Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shine On Post


     The Shine On Award Rules:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2. Post the badge on your blog. It’s pretty. Do it.
3. Answer the questions posed to you. Regardless of how out-of-left-field they may be.
4. Nominate five bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them.
5. Issue some questions you’d like them to answer.

                   Thanks Shena for giving me this award!! 

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Not sure what this means...

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Shena Tokala's questions:

- If I was going to co-star with your favorite actor, what would you want our character's connection to be(as in family, friends, etc,)? 

Family! Definitely that, because then in the story, they'd be stuck with me! XD
- If you could travel with any of the Doctors, which one would you choose? 

9 and 10!!!!!!!!! FTW!!
- Would you rather live in a science fiction world or a fantasy world? 

FANTASY!!!!!!!!!! I just love all the magic! (I could be a shield maiden and throw fire balls at people!!! >:D )
- If you could be an Avenger, which would you choose to be?

THOR! (I don't care if he is a boy! He can shoot lightening!)
- Who are your top 10 Jedi characters? 

Eh...: Obi-Wan, Siri Tachi, Anakin, Leia, Darra, the jedi character I created, Luke, Qui-Gon, Ferus Olin, and Tal.
- What are some stories you wish you could have made up? 

Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, all the animes I like, Harry Potter, and my book!!.....Wait....I already have... :P
- If you were going to be in a film, what kind of weapon would you want your character to have?

MAGIC! (Wait...that's not a "weapon".) Okay, I'd probably either want a long sword, or a pistol.
- Of your favorite fictional characters, who would you want for your best friend(if you want, you can pick one from each of your fandoms)? 

The boy character in my book!!!!!! (Oh...fandoms. :/ )  Probably some character from an anime, or my favorite movies, tv shows, books etc...
- What are your top two fandoms and why are they your favorite? 

POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV IT!!!! :D :D Oh, and at the moment, my second favorite is Sherlock BBC! :D

Here are my questions!!! :D :D

1: What is your favorite anime?
2: Do you like to draw at all?
3: Can you write fanfiction? Or have you read a really good one?  If so, what is the title and fandom?
4: Do you know what show the character in the picture above is from?
5: Favorite song?
6: Out of the classics of our generation, what is your favorite?
7: What are your favorite blogs?
8: What is your favorite genre?
9: Do you like playing video games?
10: What are your favorite pairings?
11: Out of all your shows, what are your favorite characters?
12: Do/have you have/had a fictional crush? >:D
Well, thank you all very much and I hope you enjoyed the post :) 


Valentine's Day Shippings Post

Happy Valentine's day everyone!!!!! <3

I'm going to start this post off with my OTP!!!!!!!!!!!


These two are just a crazy duo.  They really DO like each other, but don't know how to admit it.  I find it hilarious every time they argue, all the hints and moments they share, and how they genuinely care about one another.  It is so sweet! They are definitely my favorite pairing.  Nothing else can come close!


May and Drew are the rival couple.  They always compete at everything and usually fight, but sometimes they get together and have "nice" moments where they just want to be normal friends (A COUPLE! THEY ARE IN LOVE BUT MAY IS TOO DENSE!) Lol..


This may not be the most obvious couple, but I think they look really cute together, and there are quite a few moments between the two. (I like Penguinshipping since it is the obvious ship, but this one is adorable too!)  Paul is a jerk the whole time, and Dawn usually tries to talk to him in a nice way before he makes her reeeally mad. ;)


I know people don't usually ship these two, but I just see a ship going on between them secretly! (I also ship Iris and Trip, but i forgot the shipping name and I have no pictures for it.... lol.)
Iris and Cilan work together smoothly, have no arguments, and thoroughly enjoy being together which makes them the ideal couple for Pokemon Black and White season 14-16 :D


This is another one of my OTPs.  Touko and N go together!!!!!!!! It was meant to be!  I mean, COME ON! They have sooo many hints in the game that it's not even funny!  Plus, the way the story line goes, they really need to be together otherwise I think they will both end up very unhappy. :') It is so cute!! <3


Though, I don't only ship Touko with N.  I think she also goes well together with Touya!  Even though he isn't in the game unless you pick to play a boy, it is a pretty popular shipping, and I've been sucked into the ship along with many others.  Only...I'm indecisive and like her with two people...that seems like fictional two timing! :O (GASP!)

~Mei and Kyouhei~

It's one of the newer shippings, but SOOOO cute.  I shipped them when I first saw the trailer for Black and White 2. :D  I really like all the moments I'm going to put in my fanfiction of it though! :D


I find this shipping really cute even though Kellyn isn't in the game if you choose to play as Kate.  But the shipping is really cute nonetheless! :D


I can't believe I don't have a picture of them together! But Summer and Ben go together even though she is only in the game while Ben is in the anime. (I wish they hadn't made Ben an idiot though...)

Nostalgia.....first Ranger game ever. ^_^  Still a cute couple, and they are actually made fun of in the GAME! I think the creator had a sense of humor.... XD Hahahaha!  I wish I could play the game all over again! (Though...not being able to run is reeeeally annoying.)

~Romeo and Juliet~

This anime is sooo sad but soooo good!! The fighting, drama, and romance are all perfectly balanced and I still wish they'd had a happier ending, but this IS a Shakespeare story we're talking about. ;)

~Serena and Darien~

(I don't have any other pictures.) Though this is my favorite couple in Sailor moon.  Even though the drama gets a bit old, I find that this couple works out well, and that is good enough for me. :)

~Duck and Fakir~

It is the girl with orange hair, and the boy in the lower right hand corner.  I wish I had some actual shipping pictures, but I don't. -_- But if you watch the anime, you'll see how great shipping works out and you'll find it really cute!


Beauty and the Beast.... :) Words cannot describe this ship! Just...GO WATCH Once Upon A Time!!! ^_^ You'll love it!


Sherlock and John are meant to be together, hands down!  Just watch the TV show!  Even the creator ships it! (Otherwise, they wouldn't put so many hints in there!) It is completely obvious!!! XD

~Sakura and Syaoran~

I haven't finished more than 20 episodes of this anime, but seriously.  I WANT THEM TO BECOME A COUPLE!!!! They already DO like each other! Just say something!!!
That's all I can think of....Happy Valentine's Day once again! Enjoy your day!