down the street and the uneasiness between us reappears.  I walk awkwardly, my hands clasped together in front of me.  I keep taking the chance to take a glance at Black when I think he's not looking.  I look over at him for the fortieth time, when he stops.  “Let's get lunch somewhere.”  He says, and leads me over to a restaurant.  We enter, and the bell rings.  “Hello!”  The woman at the corner says.  “Welcome!”  We walk over to the counter and sit down.  “What can I get for you?”  The woman asks.  “Two sodas.”  Black replies.  I sit next to Black, feeling increasingly odd.  My foot bumps against his and I freeze.  My heart begin to race erratically, and I'm unsure why.  I turn away, my face beginning to slowly flush from the bottom of my neck up.  The waiter places our drinks before us and I grasp mine, slurping up it's contents in five seconds flat, causing myself to get inflicted with a major brain freeze.  I groan loudly.  “Seriously White-Jump,  what is wrong with you?”  Black asks, looking at me strangely.  I sigh and drop my forehead onto the counter, making a thudding sound.  “What would guys like for lunch?”  The waiter asks, tapping her pen against her notepad.  “Two of today's specials.”  Black says looking back over to the waiter, and holding up two fingers.  She nods and walks away.  Black spins around to me and grabs my wrist.  “Come on.”  He says, and drags me to the deserted outside area.  He turns around and looks at me.  “What is up with you?!  You've been acting weird since last night!  What happened?!”  I bite my lip.  I can't say I met N, I just have a feeling that would make him mad.  “I don't know what your talking about.”  I say defiantly, jutting out my chin.  Black crosses his arms.  “I don't believe you.” He says. “Your hiding something ffom me.”  “NO I'm not!” I say stubbornly.  Then we hear a big explosion.  Both of us look over at the area smoke is pluming from, and see it's in the direction of the Gym.  We look at each other and run for it.  We dash past the waiter who is standing outside in the front of the restaurant, staring open mouthed at the smoke, and holding a circular tray to her chest.  “We'll get the bill later!”  Black calls behind us, and we sprint for the Gym.
We arrive to see Lenora running out shouting and shaking her fist in the direction of the West.  “What happened Lenora!?”  I ask.  Lenora coughs violently, and holds a hand to her chest.  “Some Plasma Grunts came here and stole my Dragon Skull!”  She sits down heavily and gasps for breath.  Another figure emerges from the raging flames and smoke, while the fire brigade starts to pump water onto the fire in an onslaught.  I look at the person who stands before us.  “This is Burgh, a friend of mine.”  Lenora says.  “Please..go and get my artifact back!”  I nod, look over to Burgh.  “Which way did Team Plasma go?”  “This way,”  Burgh says.  “They ran into Pinwheel forest.”  We run after Burgh as he uses his long legs to get far ahead of us and head into the forest after him.  We round a corner, and run across ground, leaves crunching under our tennis shoes.  Burgh stands there waiting for us.  “There are two roads in Pinewheel forest.  I'll take the straight one and if they're not there I'll block the exit.”  He turns back to us.  “You two go the other way and catch up with them.”  We nod and he dashes away.  I look over at Black once Burgh disappears.  “Let's hurry.”  Black says, and we speed through the forest shrubbery, kicking up leaves and causing a ruckus.  “There!”  Black says, pointing.  We catch up to the guy and we stop him.  “Hey!  You brats, when I'm done with you you wont be able to chase us anymore!”  He pulls out a Pokeball and throws it at me.  I jump to the side and the ball opens, sending out the Pokemon.  A Sandile appears.  “I don't have time for this!”  I shout, and throw out Pidove's Pokeball.  “Use Gust!”  I command, and Pidove knocks out the Sandile in one attack.  “Haha!  Too bad for you, I don't have anything!”  The Grunt laughs.  “You'll have to look for my associates!”  I growl, and we leave him laughing like a maniac.  We run past a large tree stump, and see another grunt.  We dash up to her and I pull out my Pokeball before she has time to react.  “Go Tepig!”  I shout.  “My my,”  The Grunt says.  “You must be looking for something.”  “Like yes we are!”  I reply, and she throws out her Pokemon.  “Go Purrloin!”  She shouts.  “Tepig!  Flame Charge!”  Tepig KO's the Purrloin and I raise my eyebrows.  “Sorry, I don't have what you're looking for.”  The grunt says.  “Do I look like the kind of person to be carrying something heavy?”  I shake my head, these useless grunts are seriously getting on my nerves.  I dash around a corner, and suddenly Black is gone.  I look around.  “Black!?”  I call.  “Black!”  No response.  I frown.  This is not good.  I climb up a moss covered log, and look around.  Seeing nothing, I follow the path, making a large square.  I find another hollowed log and walk through it.  “I'll keep you occupied while my friends get away!”  He says, and pokes me in the forehead.  “Hey!  Ouch!”  I immediately clap both hands over my forehead.  I look around, and the grunt has disappeared.  “Hello?”  I turn in a full circle. Where did he go?  I wonder.  I hear a rustling and I walk over to it, but almost immediately, a giggle catches my attention, causing me to turn around.  I see some bushes and I run through them, but then realize that's what the Grunt wants.  I stop running and suddenly look down to see a drop off.  I back peddle with my arms then fall backwards onto my behind.  I hear something running through the bushes, and then an animal cry.  A shadow whizzes by and hits me in the head.  “Ow!”  I exclaim.  It flies back at me and I feel two stinging pricks in my wrist.  “Ermph!”  I grunt, and clasp my right hand around the bite marks.  I look around for the thing, and suddenly there are hundreds of it.  I bend down onto my haunches, covering my head, trying to escape their claws and teeth.  “BLACK!”  I scream.  I hear a strangled cry and the Grunt from before is thrown down onto the ground before me.  I look to my right and see Black running over.  “Didn't it occur to you to use your Pokemon!?”  He shouts.  I hiccup, shocked.  His expression softens.  “When I heard you scream I thought something unimaginable had happened.”  He says.  I nod and rub my face.  “The Grunts have been confusing us for some time with their tricks.  That's why we can't find the one with the Dragon Skull.”  Black says.  “I think that they may have gone to the end of the forest.  Let's head in that direction.”   I follow him.  “Hey Black?  How come you know which way to go?  You can't have been here before.”  I say.  He stops.  “It's intuition.”  He replies, and continues to walk.  I shrug and follow him as we head to the edge of the forest.  We walk through another moss covered log, and see a Grunt.  He turns and looks at us, surprised.  “Pursuers!?”  He exclaims.  “Yes!  And I'll defeat you!”  I say.  “Hahaha, a kid like you-beat one of us!?  Don't make me laugh.  I raise one eyebrow and look at him.  “You already laughed.”  I state, with a monotonous voice.  “Well, whatever!  It can't be helped, I'll take you on immediately!”  He says, and pulls out a Pokeball.  “Go Patrat!”  He throws the ball.  I pull out Tepig's Pokeball.  “Black!  My Pokemon are on the verge of fainting!  I didn't heal them after the battle with Lenora!”  I look at my weak Tepig and Pidove, then my already fainted Munna.  “This isn't good.”  I toss Tepig's Pokeball out.  “Sorry can you do some more battling?”  It oinks, but then flinches due to a wound on it's leg.  I bite my lip.  “I'm so sorry, we need to get the Dragon Skull back!”  I say.  Tepig paws the ground, rearing to go.  “Tepig!  Use Ember!”  Tepig obliges, and speeds over to Patrat, it knocks it over.  Patrat jumps up and bites Tepig.  Tepig then burns it in defense, and Patrat runs around in circles, then falls over in a dead faint.  I snicker, but stop, as Tepig falls over, and faints as well.  I return it to it's Pokeball and frown.  “Good job.”  I say, and put it away.  I grab Pidove's Pokeball and throw it.  “Go Pidove!”  I command.  “Go Patrat!”  The Grunt shouts.  “Another Patrat!?”  I exclaim.  “Pidove, use Wing Attack!”  Pidove flies down really fast towards the Patrat, then falters, and hits the ground.  “Argh.”  I say, and cover my face with my hand.  “Patrat use Bite!”  The Grunt says.  “Pidove move!”  I shout.  Pidove limps out of the way, and slaps the Patrat as it passes.  I sigh in relief.  “Now use Gust!”  I say.  Pidove sits on the ground and throws bursts of wind at Patrat.  Patrat flies into the air, then hits the grass, fainting immediately.  Pidove falls over and closes it's eyes.  “Uh oh.”  I say.  I return it, and watch as the Grunt pulls out another Pokeball.  I turn to Black.  “I don't have any more Pokemon!  What should we do!?”  I exclaim.  “Don't worry, I can deal with this.”  He replies.  I nod, and Black walks forward.  “Go Sandile!”  The Grunt says, and chucks his Pokeball at Black.  “What are you going to do?”  I ask.  “It's obvious isn't it?”  He asks.  “I'm going to battle the Sandile.”  “What!?”  I exclaim.  He looks over his shoulder and smiles.  “This'll be easy.”  He says.  “Sandile!  Attack that imbecile!” The Grunt commands.  Sandile runs at Black, and at the last second, Black dodges, by stepping to the side.  My breath catches and watch as Sandile flies through the air because it's attack didn't land and Black waits patiently.  “Be careful!”  I call out to him.  He nods.  “Of course.”  He turns back to Sandile.  It runs at him and howls.  Black spins in a circle, and slings his leg out, slamming it into the belly of the Sandile.  My eyes widen.  Black is...really good.  I stare at him in shock.  Sandile gets back to it's feet and charges at Black.  I hear something behind me, and see the Grunt.  “Black!”  I scream, as the Grunt drops a huge Dragon Skull above my head.  Black whips around, and the Sandile takes the chance to sink it's teeth into his leg.  “Argh!”  Black grunts, and shakes it off.  I hold my hands out and catch the skull, but it knocks me backwards due to it's weight.  Sandile flies off Black's leg and hits the Grunt in the gut.  The Sandile faints and the Grunt returns it.  “Fine!  Take your stupid Dragon Skull!”  He seethes.  “So the dream our king had-the dream we had-wont come true...”  He looks at the ground dejectedly.  I get to my feet, holding the skull to my chest, then hear someone behind me, and they push me aside like a piece of garbage.  I heave the skull up to make sure I don't drop it.  A man in dark robes walks over to the Grunt.  “How are you holding up, fellow subject of the King?”  He asks.  “Gorm of the Seven Sages!”  The Grunt cries.  “I'm mortified that the skull, which we went to so much trouble to obtain was stolen from us so easily!”  “It's not important.”  Gorm says.  “We can afford to abandon the Dragon Skull.  According to our research this is not the legendary Pokemon for which Team Plasma is looking.  It is completely unrelated.”  I stare at the two.   Gorm turns to me.  “But we will not allow anyone to disrupt our plans and get away with it.  We will fix it so that you will never interfere with us again.”  Suddenly, Burgh comes up behind us.  “Oh, sweet!”  He says.  “The bugs were getting all worked up, so here I come, and what do I spy with my little eye?  This important looking guy!  Are you here to help your friends whom I defeated?”  Lenora runs up, and stands beside me.  “The others didn't have anything.”  She scrutinizes Gorm.  “And who are you supposed to be?  Is this big guy the boss?”  “I am one of the Seven Sages of Team Plasma.”  Gorm says.  “Ghetsis, another of the Seven Sages will liberate Pokemon with words alone!  The remaining of the Seven Sages have ordered their compatriots to take Pokemon with force alone!”  He looks between the two adults.  “To the Bug type Pokemon user Burgh, and the Normal type user Lenora, I say... Know your enemies, know yourself and you need not fear the result of a hundred battles... This time we shall retreat quietly.  To secure the liberation of Pokemon, we will steal Pokemon from Trainers!”  He smiles at them.  “Even though you are Gym Leaders, we will not tolerate any further trouble from you.  In any case, we will settle this another time.  I hope you are looking forward to that time as much as I am...” They walk away.  The two adults turn to me.  “Let me introduce you two again.  This is my friend Burgh, he's the Gym Leader of Castelia City.”  Lenora says, holding out her hand towards Burgh.  I nod, then remember Black.  I run over to him.  “Are you okay!?”  I ask worriedly.  He's sitting on the ground, with his leg out, wincing at the pain.  Burgh walks over.  “I have just the thing!” He says.  He takes something out of his pocket and slaps it onto Black's leg.  “What is that?”  Black asks, looking at the slime.  “It's bug spit.  It's very good at healing wounds.”  “Eww!  Spit!”  Lenora says.  “Seriously Burgh, you're still the same.”  Black and I laugh at the two, and they join in.
“Let's go to Castelia City.”  I say.  “Great, then I'll see you there!”  Burgh says, and runs off.  “Okaaay?”  I say.  Lenora shakes her head.  “Well, I'll be taking this skull back over to the Museum.”  Lenora says.  I hand it to her, and Lenora takes it in one hand.  “I'll see you later.  See ya White and Black!”  She walks away.  I help Black to his feet, and we make our way out of Pinewheel forest.  I hold his arm over my shoulder.  “Once we get to Castelia City I can take you to the hospital to get your leg checked.”  I say.  “There's a problem with that.”  Black says.  I look at him. “And what is that?”  I ask.  “There's a large bridge between us and the city.”  Black replies. 

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