Thursday, January 2, 2014

What's Going On and Stuff to Come.... (Cosplays for 2014 Part1!!)

Helloooooo everyone! I'm sorry for being gone for a year. 2013 was a stressful year, so I was busy. But here's a blog post of the cosplays I'm going to "TRYYYY" and make this year! ;)

Well, to start things off, here's the cosplay I'm working on at the moment!!

(This one right here)

Touko from Pokemon.
So far, I've got almost EVERYTHING for this cosplay.
What I have: wig, tank top, vest, wristbands, shorts.
What I have to get/make: hat(needs to be painted), add white parts to shorts, shoes(need cover the bottoms in pink, and the bag.

This cosplay is pretty simple, so it shouldn't be too hard to pull off. The most trouble is with the shoes/hat/wig.
Beginners could make this easily.

Misty from Pokemon.
For her, I don't have as much.

What I have: green shorts.
What I need to make/get: orange wig(a good one), a yellow t-shirt that I can cut and convert into a tank top, pleather for the suspenders, and red converse with a bit of touch up to add the yellow stripes.
This is another easy cosplay for beginners. Everything is practically online/in stores.

Serena from Pokemon
This is the cosplay I've ACTUALLY completed. (Sorta)
I made it all by hand. (The shirt and skirt)
However, I sorta what to redo it, because it doesn't look completely like this picture. I want to get thicker cloth, and make it more realistic.
What I have: shoes, thigh-high tights, hat, sunglasses, wristband/holocaster.
What I need: wig (I've found one...just need to get it), bag, and better cloth.

Asuna from Sword Art Online

This is gonna be SOOO HARD! O.o
I've got nothing for this cosplay at all, but I have a layout for how I'm going to make this. Plus, I've found a pretty nice wig online which would compliment the cosplay itself. I hope to have this one done sometime this year....because it is for a convention in the Fall! O.O

Princess Tutu from Princess Tutu. ;)
I've wanted to do her outfit from the BEGINNING. But it's just super hard. T^T
Plan: For the accessories, online shopping will do the trick.
For the bodice/tutu: I'm going to sew it all myself.
For the wig/headpiece: I'm gong to buy a wig and attach a handmade feather headpiece to it with bobbypins. Hopefully this cosplay will turn out alright. ;)

That's all I think I'll have time for!! :O

Until Next Time!



  1. Cool ideas! I love Asuna in SAO! The series is one of my favorites. I do not know that much about Pokemon, but the cosplay ideas look cool. I look forward to seeing these. :)


    1. I love Asuna too!!! I bet you'll enjoy that one when I'm finished with it. Though you'll probably see it on fb before it gets up on here. :p
      Thanks!! :)


  2. Awesome! I can't wait to see them!

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping to work on Touko and Misty sometime next month! :)


    2. Really? Let me go look! :D


  3. Very cool!! The Pokemon costumes are so cute, and Asuna and Princess Tutu look like good challenges. Good luck with all of them!

  4. Thanks!! The Pokemon ones ARE ADORABLE! :D I just hope I can pull them off....
    Yup, those two will be a big challenge, but fun ones!
    Thank youu~~~