Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cosplays of 2014 Part 2! (Though these might go into 2015)

Here's number one:

Juliet Capulet
from Romeo x Juliet
(There are three separate costumes for the same character that I want to do.)

For this outfit...
Wig: Online. Probably a reddish pink wig. Not too pink, otherwise it'll look awful. (I've seen other cosplays.)
Dress: This will have to be sewn, and painted by hand. It'll be tricky...but I have a feeling I could pull it off. ^.^
Shoes:  Look at any victorian clothes store/online shop. I've seen stuff like this floating around.
Number 2:
This picture is when Juliet dresses as a boy. I think this outfit is neat!
I have nothing for this costume yet, but it does't look like too much of a hassle.

Wig: online. Etsy or any cosplay site should work
Vest: sew
Shirt: Sew
Black pants: buy at a store
Shoes: look anywhere for anything close. :P

Number 3:
This picture is when she is dressed as the hero called The Red Whirlwind. This outfit is her COOLEST ONE besides her armor, but...at the moment...I can't do armor. ^^' I'll save it for later.

Hat: Find any really large red hat, and attach a white feather and long ribbon
Wig: Same as from when she was dressed as a boy.
Mask: This could be made easily from stuff around the house, but depending on if you want it to look good or not...you might want to think about if carefully. (I have plans though.)
Cape: Find a pattern and sew it together.
Outer jacket: This will have to be sewn by hand
Gloves: buy
Boots: I have them
pants: I have them too
Belt: Make out of pleather
Sword:......I'll figure that out later. ^^'

Number 4:
Krista Lenz
from Attack on Titan

I'm gonna cosplay her! :)

Wig: Bought one..but I don't like it much....I might buy a different one.
Jacket: I have one
Shirt: Any white button up
3-D maneuver gear harness: Etsy!!
Leather skirt: Bought one!
Pants: White jeans
Boots: We're going to make boot covers for the boots we already have.

Number 5:
Heroine (she doesn't have a name)
from Amnesia

Wig: Ebay or Etsy
Hat: online store and add blue ribbon and roses.
Jacket: Sew with a pattern
Dress: Sew
Stockings: Definitely buy somewhere.
Boots: Buy some white boots and add roses.

Yuki Cross
from Vampire Knight

Wig: Ebay or Etsy.
Outfit: I already have it!
Tights: Got them!
Boots: Them too! ;)

 I think I have too many cosplay ideas... DX I wanna work on them all now! Oh well...maybe when summer gets here.

Until Next Time!