Friday, August 10, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles...ONCE AGAIN!

Hahahaha!!! I felt like making these again because I was hungry, so I made them last week and finished them this week!
I wanted to post some better pictures. ^_^ I'm way better at tempering chocolate than I was before.


This is when I first rolled them into balls. (I would have posted pictures of the whole recipe, but my camera didn't have a memory card in it so...)

This is just the beginning. XD

Tempering the chocolate while rolling the cookie dough ball in it. ^_^

I use these tongs to stir the chocolate, coat the ball, and place them back on the tray.

 Here they are, almost done, but still melt-y.

I think this one is pretty. ^_^

Are these making you hungry?  XD

 And this is the finished product! ^_^ Yum!

That is all,
Until next time!