Friday, January 4, 2013

Sherlock: TV show Review

I just began watching this show on Sunday evening.  My sister told me it was good, so I decided to watch the first episode and see how it was.  This is what I think.
*SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!* Don't look if you don't want it ruined!!

Episode 1: A study in Pink

The episode begins with Dr. John Watson-(in the above photo)-who wakes up from dreams of war.  He takes his cane and goes for a walk, thus bumping into an old friend, who then talks with him for a little while; they chitchat a little bit, then his friend takes John to a lab.

At this lab, John meets Sherlock Holmes. There, Sherlock shows off his ability to figure out a person's back story simply by looking at them.
The story continues on and they figure out who is the killer: a person in plain sight, but no one really sees them. (I'm not really going to summarize anything.  Just mention the important part: where Sherlock and Dr. Watson meet.)

Episode 6: The Reichenbach Falls

The episode is based off of an actual Sherlock Holmes book-(which I have yet to read)-and I cannot remember the title!!! Grr.

Well, Moriarty (the villain), starts off the episode with a bang (literally), and breaks into three fortified locations in Britain, thus getting himself arrested. (Because he wanted to be arrested!!!)  Then, he is tried in court, and found "not guilty".  After being released, he visits Sherlock at his flat (apartment), and they talk.  He leaves a carved apple behind, showing-"I O U" which means- "I owe you."
Then, an ambassador's children are kidnapped and Sherlock is called to find out where they've been taken. (It's obviously Moriarty)  So he uses his smart brain to find out where they are, then his microscope to study some shoeprints.
After figuring out the kids were at an  abandoned chocolate factory, they save the kids before they could die of eating mercury(which was in the chocolate.)
Sherlock goes in to question the girl, to ask who kidnapped her and her brother, but she immediately starts screaming upon seeing him, and he is taken out of the room. Sherlock and John leave, heading back to their flat.  One of the detectives at the police station begins to think that Sherlock is the one who kidnapped the kids, and they go to arrest him.
He is arrested, and cuffed.  John gets angry and punches the Chief in the face when the Chief makes an insult directed towards Sherlock.  Thus, he is cuffed too.
Sherlock cranks up a high pitched shriek on the police's walkie-talkies, and they all cringe, allowing Sherlock to grab a gun and force them all to kneel on the floor.  Then he says that John is his hostage, and they run off.  The two dash away, hand in hand, (more like cuffed together), and escape.
(.........................More stuff happens. I'm going to move to my favorite part. ^_^ )

Sherlock meets Moriarty on a rooftop, where Moriarty tells him he must jump off the ledge or people he cares about will be killed by assassins.
After Moriarty dies, Sherlock knows he has to jump off otherwise John will be hurt.

Sherlock gets John to come to his location and he talks to him on the phone, telling him he is sorry.  This confuses John.

Then Sherlock jumped.

John runs over to where Sherlock landed. (He was across the street and where Sherlock landed was blocked by another building) He is knocked over by the bicyclist.

John is shocked and crushed.  He is mortified.

Later, John goes to the funeral.

This scene was the best in the whole episode.  The acting was perfect.  John told Sherlock all the things he still needed to tell him.  John said he wanted one more miracle, and that was for Sherlock to still be alive.

Then the screen showed John crying in the reflection of Sherlock's tombstone.  That added a great camera angle to the shot. :)

Then, as a shocker, Sherlock is shown to be alive in the very last clip of the show. :D
My thoughts on "Sherlock"

This show brought my fascination of Sherlock Holmes to a whole new level.  The characters were brought to modern day, and I thought all the cases were brilliantly thought out. :)  The creators put humor into it as well, and continue the running gag of Sherlock and John being a couple, which John denies constantly. (LOL)

Sherlock: I think the way they portray Sherlock to be spot on.  He is a sociopath, who is obsessed with solving mysteries and thinks that everything, (and everyone else in the world) is boring.  I notice his character morph throughout the series, and change from an uncaring person, to someone who actually worries about other people(JOHN WATSON).   Sherlock can also be very spontaneous and random at times.  He can pick out what chocolate factory someone walked in from the bacteria on a shoe. ;) (Cool, huh.)  He can also be quite mean.  Like in the Hound of Baskerville episode, where he experimented on John after making John angry.  John didn't find out til the end of the episode.  But what I found funny, was that before the experiment, Sherlock kept doing subtle things to apologize to John for snapping at him previously(saying he had no friends, thus angering John)-and he made John coffee; something he never does. ^_^ He does say later that he only has one friend. (AKA John.)

John Watson: John's backstory is changed from the original, making him a person who has to go to a therapist for fighting in a war.  Which, he actually misses.  He isn't afraid, and wants to go back and fight. John meets Sherlock on a whim, and they suddenly get a flat together. (Kind of odd to me.) And they begin solving mysteries together, and bonding as friends.  John is a man with a calm exterior and a fiery interior.  (He cusses under his breath a lot.)  I noticed that John was the person who cracked Sherlock's icy barrier and befriended him by simply being John.  I really liked that, and by episode 3, I could tell that they both really wanted to protect each other (even in the face of utter danger.)

Johnlock:  OKAY! I ship John and Sherlock together.  It's just too perfect!!!! (If you don't like it, that's alright. It's just my opinion.)  I can tell from all the little things the creators put in there that suggests them being more than "just friends".  The first time Sherlock shows worry for someone is when John is captured and strapped to explosives.  After Moriarty leaves, Sherlock tears the coat off of John and throws it far away, ignoring John who is saying he is alright.
The second time he shows worry, is when they are at Irene Adler's house, and some bad guys appear, forcing John and Irene to the ground at gunpoint.  They say they will shoot Irene if Sherlock doesn't open up a safe with information in it, and Sherlock just says he doesn't know.  Then they say they will shoot John and Sherlock panics, telling them he doesn't know as they count down.  He suddenly realizes the code, and saves John.
He also never denies that they are a couple, while John does.  Yet, when Irene calls them a couple and John says no, she cuts him off telling him- "Yes you are."  John says nothing to this...suggesting...what? >:)
Later, in the Reichenbach Falls episode, John talks to Sherlock on the phone before Sherlock falls.  The conversation just struck me as a Johnlock moment, and I couldn't help but love the scene.  When John ran over to Sherlock, I just felt so bad for him, and that he had to deal with that and see the body. (Obviously not Sherlock's)
The last and final part, is where John is at Sherlock's grave and he tells him many things, including- "Just do one more thing-one more miracle for me, Sherlock.  ....Don't. Be. Dead.  Just stop it, stop this."  That line was done perfectly by Martin Freeman.  And while John cried, I just felt that those silent tears meant much more than what was shown.

Overview:  So all in all, I know this TV show is one of my favorites BY FAR. Everything balances out perfectly, and I find that hard to say for most stories/movies/TV shows.  I loved every minute of it, and look forward to the next episode which is airing sometime this year after they start their filming in March. :)

Hoped you liked the review! (Just my personal opinion.)

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  1. That review was GREAT!! :D :D I agree, the show is AMAZING!!! Definitely one of the best shows I've seen in awhile- it makes me want to read even more Sherlock Holmes novels.
    And I agree, Johnlock totally RULES!!! :D :D I LOVE THAT SHIP!! :D

    1. Thanks!!!! I want the next episode soooooo bad!
      Yay! Another Johnlock shipper!! It's one of my many OTS! :D :D


  2. love your review~ Sherlock is one of my favourite shows too! I really like how the producers draw from the Sherlock Holmes books and translate it to the modern day. The thing with the sharing of 221B Baker Street- it's apparently a common thing in the UK for two or more people to "flatshare" or share an apartment together, in order to share the expenses.

    1. Thanks! :) O.O You like Sherlock too!?! AWESOME! You're the only other person I know who likes it besides my sister! I LOVE Sherlock. I am currently obsessed with it right now! :D Johnlock is my OTS. ^_^
      That's interesting...I never heard of flatsharing. Thanks for the info!