Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Presidential Election!!! GO OBAMA!! :D

OBAMA WON!!!! HE WON HE WON HE WON!!!!!!  :D :D  I am so thrilled!  I stayed up past 1:00 to watch everything, and just now got to writing this post! :P  Just so you know, I am a hardcore Liberal Democrat, but, I do respect others' opinions as long as they respect mine. ;)

When he was elected, I pointed at the screen and started screaming that he had 284 electoral votes.  And then my whole family was jumping around excited!!! :)  It was such a relief that my previous headache and stomachache went away!! Just as fast as a breath! ;)

Before on that day, I'd gone out with my family, and a friend's family to hold Obama signs on the streets in town.  It was amazingly fun!!!  We got lots of thumbs up, happy shouts, honking, and waves.  I was surprised that the reception we got was positive because we live in a very Republican state.  Of course, that doesn't mean we didn't get anything bad.  We got booed, thumbs downed, people who flipped us off, scream profanities, and spew black gas at us.  (I got back before I could be hit with it, but the rest of my group got a face full.)

The worst part of it was when these people drove by, TWICE, yelling the exact same thing. "F**k you!  You're going to f*** the world! F*** Obama!"  I just waved my sign happily at them though I really wish they would've drove into the ditch next to the road because SERIOUSLY, there were little kids there!!!  They shouldn't have said those bad words in front of them!  The kids started to wonder what those words meant and I just face palmed.

I just don't see how people have the gall to say that to other people.  DIRECTLY TO THEIR FACE!  Because I just don't understand why they'd have such anger to say that. And they call themselves mature adults.  Yeah.  Right.  I don't think so.  A mature adult is calm and never uses such actions to squash someone with their cruel words.  I have never said anything like that to anyone.  I don't cuss.

I know many rude people from the Conservative and Liberal side so I'm not saying that only Conservatives are mean. Everyone has the ability to be complete jerks.  So it depends on the individual, I guess.

Well, on the bright side, Obama won. ;)

So, TAKE THAT you cussing "adults".


And the reasons I support Obama are four distinct things, in which, they are on my sister's blog and she described them perfectly, so just go there. :)

And now that I can rest easy for another four years, that's all for now!!



  1. YES!!! I love your comment about 'mature adults' XD HAHA- yes, they definitely aren't mature AT ALL.
    Great post!! :D YAY Obama! :D
    Thanks for the link-up :)

  2. Exactly, I don't approve of adults who don't act like maturely. It's just an embarrassment.
    Yes! Yay! Obama won! :)
    And your welcome. ^_^