Thursday, August 28, 2014

Liebster Award! :33

Liebster Award!
My gosh..I've been gone for months. O.O

Thank you Shaak Ti at The Artist Alchemist for the tag! Now let me get down to this...

thank and link back to the person who nominated you
list 11 facts about yourself
answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
nominate 11 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers
(you can’t nominate the blogger who nominated you)
ask them 11 questions
let them know about the nomination

Ok! 11 facts!

1. I am dense. xD
2. Shark is yummy
3. I love anime (duh)
4. I am allergic to almost everything! Dx
5. I like boots. (Especially if they look cool with cosplay!)
6. Almost all my friends live far away or in different countries
7. I'm not supposed to have chocolate, but I eat it anyway ^^'
8. I like someone right now. (Duh)
9. Hmm...I'm too sleepy to think of much to say. Dx
10. I've been listening to music on repeat all morning
11. EVERYTHING IS BATMAN!!! >:D (Inside joke...)

Shaak Ti's Questions:

1. What are looking forward to most this school year? (even if you're not in school) through it and surviving. LOL. :P

2. If you were given the chance to go ANYWHERE in the world for one week, and it was completely payed for and everything, where would you go?

JAPAN! yayayayayayayayayayayayay!!!

3. On the topic of travel- what is the best trip you've ever been on?

Umm...either Colorado, Florida, or Washington D.C. Those were my favs!

4. Would you rather live in the mountains or by the sea?

Mountain! Less water to drown in. :33 (I hate swimming. Dx )

5. Alternative or Pop music?

Pop or alternative... Depends on if I like the tune... :)

6. What would you do if you could spend the day with one of your favorite 

Figure out a way to keep them with my forever. >:D *insert evil cackling*

7. Can you name all 50 American states (and if you're not American- can you name all the regions/states of you're country?)

It'd take me a bit..but yeah. :33

8. Favorite girls name beginning with "T" + its meaning

I can't think of any names at the moment...but...Thalia?
Meaning: Praise (Aramaic) 

9. Favorite boys name beginning with "L" +it's meaning

Levi (AoT, YESSSS!)
Meaning: joined, attached (Hebrew)

10. What type of atmosphere do you like when you go out to eat?

Calm, but fun. :33 I like the atmosphere when I hang out with some friends at coffee shops or ice cream parlors. ^w^ 

11. What sport do you enjoy most? (And you can either participate in it, or just like to watch it. Whatever floats your boat :) )

MARTIAL ARTS! >:D I love to watch and beat people up!....JK! :P
And I Tag:

I don't know enough I'm not gonna tag anyone. :) If you want me to tag you, just ask though.

Here are the questions for anyone.:

1. Favorite anime
2. If you had to choose knowing your future, or traveling to the past to fix mistakes...which would you do?
3. Do you prefer dancing or singing?
4. Favorite hair color?
5. If you have ever written a long was it?
6. Sci-fi or Fantasy?
7. Would you rather be the only one who knows how to speak your language, or never speak again?
8. Do you like cosplay?
9. Favorite punctuation mark?
10. Your pet peeve
11. Hot chocolate, or coffee?

Until Next Time.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cosplays of 2014 Part 2! (Though these might go into 2015)

Here's number one:

Juliet Capulet
from Romeo x Juliet
(There are three separate costumes for the same character that I want to do.)

For this outfit...
Wig: Online. Probably a reddish pink wig. Not too pink, otherwise it'll look awful. (I've seen other cosplays.)
Dress: This will have to be sewn, and painted by hand. It'll be tricky...but I have a feeling I could pull it off. ^.^
Shoes:  Look at any victorian clothes store/online shop. I've seen stuff like this floating around.
Number 2:
This picture is when Juliet dresses as a boy. I think this outfit is neat!
I have nothing for this costume yet, but it does't look like too much of a hassle.

Wig: online. Etsy or any cosplay site should work
Vest: sew
Shirt: Sew
Black pants: buy at a store
Shoes: look anywhere for anything close. :P

Number 3:
This picture is when she is dressed as the hero called The Red Whirlwind. This outfit is her COOLEST ONE besides her armor, the moment...I can't do armor. ^^' I'll save it for later.

Hat: Find any really large red hat, and attach a white feather and long ribbon
Wig: Same as from when she was dressed as a boy.
Mask: This could be made easily from stuff around the house, but depending on if you want it to look good or might want to think about if carefully. (I have plans though.)
Cape: Find a pattern and sew it together.
Outer jacket: This will have to be sewn by hand
Gloves: buy
Boots: I have them
pants: I have them too
Belt: Make out of pleather
Sword:......I'll figure that out later. ^^'

Number 4:
Krista Lenz
from Attack on Titan

I'm gonna cosplay her! :)

Wig: Bought one..but I don't like it much....I might buy a different one.
Jacket: I have one
Shirt: Any white button up
3-D maneuver gear harness: Etsy!!
Leather skirt: Bought one!
Pants: White jeans
Boots: We're going to make boot covers for the boots we already have.

Number 5:
Heroine (she doesn't have a name)
from Amnesia

Wig: Ebay or Etsy
Hat: online store and add blue ribbon and roses.
Jacket: Sew with a pattern
Dress: Sew
Stockings: Definitely buy somewhere.
Boots: Buy some white boots and add roses.

Yuki Cross
from Vampire Knight

Wig: Ebay or Etsy.
Outfit: I already have it!
Tights: Got them!
Boots: Them too! ;)

 I think I have too many cosplay ideas... DX I wanna work on them all now! Oh well...maybe when summer gets here.

Until Next Time!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

What's Going On and Stuff to Come.... (Cosplays for 2014 Part1!!)

Helloooooo everyone! I'm sorry for being gone for a year. 2013 was a stressful year, so I was busy. But here's a blog post of the cosplays I'm going to "TRYYYY" and make this year! ;)

Well, to start things off, here's the cosplay I'm working on at the moment!!

(This one right here)

Touko from Pokemon.
So far, I've got almost EVERYTHING for this cosplay.
What I have: wig, tank top, vest, wristbands, shorts.
What I have to get/make: hat(needs to be painted), add white parts to shorts, shoes(need cover the bottoms in pink, and the bag.

This cosplay is pretty simple, so it shouldn't be too hard to pull off. The most trouble is with the shoes/hat/wig.
Beginners could make this easily.

Misty from Pokemon.
For her, I don't have as much.

What I have: green shorts.
What I need to make/get: orange wig(a good one), a yellow t-shirt that I can cut and convert into a tank top, pleather for the suspenders, and red converse with a bit of touch up to add the yellow stripes.
This is another easy cosplay for beginners. Everything is practically online/in stores.

Serena from Pokemon
This is the cosplay I've ACTUALLY completed. (Sorta)
I made it all by hand. (The shirt and skirt)
However, I sorta what to redo it, because it doesn't look completely like this picture. I want to get thicker cloth, and make it more realistic.
What I have: shoes, thigh-high tights, hat, sunglasses, wristband/holocaster.
What I need: wig (I've found one...just need to get it), bag, and better cloth.

Asuna from Sword Art Online

This is gonna be SOOO HARD! O.o
I've got nothing for this cosplay at all, but I have a layout for how I'm going to make this. Plus, I've found a pretty nice wig online which would compliment the cosplay itself. I hope to have this one done sometime this year....because it is for a convention in the Fall! O.O

Princess Tutu from Princess Tutu. ;)
I've wanted to do her outfit from the BEGINNING. But it's just super hard. T^T
Plan: For the accessories, online shopping will do the trick.
For the bodice/tutu: I'm going to sew it all myself.
For the wig/headpiece: I'm gong to buy a wig and attach a handmade feather headpiece to it with bobbypins. Hopefully this cosplay will turn out alright. ;)

That's all I think I'll have time for!! :O

Until Next Time!