Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Random Drabbling Post About Anything

Yeah.....XD You get the picture.

In June, I went to an art class where we focused on any type of art. This was the fairy garden I made. ^_^

This was a melted snowgirl/guy cookie I made in February! I was hoping it would help bring us snow such luck. :(

They're made with sugar cookies, frosting, and slightly melted marshmellows with mini chocolate chips for the faces. ^_^

Yeah, this is a really good dish I got in New Orleans. (Yes, Siri, I am using the pictures from your blog.   ^_^ I went too after all.)
It was the BEST Parmesan chicken EVER! XD


I thought this was a really pretty cathedral in New Orleans, so I took a picture!

I thought this light looked like a starfish!!! (Yes, I call them starfish. XD )

This are Beignets.  I HIGHLY recommend them.  They are the BEST. Just make sure to dust off some of the excess powdered sugar.  ^_^ (New Orleans)

Another random thing is....I'm finally out of my writer's slump!! I can finally continue to write my book!!!

That is all!!

Until Next Time!!



  1. Great post, sis! :D :D I agree, that food was good! :D :D Glad you are out of your writer's slump. :)

    1. Thanks!!! :D :D The food was AMAZING!! And thanks again!